Frustrated Woman FRUSTRATION on Mother’s Day | Telugu Web Series | Episode 17 | #HappyMothersDay

Hi Sunaina, Happy Mother’s Day. Morning your daughter Puppy
posted a photo on Facebook. Why are you cleaning the dal? What should I do instead of cleaning dal? At last my life became dal. What is that? Puppy! I should not say about my daughter
but she does all kinds of nonsense. If I say anything everyone will say, “her
mother scolds her own child all the time.” Look at what she does?
You only said now. What did she do?
That idiot! What did she do? She took selfie as celebrating
mothers day and posted in a book. She threw a post and
I did not see her from the morning. She did not clean her mossy face and
went some where with her friends. It is not mothers day,
everyday they she celebrates with friends. At least there is a mother there, I have to
to help her or else do something. She does not have such common sense. Finally I get irritated at
my myself for parenting her like this.. I think I parented her in good manner only. I did not parent her in anarchy. It is not Puppy’s mistake,
the whole generation is changed like that. In every home there is a Puppy.
So that it is like this. This mistake.. every girl is married early
by their parents, since the time she is born. Our generation was like that. Children are born early.
They will be 25 by the time we are 40. Their life is theirs. We do not understand what to do. These many years they were our life
and they are leaving us and going away. What should we do? How to see ourselves? We do not understand anything. I am dying with this loneliness. Like me.. young mothers.. 40 means young mothers only right?
At 30 they are saying as youth. Why are we not young at 40? These young mothers…life is disaster,
like ours. She will go in morning and comes back at night. She will says this class that class,
I joined her only in one college. Only god knows how
she attends that many classes. I should say about my daughter. If I say anything she will keep in books.. She will sit in hut and eatable areas. Eating with friends and talking. Like this only.. her face will be like this. When I see her sometimes, I am afraiding
whether she will get spondylitis… Always like this only. Yes, tell mother, tell me. If I say one thing she will understand another thing. Her mind is not here. Up to 10th she is good. Whenever we bought her a cell ‘phone… Oh god! Since then she started doing fuss. I should scold my husband. As she passed in first class in 10th,
he bought her a high end model mobile. That’s it. From that day
it was the foundation for our destruction. Mother’s day! What mother and
where is the importance for mother. There is no importance at birth time. There is no importance, not even when
I cleaned her mouth and backside. There is no importance during
parenting time and school time. There is no importance when they grow
up and they get married. Nothing is there. No importance to mother. Nanny’s life is happier than mother’s life. At least she earns money for her work. Does the mother get any? There is no value. If I say anything… mother’s day in book. Now a days mothers are also like that only. Oh God! I did not see these
type of mothers anywhere. If their children cry and
ask their mothers for this or that. They leave their children. Whenever you see only mobile. In middle.. As if that fellow can be see on the mobile
and kiss like this.. I do not understand
why do they give birth to children? They keep on crying and they
even do not give them food on time.. How these mothers are! Then I did not bring up,
my daughter like that, why did she
turn out like this?. If they grow up like this,
After that in the future how will they be. Like this, they are the moles for a word Mother. Moles.. moles that’s it. They leave their children and go. They know to get them ready
and take them out. God only knows whether they took a bath or not? I will see in the morning times my
neighbours children going to school. I don’t know will they take a bath and not? All tissues,
as they adapted western culture. If we clean this much and raise them up.. At least daughter and son
do not pour water in our throat. What mother will celebrate? They all take their mother as granted. I am feeling sad. A women is taken for granted, mother granted,
husband also takes his wife for granted. Grand parents grant children and
these dirty children also granted. In a woman’s life, from birth to the end
they are expeted to drudge. If we are unable to do,
then we are irresponsible. Mother’s day! First, you should learn to
give importance to mother. Celebrating mother’s day and
posing for selfiees are not enough. Recently my friend showed me.. Celebrating mother’s day with Grand parents.. See her situation.. Even she didn’t have
a chance to make a selfie with her parents. I don’t know whether they were with her or not.
They might gone to office. She posted in Facebook that, she is
celebrating mother’s day with her grand parents. Her bad fortune. Because of sharing all this, we are crazy. Go to colleges and tuition
and making jokes on mothers. If they face an odd situation,
only the mother should care about that. A mother like that, take it for granted
“You don’t know anything, mom.” Whatever I say to them.. What is this curry?
There is no salt or chilly powder in this. You grew up eating all this, right? You don’t know anything, mom. You know everything! You learnt words from me and
now, you are teaching me. This is the fashion, mom.
You don’t know. You are old. You are Granny. These are the titles which are given by them,
while telling them to get ready properly. My mom is irritating me. I don’t have enough freedom. I know what happens if
I give freedom for one day. That’s why, I will take care of you. Whenever you get married to others,
then I would feel relaxed. You will give birth to a child with in a year,
then I will take care of them also. Taking care is common from Day 1. Now, mothers are behaving like this. By not showing affection on them,
leaving them to the care taker.. By leaving a scar on the name of Mother. There are all kinds of people. Mother’s day! If possible, you should respect your mother. No problem if you won’t give respect
to her, but don’t criticize her. Don’t do this kind of celebrations on Mother’s Day. Help her in cooking and her daily routine. Then, she feels happy for that support her. If she take you to any of your relatives
home, even if you are a teenager, you should go with her. I will not come. I don’t like.
I need privacy. Are you a devil to want privacy?
Were you born in a desert? Which privacy do you want?
Why do you hate others? Try to be in a room for one day silently. Useless fellows. At least, I can’t show my frustration peacefully. All are coming in this way. If possible, give her some importance. You should respect her.
Listen to her words. Don’t feel as if something will happen. Then, it will be the real Mother’s Day. Mother’s day should not like this. I have told the truth only.
Put a comment as your wish. If you want to watch the video, then watch.
Otherwise, you don’t. If you want to write a comment,
then you write. Stop the camera. I should clean this Dal.

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  5. Hi Sunaina, your videos are very real. Plz do an episode on traffic. When a vehicle stopped in traffic the people behind without waiting for a fraction of second and without knowing what happened will continuously blow the horn which is really frustrating and irritating. Unncessarily blowing the horn should be fined with penalty.

  6. Hi
    I’m not even Telugu just learning. But I watch ur shows just to learn the language thank u.

    Please do one on online trollers. I’m waiting for that.
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