Frustrated Woman FRUSTRATION on BAN on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes | Telugu Web Series | Episode 10

In order to save the life or to win the fight… To rotate the life wheel and from the birth till the bloody death…Rupee…Rupee! As you are very important… Madam, dhobi…
– How much? 600.
– 600? Do you know the value of 6 hundreds, Mr Dhobi? Here, take this… They will not understand when I tell them no… Take this… Take this Rs 500.
– No…no. Give me hundreds. From where should I get the hundreds?
I too did not get any hundreds from anyone. So take this.
– No, I do not want. Go…do whatever! Madam, salary… I am unable to tolerate this respect. Listen, girl… Your salary is Rs 1600. I have discussed a lot with that Dobhi for just Rs 500 and send him just before. I am not in a position to give you Rs 1600. If you want you can take this golden bangles as the mortgage. I will pay you after two days.
– No…no, madam. Okay, go. After returning from the office, I have a habit of collecting these rupee coins whenever I get them while boarding the bus. I ever thought in my life that these rupee coins would help me to spend my life for few days peacefully… Each and everyone from the milkman… When everyone is asking… Madam, give me the chump change but not the note… From where should I get the chump change? When we go to the banks, the bank employees are accepting the money deposit very smoothly… But when it comes to the withdrawals…here They are giving Rs 2000. Whenever I need mouth fresheners costs Rs 5 or Rs 10 and tooth past costs Rs 50… How can I spend this Rs 2000 for the need worth of Rs 50? How? I am living with the deficit.
Not with the deficit… I am scared to go outside.
And rumours… Raised the prices of salt and chilli powder…
And buying them in black. How could the price of salt be increased?
The entire ocean is filled with salt, right? How could it be raised? I do not understand! Oh my god! I am literally scared to live my life. Till yesterday, the currency notes like Rs 500 and Rs 1000 are the big notes… If we have those big notes it gives us a rich look. I used to think like this.
But today… Rs 10, 20, 50… Rs 1… Where is it?
Here…Rupee coin. I came to know their value. Ten rupees… I will hide it away now itself. You know how I feel when I see Rs 10 and Rs 20… Sitting in the AC room during the hot summer… After eating biryani and having the coke…
How happy would we feel? I feel such great relief. Why is she calling now? Hello, Sharanya! Tell me. Hi…
– Hi! Tell me… Nothing…I have 5 lakhs money.
– Okay. Can you keep them with you, please? This number is temporarily… Means…it will not be working for 2-3 months.
The reason is… The owner of this number is suffering the pains of labour. Oh my god! Where should I keep so much money? If I keep so much money with me, then I will be in a terrible situation without peace of mind. From where should I get and keep it with me? She will be fine tomorrow…
I have to face the consequences. I cannot do such scams and schemes… There the scheduled marriages were stopped… Generally, the music troop, people serving the food for the guests and for all other arrangements… They must be paid Rs 500, 1000, 2000… And some amount of cash should be given to the priest who officiates at a wedding. But now they have to give the change.
From where will they get so many hundred notes? And how is it possible for the banks and the government to print some many? When they took such a sudden decision… Is it easy to print Rs 2000 currency notes first or else to print the Rs 100 notes in a number of denominations? That is why they are also giving printing those Rs 2000 currency notes. How is it possible to print so many hundred notes? That is why even the marriages were stopped.
Oh my god! Oh, no…I am unable to tolerate this horrible situation. I cannot even buy a fruit and cannot drink tea, coffee or milk outside bravely… Oh god! This turned my life so poor. But this entire thing is on one side… When we think of it in a right way…
This change is for our sake, right? Whenever some new strategy is been introduced in the market… It is quite natural to experience suffering for a week 10 or 30 days. Even I went to the ATM carrying this much big tummy and came back as I was unable to stand for a long time. Why because, I am a pregnant woman and not even showing little mercy on me, they were… But this change is for the sake of our progress, right? For our sake, right? This is for us and our children to live the better life ahead, right? At a single shot, my neighbour Pankajakshi will stop buying the gold. Her husband used to send a lot of money… She used to come and say…
Sister-in-law, I bought this, I bought that… In kitty party, the diamond necklace…
Oh, no…she is calling again. I do not understand, what is the connection between the diamond necklace and the kitty party? But she used to come wearing even that. With this, those people will be disabled. Even the real-estate comes to a stable position. They are saying that the property values will also be correct and even the gold would come to a stability. So many benefits! So, even after getting frustrated, we must welcome all these. What do you say?
That is it! Should not get irritated or frustrated simply… We should welcome this change and withstand for this change… Come on walk ahead…
Move fast and furious Shed the sweat and welcome the change. You asked me to show another angle as I am always getting frustrated, right? You saw how the frustrated woman looks like when she laughs, right? Is it nice?

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  1. I wish u a safe n easy delivery. .. may the Lord bless u with abundant joy, health n a healthy baby rather than frustration

  2. Dear Good morning,
    I work in Bahrain….. your video are excellent…. I am out of words after seeing your Frustrated conduction ….that true it helps at least some who are in that conduction by these videos we can learn so much… we can understand, learn what others feelings..
    thanks for all your videos they give so much information about feelings and develop attachments to words others…
    good bless you…
    “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”
    “Respect other people's feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them.”
    thanks for all…..

  3. Mee videos chala bavuntay I love to see ur videos E stage lo kuda without rest acting chestunnaru great I wish u to do as more as possible. Good luck

  4. Sunaina, your acting at 4:51 reminds me of great actress Suryakantham garu. Really, your performance is outstanding. Looking forward to watching more episodes.

  5. mee videos chala bagunnai naku frustrating vacchinappudu mee videos chusthe relax avvutundi meeru child actor small doubt

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  7. మీ వీడియోస్ లో మీరు చూపించే ఎక్స్రెషన్స్ కి నవ్వీ నవ్వీ నవ్వటానికి ఓపిక లేకుండా పోతోంది..

  8. Ntha balupu akka neeku bangaru gaajuley takattu ki istunav panollaki.. Costly affair aah

  9. dear sunaina GARU menu mi big fan mi voice vintene naku yento positive vibes vachinatu untundi mi valla different types of people inner voice vinagalugutunnanu by gods grace mi health manchigaundali thank u and keep it up u r extraordinary

  10. I Will pray my favourite deity for your healthy and safe labour pain and delivery. Glad to see your video about FRUSTED BABY SITTER using your your own baby.

  11. Sunayana garu, meeru chinnapudu chesina movies chusthu perigamu, very very good to see you back, videos chala chala bagunnayi, meeru ilage manchi manchi videos ni chesi pettandi. Thank you.

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  13. My god sunaina you are pregnant even though you are awesome. Keep doing super dear💝💝💝 may god bless you with healthy baby

  14. మరక మంచిదే.అన్నట్టుగా చెప్పేశావ్ అక్కో.పాతవి తీసి కొత్తవి ముద్రించడాని అయ్యే ఖర్చు మరి?అలా చేసి దేశాన్ని ఎంత ఆర్థికంగా దిగజార్చారో అదైనా తెలుసా?? మీరు కూడా మోది లానే ఆలోచించారు ఆఖరుకు { మీ నవ్వు కూడా మోది దొంగ నవ్వులా ఉంది అక్కా}✊ జై ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ✊

  15. correct ga chupincharu,first janalantha pakkavadiki bokka ani anandapaddaru….but chivarki poor vallu thappa evaru suffer avvaledhu ani thelsukuni appudu realise ayyaru….exactly

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