Frustrated Woman FRUSTRATION on School Fees | Telugu Comedy Web Series | Episode 20 | Sunaina

Come. Where did you leave your slippers? They are in the car.
– Oh, yes? Would I take them? Come! Sit there.
Sit there on the sofa. What is this, school fees? They take money with a smile. I too gave the cheque with a smile
even though my stomach was burning inside. Ok, thank you. It’s our pleasure.
My kid is studying in your school. I used the 4 English words
which I learnt in childhood. I gave her the cheque and came back. Look at her. How is she looking at that? Always, her face has been like this only. We didn’t habituate her to this. They said a ‘Tablet is compulsory’
when she came to 1st class. I don’t understand what they are going
to teach with Tablets in 1st class. We didn’t study like this.
But we came to good positions. Why do they study on Tablets? Being a teacher and a school..
Won’t you teach to write in books, It may lead to her laziness, right? It may lead to her laziness, right? What will she write in the exams? I don’t understand these crazy trends. If we say anything,
That is a higher standard school. That’s why, school fees
are sky high. Why do we pay taxes? It’s not the fees. It’s the tax. Did you grow the crop? Why do we pay tax? Fees, donation.
Why do they want a donation? Why do they need a donation? He is the one. My husband! He calls a 100 times to ask
“Did you pay the fees?” He feels like I ate that Rs. 2.5 lakhs. He is the reason she is spoiled. We should do the same thing
the neighbor’s childrens do. She should go to the same school
where that child is going. Won’t they get knowledge
in normal schools? Are they not kids who go
to normal schools? Do you know, how knowledge
comes in now a days? The desire of studying
will be in their minds. Then, it will come. If we buy Tablets for them and give internet to
them and they study only 15 minutes for formality. How will they progress? Is the program good? Did you see how she is looking? That owl eyes! She is very similar to her father.
She came out from his mouth. She observes everything silently. When her father comes home,
immediately she will tell everything. For that, he is almost wants to kill me. He asked,
“What do you do with my dear baby?” He pampers her who 1/2 inch
less than 6 inches. That pampering is spoiling her. We should pamper our children
but not too much. Pampering should be good. Like joining in crazy schools
and these fees, What are these school fees?
Not only school fees, Donation! We should buy our uniform
only where they tell us. They won’t accept if we buy anywhere.
I don’t know, why? You want that colour and shape. What if we buy in an other shop?
We should buy in that shop only. If we talk too much,
we have to show the bill to them. School shoes! For every 3 months! Do you know, how she walks?
She walks by dragging her feet. If the shoes are spoiled in 3 months,
then we have to buy new shoes. Mom, I want a Peppa pig bag. Do you want Peppa pig bag? They are releasing pigs programs
on the internet by adding subtitles. These kids are watching that program. She wants that bag.
Why do you need another bag? Recently, you asked for a Barbie bag, right? Have you changed your mind? If I bought Barbie bag,
then it is a loss for me, right? I completed my entire degree with Rs. 2500. But now, I won’t get
even her bag with 2500 rupees. 2.5 lakhs? To a 1st class girl? School fees, donation…, Museum fees.. What will they show that much? Annual fees, maintenance fees. To books, Class books and home work books
should be different. They will supply the food. Why do they supply the food?
If we say, “We don’t want your food.” No. There is a rule in this school. We will supply food to your child also.
Don’t send box from home. If she gets food poisoning
in all those children? Not all that! If she is habituated to that food, and if she ask me to cook that kind of food, What can I do? They have to learn how to habituate
to every food. Is it right or wrong? They will take them to a Zoo. Aren’t they watching this
40 people daily in the zoo? What if they don’t watch this zoo
in that zoo? I don’t understand,
what kind of fees are these? In addition to this, they celebrate
annual day and sports day. I will ask you a question. Tell me the difference between
annual day and sports day. Why do we need 2 days? Instead of that,
tell them about the good things. Tell them about our tradition. Our Telugu!
