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What a song! Living with my husband separately by staying
away from parents and in-laws is very peaceful. There goes my peace. Yeah Mom, tell me. Did you find a job dear? I have attended interviews
and am waiting for the final call. But mother-in-law… How long would you depend on them? Don’t you want to be independent? What is the use of getting you
educated by paying hefty fees? Alright mom, I will find some job. I will at least convince my husband
and get into some job. Okay, get into some job.
– Okay then, I will call you later. I am getting another call. How was the message tone
after I disconnected the call? It sounded like a thunder. Oh man! I would work when I get a job
or simply stay at home. Is it a mandate to do a
job if we are educated? Being independent…
Am I taking any loan from my mom now? Am I not being independent? Silly notions. Oh no! Mother-in-law is calling. Hello mother-in-law How is my son dear? He is doing good mother-in-law.
How are you? First, tell me about my son? He is really doing good, mother-in-law. Is he eating on time?
Are you cooking regularly? Yes, I have even sent a lunch box. Alright. I made Ivy Gourd fry and
Mango-Dal, mother-in-law. When can we expect our grandson? It has just been two
months that we got married. Only 6 months are left. Alright mother-in-law. Give me a moment mother-in-law.
You son is calling. He needs some file. I’ll call you right back
– Okay, I will disconnect. I feel like shouting loudly. Damn! My parents are certain type of people. And my in-law’s are of some other type. I am getting sandwiched between them
like a hand blender in a buttermilk. What is there in arranged marriage? A love marriage is
some kind of a madness, And the arranged marriage
is a different madness. This entire concept of
marriage is a big fuss. I am saying the truth. This torture started before match-making. Oh gosh! Our in-laws promised many
things during match-making. They told my parents that they
would give me a lot of freedom and care. The matchmaking was over… After it was confirmed that
I would be their daughter-in-law, They kept torturing me. My mother-in-law said, “Is it a
mandate to work if you are educated?” “We don’t have such
habits in our entire clan.” Is this an addiction? This is a job.
How can she claim it to be a habit? It’s individual personality. If we think of the traditions during 1920’s
and 1930’s, those were completely different. Aren’t they changing now? We even had a tradition of
‘Kanyasulkam’ back then. Then, why should women still
offer dowry in order to get married? By getting married to you, By bearing with you and your parents, By giving birth to your child, By having terms and conditions that
I should give birth to a male child, By putting so many efforts to
give birth to a male child, By syncing my body
and my lifestyle with you, When I have been dedicating my life to you, You should actually
offer me dowry in return. Why should I pay you for
doing these things instead? I wanted to question them in this way. But my parents asked me to stay calm and said,
“We should have patience for being the bride’s side” “They would think that you are proud.
No matches would come to us.” They said this and shut me down. My mom started her
torture after my marriage. She kept criticizing my mother-in-law,
father-in-law, husband and his sister. She says,
“They don’t know how to show respect.” “We are worried about
how they would treat you.” “See that you stay away
from them most of the time.” Are they strangers or enemies? It was already a huge task to
get adjusted to another family. Adding to my woes, if my parents
talk like this instead of supporting me, Whom can I share my problems with? “Find a job.
We worked so hard to get you educated.” They should have made me work
instead of sending me to college. Upon completion of my
education and 6 months internship, Why did they get me married in such hurry? Earlier, they used to make a
fuss about getting me married. And after my marriage,
they are making a fuss about getting a job. If the parents had clarity, then why
would the life of women be like this? Why should we study hard to attain
distinction if we have to get married? Why should we study throughout the
day and night and develop dark circles? My mother says,
“Beware of your mother-in-law.” “Beware of her harsh words.” Suppose, my mother-in-law slips
and says anything harsh to me, My mother has to explain me, That I need to get adjusted or ask me
to explain her in an understandable way. Instead of giving good suggestions, I’m having to convince her in return. Damn! Coming to my dad, He just ignores everything with a smile. Actually, we need to live like him. But what can we do? They say that girls inherit father’s traits
but in reality, they inherit father’s features, And mother’s traits. I am unable to learn
living in adjustments. That is the reason I get
frustrated due to this mentality. The people who ignore
don’t have any frustration. My mother says, “They said something
wrong about us at the time of marriage.” “They served Idli with less chutney.” Are these valid reasons to make
a fuss about? How silly they are! Even, children wouldn’t
fight for these silly reasons. They served idli with less chutney. The sugar in coffee is deficient. My foot! There is a lack in gifts. My in-laws complain that my parents
didn’t give the promised amount of dowry. And my mother defends their
act by citing reasons. They keep bragging about their
education and their social changes, But why do they still make a fuss about
these small things and whine about them? When would they live together if they
keep whining throughout their lives? This is the state of my parent’s torture. And when it comes to my in-laws, I just got married and they started making
a fuss about giving them a grandson. I don’t understand what’s
their urgency about. They make haste in everything. They make haste about giving birth
to a male child and bringing him up. They make haste about getting him married. They make haste about holding the grandson. Why won’t you accept if I
give birth to a granddaughter? You shouldn’t be born as a female if you
have an aversion towards a female child. Alright, you did. You should have got your
son married to a male person. Why did you get him a girl? Don’t you have an aversion towards women? Why should you get your
son married to a girl? Bloody nonsense! You are a woman and you need a woman
in most of the situations in your life, As a mother or sister or friend
or daughter-in-law or whatever. But, won’t you accept if
you have a granddaughter? How can I give birth to a
son in my first pregnancy? Nobody can still predict if
it is a boy or a girl. What is this gender discrimination?
