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What is this stomach? Oh my god! It is in the size of Yadgirigutta, when will this reduce, when will I get
slim and when will I get a 6 pack, cha! But, I have to do from this New Year. I will do something and start
from this New Year, that’s it. Brother. Sister slowly, thin life. We should only talk about being thin.
– Correct. I cannot find my resolution book. Which is this fat? Too many
pages are there, that one? It is thin, since I cannot get thin that’s..
– This one, right? Why did you take it out? Actually, this year you might have wrote
some resolutions for me, that’s why. This is an encyclopedia and I have to read
them out, open the book. 2016 and 17.. Every year you keep writing something in
this, right. What did you write this time? I dint write anything this year,
that is last year,s, see there. Resolution at 2017. Oh my god!
– Read the first one. Should become thin.
– For that… Why are you laughing for that? Why? You don’t wish to become thin? would you not have? Why
should you laugh for that? Actually..
– Yes! I wish to become thin for that I keep alarm in the morning
and want to wake up also, the alarm will ring on time itself,
I will turn it off and sleep again. I cannot go in the morning, if I
go also they make me work so much, coming back with body pains, after that I have to go to the job. It is not one or two? I have 100 problems. Becoming fat is so easy you know,
becoming thin is so tough you know. Strike that off, Strike it off. Anyway you cannot do that,
that’s why I struck it out earlier. Strike it. What is this, another comedy?
Should have time management. You have the time which
brother-in-law bought, It stopped already.
– Then management. This stopped and my common sense of
having time management also stopped. Sister what does time management mean? Time management means if you keep alarm
at 6am you should wake up by 5:45am, If you promise someone to meet by
7pm, you should be there by 6:45pm. What does not having
time management means, when you put an alarm for 6am
and not waking up even by 9am. Strike it off, we dont have it. This is very tough, we cannot do it.
– Take it off. So, the next one is.. should rise in career. Where did we rise? All we do is
eat biryani and gain weight. Where could we rise in career, long back we started frustration, because they liked it I am still doing it, but can I do something else, will they
give me the dare to do something else? Will they watch or not, will
they like or not, I doubt. Strike it off. Simply dont say fat, please
try to understand sister. If I say the truth my
brother cannot handle. Strike it. This is impossible. What is it?
– Dont care about the gossips. How? First you strike that off, How should I not care, it
raises my BP you know. For everything they say
something or the other. you wore this dress in that episode, why just because we are celebrities
we will have some horns? Can’t we repeat the same clothes? Every time how will get the videos amazingly,
once or twice it will not be good, so what? Now you cook, would you cook
extra ordinarily everytime? in the office, do you work
extra ordinarily daily? did the god give anything extra to us? You silly people. Next… Why are you giggling so much? Did I keep your ex
girlfriend’s picture? Read. You have to keep smiling. Oh my god! I cannot.
– She and smiling. I cannot stay smiling,
I cannot. That’s it! If I have to smile I have to be peaceful, there is no peace in the world, in this world it is hard to be
without getting frustrated, Pattabhiram sir himself
told in this in his episode. Sir I would react and get frustrated
for everything and that became a habit. For every situation I will and
react and get frustrated. After that I will regret. Instead of this process, if I have
to be cool what should I do sir? In this world its difficult,
to be like that. What am I? I cannot smile, not only frustration, I will show
each and every kind of expression, but I will think before showing
my comedy. Strike it off. If nothing happens, I will take
the frustration to the next level. Tick this! This will happen, this year frustration would
be taken not to next level I will take it somewhere else. I will introduce you to the frustration
you never thought of. This is fix! Next. One doubt.
– Ask. Why so much frustration? No, no please. After listening to the entire Ramayana
you are asking again the first question. Why so much frustration that
is our job, read next. This year anyhow I have to quit the office.
– Please sister not this, please. Why? Are you scared about your pocket money? I cannot quit. Because… strike it off that wont happen, who else will bare our frustration. It is only them, we will work for them itself. I will spend the rest of my life
here too, write it down. Read next. Why are you laughing without any reason?