Oh god! Why is our Telugu there? I am teaching her the Telugu letters. She doesn’t like it. Because,
her friends don’t learn it, right? They are high standard people, right? She doesn’t like Telugu. Did you see her dress? This dress costs 1000 rupees. She will wear daily use and go down. Mine is 250 rupees, I bought it on sale. Jumpsuit it seems.. Nothing in it, there will zip from top to
bottom and we should wear it called jumpsuit. She wears that and goes out. She is first class and
she knows everything, everything. What is trending what is not
she knows everything. What are you seeing? We are camera friendly people. We are photogenic and we should
pose and selfies in front of camera. Oh we are not enough to do all that. See how she is looking.
Oh god! I am dying with this
school fees and education. My frustration is not only
about school fees.. My frustration is about the
present running culture, and on parents who do not
raise their children properly, and out side influences
and about everything. It is better to join her in a Gurukul school. Will you go to Gurukul? Which zoo is Gurukul
and where is it located? Will you call Gurukul as a zoo!
Zoo? It is better than your zoo going to zoos. If you go to those schools,
at least you will get discipline. What do you know about that school? Like how can a pig smell ponds powder!
What do you know? Tell me your friend’s name?
Tell me. Haneesha.. Hatel.
– What? Hatel!
– Hatel? Hatel. Hathel, she do not know
how to pronounce again 2 and half lakhs. Tejal, Mallika, Sonpitha, then Sumalika. Did you see, she cannot pronounce
her friends name properly. They are her best friends. She will go to her friend’s house
for a sleep over. It means once in a week. Her friends also come
to my home for a sleep over. Like that my expenses will happen. when they come to sleep over every time.. they will have the food at night
and make a fuss, and leave in the morning with a
different style by saying ‘bye Aunty.’ I have the expenditure of 10,000.
10,000! How much they eat! They will be very restless. Why because if they are addicted to
this type of culture where will there be peace? They want to do everything
within 10 seconds and 10 minutes. They will say that, this,
they will say that food and this, They will say that drink this, that song
and thinks to play it on the home theater. They will again cartoon and
oh my god I lose 10,000. If they have any birthdays
she must go and give a gift. If it is her birthday I will call them
and I should give return gift. Finally, I see only expenses in jumbo size. What will she prepare for competitive exams? Why that much fees I do not understand. If we join them in a high cost school
again she will go for tuition. If I ask why she will say “I do not understand
what teacher taught me in school.” Yes! If the teacher teaches the education right? Your daughter did this and did that, Your daughter did not do the home work
and did not right well in cursive writing. If a first class girl knew cursive I would have joined
her in art school rather than in this school. It will come slowly, I do not understand why do
you hurry and why do you have competition? Competition should be healthy. And you are increasing that
she is better than you, I do not know what kind
of teaching methodology is this? Again videos in whats app
what she is doing in school. You are teaching everything except education
so that you are making these arrangements and effects. As this is not enough to mingle with
society and others again they have arranged.. Dance class, music class, drawing class and
she is going to piano class also. Firstly she is going
to piano then she will ask for guitar class. She cannot decide.. Why because if there are too many
options she cannot decide where to go. For that destruction we are constructing
a base by paying 2 lakhs per year. They will say school bus. If school completes at 3:30
she will come to home at 4:30 like this. Her school is only 4 kilometers from our house. Why because the driver will take her to different places
and finally leave her so she comes home like this. See her eyes how they
become by continuous seeing. We can keep kilo rice packet and
kilo tur dal packet there. Will this frustration end? No matter how frustrated we get,
we should shut up and pay up. Will she be silent? She will go
and tell her father everything. He will scold me why did
you get that much frustrated. What should I do other than that. Again in this lifestyle two children! I cannot manage only one
if have another child that’s it. They are in addition to each other
like brothers and sisters.. What are they? Lice!
Again did you get them from Manisha? How much high five they are living,
lice are also in the same way. These sisters are in addition to make a fuss. I cannot tolerate anymore. I think so my husband has come. You do not tell your father these things. Finally Frustrated women is nearing
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– Bye. Bye, say with smile.
– bye. Bye.

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