I don’t understand. She gives a different
treatment to her daughter and me. She gives high priority to her daughter. But can’t she realise
that I am a daughter too? I don’t expect to give such priority to me. But she could at least
show minimum respect to me. Take the phone call for instance. She was just enquiring
about only her son. If you are very doubtful,
you should have kept him with you. She asked whether I was cooking for him.
He would eat outside. Didn’t he eat outside before marriage? Isn’t he going out partying with
friends and eating outside presently? What happens if he eats outside food?
Is it poison? Sorry to say. I wouldn’t pack lunch for a day. Don’t I feel like taking rest for a day? Is it a mandate to cook food
every day after marriage? How would I get a sudden maturity by then? How would I suddenly cook so deliciously?
Did I work in a restaurant before marriage? I want to pose these
questions to my mother-in-law too? But… I had to keep my mouth shut. But my mother-in-law is no less. She keeps complaining about what
my parents did during the marriage. She says “Your parents didn’t
deliver the promised size of Vaddanam.” I actually gained weight due
to the happiness of getting married. Was it my parents’ mistake? They have actually
ordered the promised size, But it became a little tight at the time
of marriage. What can we do about it? They keep blabbering about gold. It’s just a metal. Why is it a
mandate to offer during a marriage? Can you wear wedding-wear such as
silk sarees and jewellery and roam now? If you wear upper arm cuffs and
Vaddanam to your friend’s marriage, How odd would it seem to the onlookers? Except for your marriage, Except for 2 to 3 events in your life, The jewellery and the costly sarees
with double border are of no use. The actual fitting would be very less
but it is covered by alternate borders. My wedding silk sarees were so expensive that it
costed around 20,000 to 25,000 rupees per saree. What is the use of having them?
Why should such arrangements be made? I just wanted a register
marriage but my husband, like I said, has his mother’s traits. He wanted a theme wedding
with stylish decorations. Am I an angel to come down from the sky? What if the crane didn’t work properly? What if my back was broken? My husband’s family made my family to
bear all the expenses of the wedding, Yet they are not satisfied
despite making them spend some millions. My point is that, My in-law’s always crib about. And it is the same with my parents too. But both of them would be
respectful and friendly when they meet. But they keep torturing me through
a phone call. Bloody technology! I feel like smashing it. But I am restraining myself in doing so because
I bought it with my internship salary. They keep calling and create a nuisance
just because they have a phone. They would finish cooking by
11 am and sit idle after that. They don’t have anywork.
So, I became a scapegoat for them. They would call and annoy
me talking nonsense. Would they calm down
even if I give birth to a child? Everyone would give advise
about how to bring him up. Advise is fine but they
shouldn’t force it on me. Haven’t I got a brain too? Actually, I dedicate this video to everyone. Especially to those women who are getting
crushed between their families and in-laws. Is there any solution? Where is the scope of a solution
when my life got started just now? I can just foresee the problems.
I have a lot of problems ahead. All the problems in the maths
book seems to be in my life. Adding to my woes,
my husband’s behaviour. He doesn’t speak anything. He should have joined politics. He remains silent. He says, “It’s okay, leave it.” You would give these advises because
you aren’t the victim of harsh words. If my parents would have treated
you with little disrespect for a single day, If they would have talked to you bluntly, If you would have faced my situation, Then, you would realise it. Then, you wouldn’t suggest any such morals. Your frustration would be at peaks. Idiotic! I should hit myself with a slipper
for being born as a woman. I would never be born as a
woman if I have a next life. I have to search for jobs. I have to convince my husband. I would give birth to children
before I get into a job. We don’t understand why
we gave birth to them. We need to leave them either at parents’
home or in-laws’ home and do our jobs. I don’t understand what
kind of confused life this is. Stop bothering and
allow us to live in our way. We know what to do with our lives. It is not possible for us to give birth
to children immediately after marriage. We don’t have any
in-built software inside us, To execute a code after giving a command. It is a human body. Kindly understand. Better keep the fight amongst yourselves,
my dear parents and in-laws. Don’t shunt us. A marriage should make us happy. It shouldn’t seem like a nightmare
or horror movie such as Anabelle. It shouldn’t be in that way. Realise it at least now. You have been asking me to make
videos on the ideas you suggest, And I have been implementing them. You evaluate if my parents
and in-laws are that way. Just think using your common sense. If my family is narrow-minded, Would I able make all these videos? This episode is not targeted to
depict any particular individual. This idea was suggested by a person
with his/her username as ‘Be humble’. A lot of people along with ‘Be humble’, posted this idea in the comments
section of frustration editor episode. That is the reason I have made this. They are asking for many more. And I would do all of them. This is everybody’s frustration. Don’t term this as my frustration. Bye.

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