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Do you know since how
many days I am waiting? waiting when this would day come. He is my favorite hero. When I see him on the celluloid…
ohh… Sorry, we should not reveal these
kinds of expressions right? Let me, let me enquire. Till where did he… Hello! Did you start or not? The show is at 8’O clock and
we have to be there by 7pm that’s it. Half an hour before the
titles start I have to sit in the theater, only
then would I be satisfied. You are coming, right? Thank you, bye. I got ready by 3’o clock. I am not able to take this waiting, I will watch T.V for sometime. It is a big disaster, there
is nothing in the movie. We expected something, it
turned out to be something. We came here in the night at 12,
we are so tired. When i look at these people,
I get irritated. I am silent because if I commit any crime,
they would put me in jail as a criminal Who asked you to come in
the night at 11pm or 12pm? If you don’t see it, would we die? Who asked you to come? Everyone has to give reviews,
everyone has to tell, If a camera is present, they talk
whatever they want. Idiot. Not bad, its a one time watch. Why is he talking being
politically correct? Not bad, we can watch
it one time it seems. Wont you accept it if i watch it
for the second time? Why don’t you say correctly? You people talk indirectly.. Like an idiot. Next. Aah.. The director’s mark is
not visible at all, you can just go to see the hero,
but the movie is waste. Do you even know what the
mark of that director is? Should the director show
his mark in every film? If they don’t show it, would u not accept? It is because of people like you, the directors get stuck in an image puzzle,
and if they want to try something new are not able to
make it in this industry. Stupid tag-lines. Our hero’s movie is a punch! Its
festival collections are a munch! You idiot. Shut up! Fool! I don’t understand why everyone
write these punch lines. Everybody writes in different slang. We should tell them to make a movie. They should make it. Can they even picturise one shot?
What does a shot mean to them? They and their sarcasm. With lots of expectation,
we came from very far. Since night I was awake till morning 8 and
then I went into the theater and saw, the movie… its zero complete zero, no use. Same as you, no use, zero
you are also a big zero. Does he even study hard for his exams? Did he ever go to the exam hall
with the hall ticket on time? He must be always going 5-10 mins to
30 mins late, he is that kind. Who asked him to come down from so far? We shot the movie, you came
to see it on the first day, If you were mad like me, then you would have
bought the ticket and went a hour ealier You don’t call that madness,
its the limits of madness. Why do you have expectations? Movie should be like this or like that. You saw the movie and
enjoyed, keep it there. Why do you want to have expectations? To reach your expectation, we first
need to know your expectation. We are naive singletons amongst
crores of such people As if they make a movie to satisfy everyone,
and they would see and make it a hit.. His head! My hero, its is my hero’s movie,
if it plays less than 100 days, 1000 days I will kill myself.
My hero, he is my hero. Oh my god! My frustration went to the peaks. Sorry doggy. I couldn’t hit myself so I hit you. Does any movie run for
1000 days these days? He looks like he would die
if we leave him, or he might kill others too. What is a 1000 days movie? What is this? Either it is this or that
extreme. Why isn’t anyone realistic? Oh god! It looks like he is
going to die out of BP. What is this movie? The earlier movie was better, there is no
comedy, there are no songs, there are no punches like the previous movie,
what is this hero’s movie? Is it a movie or a disaster? They dint know about people like you
that is why they released another movie. Previous movie was released
3 years back right, They should have released
the same movie again. Oh my god! you would think it’s
the same movie and feel happy. Won’t you accept if they try anything new? If people from a different language
or a different country exaggerate and show it
you would like it. But if our people do something
new you wont accept it. If our people want to tell you something
good through movies, you wont accept it. To understand it deeply
you need to have brains. Brainless people! If you watch this movie, then You would never like any movies
or any hero again. Only sun is capable of sweeping
the darkness away… And only our hero is capable
of breaking all records… Jai star! Jai star!
– No! You stop. If talk more, I will die. We understand Why people get
heart attack after seeing such extremes. If your punch lines
are adapted by the directors, They can make a new movie
out of your punchlines. If the night has to vanish,
the sun has to rise, If I have to die this kind
of BP has to rise. The movie is like my face.
Just like my face. Correct, your face looks
so stupid. Idiot! You know how is comment
is, its like my face. Exactly like my face. We are fans of… if we watch him on
screen that’s enough we enjoy it. There is no rule that every
movie should be a hit, if we can watch it with family
then that is a nice movie. He told it very intellectually. If he is really a movie lover or a fan,
He will have to watch the movie and say its nice. There is no rule that we
have to like every film and it should be according to our expectations. It is not nice, its okay. Thinking that you should leave it. Just because you spent 150-200 rupees, you got so excited about the film and
got tickets in black and encouraged others too and for the movie to be a super hit,
who will get all those new thoughts? Who will get them? From people who put comments
under the YouTube video, to the people who watch these films,
and just because they got the mic, everyone gets ready and starts commenting. We should tell them
to do something new, Actually, we should send them
into this creative field, we should make them write scripts. According the them, every dialogue
should have a punch like person coming out of the screen
and punching them again and again. Then maybe they will be satisfied. That is why do not over expect. Cinema is an entertainment. We are entertainers. Please get entertained. Otherwise don’t get entertained. But don’t harass us with your comments. Bloody Hell! That is why I did this video. Simply I don’t get frustrated, seeing all this nonsense, I get. That is why I called my
people and made this video. Now you will put 100 comments for this. …many people are there. You comment and I will tell you. Hello! They are saying movie is not
nice. Should we go or not? Just because you are my husband
that I have to sit quietly, firstly get the person who said
it is not good in front of me, I will teach him a lesson. After that we will go watch the movie. It would not be good if I use abusive
language in front of the camera, Come home silently,
we will go to the movie. What are you seeing? If you like it go watch the film. If you like it or not watch my video. If you hate it too, do subscribe. If you get irritated too,
do comment below. Yes! I will scold. If you put these kinds of silly
comments, I will scold again and again. If you put nice comments, I will appreciate. You comment. If you do anything or not,
do share it. Now go! Our hero! Our hero! Our hero! Oh god! Mic check! 123,321 Important notice! This video is not made to focus on any region, category, person or gender.. Movie gives us entertainment, if you don’t like it instead of just
saying that you don’t like it, people comment nonsense, it is
to teach such people a lesson, I had to make this small trial. That is all for now. End of the story. The story is over
and I am off to my home. Namasate.

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  1. Cinema Kosam veedu chanipoyelaga unnadu ivathala vaallani champeselaga unnadu …. joke superrrrrr .nijanga cinema chuste enjoy cheyalli ledante baaledani vadileyali meeru chepinattu prathivodu commentlu ichevaadu . Ippudu naatho saha

  2. Awesome sunaina garu… enthaina artist kada…Mee telugu diction superrr… chachipothunna bashani brathikisthunnaru!!

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  5. Amma baaboi. Haasya maharaani at it again. All art critics are by definition jobless, spiritless, meritless, talentless egotists. I'm happy u went after some of it. The true idiots are those senseless reviewers online. Spineless yedavalu.

    By the way, you are incredibly cute. U r in between the great suryakantham garu and beautiful soundarya. (Sorry)

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