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How do you sustain such heat dude? How are you able to bear
this extreme sunny blaze? Can’t excape! Get a tissue.
– Yeah I know. Hey! The tissue papers are finished. It seems that the tissue
papers are unavailable. It seems that the tissue
papers are unavailable. Use them carefully. They are making issues because
we are using tissues. HR team. He is sitting outside there.
She is sitting here. Sister, why are you here? In the evening, there is a marriage
in Vijayawada. Aren’t you going? Get dressed in a silk saree.
Didn’t brother-in-law buy you one? It’s our Siddu’s marriage in the evening. It is in Vijayawada,
just 350 kilometres from here. The journey is just 6 hours. Why are you staring like
that as if you would hit me? Why are you so angry?
Frustration. Sit down… Yes, I am sitting.
You too take the seat. We shall leisurely talk about frustation. Why should I get frustrated every time? Why? If I die due to BP, are you going
to make my frustrated woman episodes? If you write that the frustration
is lowered, you will die from now on. It is not possible for
me to shout every time. What did you say? Marriage.
– Siddu’s marriage. Whether he gets married today, Or gets married again and again and what
kind of a person he is, both of us know that. So, is this his second marriage? The point is not if it is a second marriage. You have asked me to get dressed
in Silk saree, that is the point. Oh! Didn’t brother-in-law
buy you a silk saree? Hey! Your brother-in-law… How should I beat you? How can I wear
such Silk sarees in this hot summer? Didn’t brother-in-law accept it? Brother-in-law’s permission
is the not point here. Isn’t it? Wearing Silk saree in this hot summer and
that too in Vijayawada, that’s the point. What is there in that? Wearing silk sarees is common during marriages right.
– You wear it. Or wear a silk lungi.
– How can I wear it? Wear a silk lungi. Do you want loose trousers? If you even wear lungis you
get air on top and bottom, If you take out your shirts,
you say that you look like a hunk. If we wear short clothes,
will you accept it? If we wear short clothes,
we will have issues with you. If we wear more clothes,
we feel like taking them off. When the blouse gets
tight due to the sweat, and when sweat flows, with no fans or anything.
– AC is available. The marriage is in an AC auditorium only. It is an AC auditorium only, When 500 to 1000 people are present,
how can the AC be sufficient? How can it be sufficient?
– We will sit near the AC. Just now you have jumped; right?
It is in the same way. In this blazing sun,
I have to go to Vijayawada, Standing there jumping, Wearing a Silk saree and jewellery And if possible,
wearing a wig for this short hair, Do I sit near the AC by jumping this way? Why should I attend the
marriage to do that? I am happy over here; right? Because attending a mariage is important;
right? You need to take selfies and draw attention by
flaunting your Silk saree and jewellery; right? I don’t have such an itch. I don’t have it dude. A lot of people do it!
– They might have it. I don’t have it. I cannot bear this summer. Do you know how irritated I get due to the
concept of summer marriages? Why?
– One should get married during the winter season. Why is the need of such haste?
– The auspicious dates will not be available in winter. Why aren’t they available?
You idiot… idiot. The auspicious dates will not be
available only during summer season. They shouldn’t even be there. Didn’t you read the almanac?
There wouldn’t be any good dates in winter. The point here is not about the Almanac,
– Then? Don’t you deviate it.
There point here is about Summer. Shut up and listen to what I say. Marriages during summer are a waste. And wearing silk garments
during those marriages is a waste. I accept men wearing linen clothes but, Did even one person accept when girls
wore cotton saree to marriages? Why are women subjected to every restriction?
– Your frustration… Wait.. They have to wear silk sarees,
wig, jewellery, Though we are profusely sweating,
we have to wear makeup. The makeup be would eroded down. On top of that,
the delicious food would be served, Then the buttermilk itself
will seem like a sweet pudding, Do you know how much pain ladies experience
not being able to eat such delicious food? I understand now Sister.. why bother-in-law
doesn’t come home early. The point is not about brother-in-law here,
but about summer you idiot. Oh no!
– As if this is not sufficient, when I go home, I don’t understand why herds of
relatives come down only during summer. Because the holidays are
there in summer; right? You are in town.
– Then, don’t we need holidays? Anyway you have holidays on Saturdays and
Sundays, then go out during those days. How can we go out when the
temperature is 45 to 50 degrees out there? Book AC cabs.
– Are you a human or what? Book AC cabs. The AC’s there aren’t working you idiot.
They are dying because of the sun. Then buy a good car. You shut up. Don’t frustrate me. ‘Buy good car’,
stupid deviations. His girlfriend will die. He will say everything except
the 3 lettered lovely word. At home…
You shut up, don’t laugh. They come home in herds. Without even having any common sense that
it is summer, they would eat oily-food. On one side we have to cook for them, No matter if we have chimney, do you know
how difficult is it to cook due to the heat? Do you know that pain? When the sweat is flowing down like this
and falls in that oil and splatters, How much torture is that? I have a doubt. When the meaning of ‘baadha’ and pain
is same, why do you tell them separately? I tell it because of dumbos like
you don’t understand it. Your anger is making me laugh but, It is not making me angry.
– You don’t have any shame. You don’t have any shame.
You have shed it. You have left it in Vizag during childhood. Oh no!
– Why would you have it anymore? Did you understand in that way? As if it is not sufficient,
will they plan tours in summer? When they come,
they can stay at home; right? When the children have holidays, they
conduct tours and roam around in the sun. And after that, they make a fuss that
they have been affected by sunstroke. Why should they roam? Why should they sleep? Why should they get affected by sun stroke? Point… point. When ladies wear nighties,
they cannot bear it. “We don’t like when you wear nighties.
You have to be neatly groomed even at home.” When it comes to you,
you can wear boxers and roam in the house. And when ladies wear nighties,
is it wrong? How will we live? We are dying when we wear
those dresses for 24 hours. Before you scold us,
try to understand. Who scolded you now? Some people will scold.
– Just some people; right? Check in the comments section. As if this is not sufficient,
it is also an issue in office. 1 hour travelling in the morning and 1
hour in the evening. My office is very near. How problematic is my commutation? How much irritating it gets with this heat? When the hot air blows in the evening,
how much more frustration do we get? As if this is not sufficient,
there is more work in the office. More deadlines. But you get the salary is
only when you work; right? That’s the point. I am not saying that I won’t work.
That’s the point. But the work during the summer,
– My hand… The travel during summer and
the frustration during summer is the point. Then move near the office.
– Additionally, why does the HR suggest a tour? How can HR say that?
Who wants to tour during summer? Do you have any shame?
Don’t you suggest the HR? Even the children get holidays
only at that time; right? Hence they have arranged
to go with the family. Did you put any AC on top and
bottom that you are so cool, Hey! How are you?
– Ok take the snap. Ok. Talk with sister. Sit down. Don’t you have any shame? In the last episode,
who asked you to hit? Here, it is frustrated woman episode.
– Improvisation. Improvisation… How dare you to hit in
the frustrated woman episode being a man? What is it with selfies when
we are getting mad with sweat? What is this marriage? Whose marriage is it? Why is the marriage? You idiot. Will you hit once again? I will kill you idiot. What are staring at? Like, share and subscribe. Do you want content
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