I am not laughing, dont laugh. Anyway you wrote whatever you cant do, when I read them it is like as if I am
seeing a new show and it is very funny. I have to make new friends. With this much frustration
who will befriend me? If they do also, by any chance
if they talk any rubbish, out of frustration I will either
scold them or hit them. Who will befriend this frustrated woman? Only we are there for each other,
who else is there for us. Strike it off.
– Even I am there for pocket money only. What?
– Nothing sister. I am reading the next one. Read the next one, why did you
stop? Why did you pause? Actually you wrote which
cannot happen at all, should go for a world tour. The frustration and impatience I have, from here to go to city outskirts
I will think for 30 mins, why do i need world tour?
– World tour means the water world which is in the outskirts. There only right tour. That is why you did not complete
your subjects in, it wont complete too,
write that. Write that. Strike it off. World and a tour for that.
Where I am that is only world. I have to fight for the increase of salary. I will do this,
– Do this, please sister. I will fight as well and I will make
a frustrated woman series on this. How I will do that, I will
show in the coming up episodes, write that and underline it also. Next. The fight which you are doing for your
salary, I am supporting you in that. The pocket money will increase for me too. Selfish people. Seeing people like this the frustration
will increase more, read next. Sister, this one we have to do it anyhow. What is it?
– Because, when you are not home
it is a problem for me also. We should send mother-in-law
from our house to her house. You are not supposed to say these kinds
of things, you should keep them inside you. Why? They will also have
mother-in-laws, right. Not like that. Its a sweet
pain which cannot be told. Instead of saying its a sweet
pain we can say its a tsunami. Now because of this we have
advantages and disadvantages, if you leak these things out.
– I dont have any disadvantages. Dont do it. It is a never ending
topic, you stay quiet. I am closing the book and going. Why?
– That anyways wont happen. What is it? Do not use the phone too much. I keep getting messages continuously, if I dont reply to them they will say, why will you reply to us with
your frustrated woman series, you became a star, why
will you care about us. They will talk all kind of nonsense. If they dont keep too you will use.
– Hey! Dont say the truth. To see if anyone put any
negative comments. Hey! Read the next one. I have to fulfill all the resolutions. Close it. Close the book. Can we fulfill the resolutions
anytime, except 1 or 2? Can resolutions ever be fulfilled? Who invented these resolutions? To demotivate us frustrated
people rather than motivating. Frustrated woman New Year resolution, is that there are no resolutions. This is the tip of the year, dont keep any resolution
and live with the flow, take it however it is. writing and erasing again doing the same. It is an unnecessary pain. Is that all? Actually, just now you said
tip of the year, right? Tip of the year means the tip
which we give the hotel, right? That is why all the time you
have backlogs in B. Tech. That is why it does not even get completed.
– Is that not right? Is that what tip of year mean? What context are we talking
about and what are you saying? You glutton! Dont spoil my name.
– Wait, wait, wait. This is tip of the year, right. I will stab you with this wait. What is this stomach? It is in the size of Yadgirigutta,
its increasing every year. This new year by any chance
I should get a 6 pack. I have to reduce for sure. How will I reduce my stomach?
What should I do? To wake up in the
morning, I am lazy. I cannot get up in the morning. What should I do?
– Brother. Sister.
– You are here. What is this? Actually every new year you write
as if you are writing your biography. What happened this year?
Such small book that also old one. What resolution is this? I am getting frustrated that is why I
came here and now you raise it more. Is this resolution? This is resolution?
What is this? 2017 1st January with a big
pen I wrote so much Look at the first one, very rare day. What else is there. Gone. One more. What happened? It is a very rare day… These resolutions and all, are good for writing. The people who fulfilled them,
I have to salute all of them. People like us who have
frustration on peaks, for them resolutions will be
there like resolutions itself. Book waste, pen waste, ink waste.
On the above frustration. That is why? This new year the tip of the year
which frustrated woman is giving is have no resolutions. Go with the flow you will be happy, if you write resolutions… that’s it. Tip means in the afternoon we
gave it in the hotel that only? When will you get brain, you silly fellow.

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