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Okay, okay. Because of this I get frustrated. Again you will ask why do you get frustrated
every time rather than other emotions. Are you doing any good things? What is that? If the God gets up and hits you with his trunk, you will recollect even your last birth
and you will see that movie. By keeping god’s idol I don’t know what is this dance,
these songs, enjoyment, entertainment and all. Teen mar beats and see the beats also. Some one will get mood
and he say ‘come on beat.’ This guy will beat, mad fellow. Like being possessed. To get possessed you will have
alcohol and different foods, and what is the nonsense you
are doing taking the god’s name. Do you collect the money
forcibly and place an idol? Did god asked you to collect? Do you know there are some people
who place a knife on our necks and collect money. Will you collect like that
and place an idol? My Ganesha is this much height and your Ganesha
is this much and that Ganesha is that much. Where ever you see you will find only
Plaster of Paris and plastic flowers. I do not understand why are these people using
multhani mud instead of sand to make the idols. Why do not we create idols
more height with sand? Many people are placing sand Ganesha idol. You can place like that right? You can do the puja by placing small Ganesha right? What is that plastic Ganesha?
and why do we need color? What is that Spider-Man Ganesha? So you have that much of guts
to put an inner wear to the god? What is you position if god hits you once? Sorry to say what is that Baahubali Ganesha? Watch Baahubali or else do Ganesha vratam, Don’t make fuss by combining both. What does the myth say
about Ganesha’s appearance. We should do like that, not by
changing hands and legs according to your wish. By mixing the myths in a mixer, making of idols and
competition along with that? This celebrity came to your
idol and entertained. Near our idol that celebrity
came and entertained. Not only movie industry people
TV serial actors also are much in demand. They will come as they are humans,
that is their profession. If possible respect them, as they are
entertaining us give more respect. What is this competition and
why do they offer money and get them? I do not understand why do they
take money to pray to god? Is anyone hurt personally? Post a comment,
do you want to scold me? Scold with as many abusive words
as you want. Why because if you scold me once,
there are 100 followers ready to scold you. So, I am very happy in that matter. I do not get frustration for no good reason,
only when you do like this I will get frustration. Under the guise of immersion
they take a small Ganesha, they make a fuss more than
that idol deserves. If they take a big idol,
then the entire colony, like small children, youth and old people every one, she will take her child along, she does not
care whether the child is crying
she just stares at the idol, how beautiful the idol is,
I have seen many people like this. They do not have patience to work at home. They will go outside and do such works. They will see unnecessary things like this. What should we do on immersion day? Tell me. If possible we should donate food. Food donation means not
donating the food for rich people. Donating for people who
do not have food to eat. After that we should have bajanas. After that we should immerse
the Ganesha idol in line with tradition, and should pray ‘come next year Ganesha.’
This is it. As far as I know. You are making a fuss with
the name of food donation. After that you will mix lord Krishnastami
and Vinayaka Chavithi, and I don’t know why you have
a tradition of breaking a pot. After that you will take the Ganesha
idol with DJ sounds. You immerse in the water and
come out with same happiness, yes we immersed like
this for Vinayaka Chavithi! And you will return by saying
how deeply the idol has been immersed. How it is looking means, if you come it is good for me and
if you go it is too good for me. So that is why sins are increasing in the world. In this total concept where is the
word devotion from starting to ending. After the Vinayaka vratham,
we can do bajanas in the evening. We can sing Vinayaka songs
and we can give harathi. We can read his stories and actions. we can say his statements
if possible and we can do bajanas. We can give harathi and we can make
prasadam and distribute it to others. To increase this generosity attribute
they started this. We are using that method
for some thing else now. We should do puja like that
and what is this? As the whole world is proud of Indian Telugu culture,
we Indians doing crazy things, and we ourselves are thinking ill of
ourselves personally. Drinking, eating
and mad things, which food should be taken on festival? Vegetarian right? What are you consuming
with the name of this festival? To get energy while dancing
what type of drinks are you having? Even god also fears to come across us,
finally we are like that. If possible distribute the god’s prasadam. or else they will auction the laddu
I don’t know why they do. They will sale that laddu with a minimum price
and use that money for next year. I don’t know why they
auction that laddu for lakhs. Finally, for an ordinary person
there isn’t even a right to have god’s prasadam. For our things,
we get frustrated on god also. That’s why I am getting. Day by day you are becoming worst. There is no discernment
of knowing and changing. Do you have that much of ability to tell me? You have that much ego,
so you are still there. I am here, do you understand
and do you come to know? Finally I want to say only one thing, Do puja for Ganesha and
you will keep pandalu. I do not understand
why they keep them. I don’t know from where that culture
had come they will do in home. If you have kept, it’s okay. But do puja with devotion
and spread the devotion. Make immersion in that tradition. But the dances and DJ’s, will you keep the pub music in festivals
and festival songs in a pub, no right? I don’t know why do you mix that
music in this and this music in that. Don’t do pulihora and let devotion be as devotion and
entertainment be as entertainment. If you are crazy be like that,
do not mix the three and create new emotions. Because you are doing like that,
I am getting frustrated. Is the video is good?
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  1. Super ga cheppaaru mam, we have been following bajans but people support undatledhu manchi chedham anukunte, asalu oka veediki rendu vinayakudi vigrahalendhuku, vurilo 4 enough, appudu unity untadhi , year by year vinayakudi vigrahalu enni taggite mana lo anta unity periginattu, plz people understand it, our youth should commit for unity, n try to bring back our vinayaka navarathri celebration intention to our society the only intention is unity among us.. Jai hind

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