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I am hungry. Action! The nuisance created by the people,
I am unable to tell in words. Madam, one minute.
– Why? Nothing, madam. The camera was switched off. Aren’t I mental to tell all these? Why do you always create problems?
Start the camera. Okay, start madam. Camera! Roll! Action.
– Is it running? The nuisance created by the people,
I am unable to tell in words. Hello. Haritha, why are you calling like
a snake which is ready to take revenge? You weren’t to be seen for one week, saying you had many problems. You remember me only when I shoot videos. Hang up the phone. I will call you
after completion of the shooting. Don’t give me any missed calls and
messages in between this time. She is a boy friend like the girl friend. Okay, ready. Ready?
– Yeah, ready. The nuisance created by people is.. Who is that?
– Madam, milk bill. Yeah, they will come. I will give it in
the evening. Go close the doors! Will you definitely give it in the evening? Yes, I will. I won’t go. I built this house.
Couldn’t I give your milk bill? Will you give it definitely? He has a doubt. Did I ever call you, to take 1 litre milk definitely? You gave others milk instead of giving
our milk. That is a kind of frustration. Cha! Deviation! Ready! Ready? The people.. Why is the light switched off? The light is switched off, Madam. Sorry. One minute, Madam.
I will switch on the light. Why is the light switched off?
I don’t understand. One minute, okay. Action? Okay, you continue. Okay, roll Madam.
– Hey, wait. You should have to give
minimum intimation, right? We also have some personal works. Ready?
– Roll! Camera! Action! Did you see the difficulties we face
for making the video and for editing? You see the video
only for 5 to 10 minutes. But, we need to do hard work for
1 to 2 hours to take the video. I am not saying that, only I do hard work. But, you have to give value for that, right? Do you only do hard work, but not me? Don’t you give value to that? Instead of giving value, you are making negative comments. How can we scold a months old baby? Amrutha, take the baby inside. She is stopping her work
and watching the video. I employed her to take care of baby. But, she shows frustration on the baby
and he also sees the frustration. What should I say? Like, if we effect
the stomach it will affect the legs. Even after doing videos with
a lot of hard work, you make negative comments. Dear!
– I am sorry, I have not seen this. Om Namah Shivaya! How can a software employee know
our media people’s hardships? The camera is on and I am talking.
He was moving from here to the office. He should go to office time to time. But, I have to show my frustration, after the completion of all of my works. That is the Frustrated Woman series. I can’t scold him as he is my husband.. Even after doing videos with
a lot of hard work, I don’t understand how people
become opinionated? This is not up to the mark. This dialogue in this video matched
with another video’s dialogues. They also show by showing up on time. Means, that much of opinions. Many people are ready to show the mistakes
of every video which is newly tried by a person. I am telling seriously. After I was starting the series
on Frustration, many people started, Frustrated Man, Frustrated Maid,
Frustrated Mother, Frustrated Sister. Look at me the frustrated kind of series
before the Frustrated Woman series. When I am doing this by thinking creatively, fewer people are giving appreciations. I am very happy for them. Many people are commenting negatively. I look for the beauty even
in the bad things. What that is, whenever a person commented abusively,
hundreds of people scold them. Thanks to all of you. You are supporting me like a close relative. I am getting frustrated newly
after seeing your encouragement. I will do all episodes
whatever you have asked. But, please wait for sometime. Previously, we uploaded
a video once a month. It reached to 15 days now. That will come one week. Some people can’t even wait. Please do an episode every day.
I will die. I will die by reaching B.P. to 500-600. Do you know what will happen
if the B.P. reaches too high? Brain will die and
the person will die on the spot. I should have to see the life, right?
Recently, my life seems happy. Don’t expect every day from me.
Nobody can do that. Take the baby into the room, Amrutha.
Please. However my face looks, it should be visible,
to the children, with the smile. Otherwise, he is an intelligent boy.
He will find out, as my face is frustrated. If he starts to cry, that’s all. If he comes in to the middle, they are
children. How would they know? They have take them away, right? This is another frustration for me. We will reply to the comments and
contents which are posted by you. Please wait. If it is delayed, don’t frustrate yourself
and don’t make our lives hell. Sunaina is just like that only.
She won’t give any reply to any comment. Recently, I have watched
this kind of comment. Do I reply to you? Do I make new series? Do I search a new dress for every episode? Even it is a frustrated episode,
I have to be beautiful. Wow, you have lost weight.
You are looking beautiful. The comments are positive. Those are good. But, what about the background? How can I create
new background? Can I ask P.C.Sarkar to make the sets? This is a house. It will be like this. You have to adjust. We will make all things
according to the situation. You have to adjust for that. That’s it. You should subscribe even
after doing so many things. You should respond even if
it is like or dislike. Post any comment even if
it is positive or negative. If you don’t post a comment, it is also
good. What is the need for opinions? After subscribing,
click the bell icon beside there. By god’s grace, every video
reaches the views up to 8 lakhs. But, why are the subscribers increasing?
Levity! In addition to that,
you are editing my videos, and sharing those trimmed videos. Every one is asking as
‘You are a Frustrated Woman, right?’ Then, why are the views are just
8 to 9 lakhs. This is the reason. We are famous world wide. But, likes and
comments are not increasing rapidly. Because, you are using
my content according to your wish. In addition to that, someone is
doing dubsmash on my name. Am I to take this as a positive? Or else, the girl who is doing my
dubsmash is more beautiful than me. Would I think that is growing?
What would I think? I don’t know what to think
about the emotions. When I went out with my son,
‘Wow! Frustrated woman and Frustrated Boy.’ Who are you? I am the person to tell
whether he is frustrated or happy kid. As I am doing Frustrated Woman,
would I lead my entire life with frustration. Who are you to decide that? ‘Hey super! You did episode
on your husband, right?’ Crap! Would I do series to show my frustration
on my family by starting a YouTube channel. Do you think I have no work? It’s a job. I am doing social service. I am decreasing your frustration
by frustrate myself. The rate of going to the hospital
is reduced from the 11 months, right? You watch Frustrated Woman
when you get angry. You are watching all the episodes
and reducing your frustration. Do you know, how am I getting
frustration to entertain you. It’s a social responsibility I am doing. Finally, I want to tell you one thing. ‘Bro! I want 2 million subscribers.’ Do you think it is your YouTube channel? Or else, this is my channel.
I am the heroine. You are the subscribers. And, this is the Frustrated Woman series. The never ending series.
That’s the matter. Thank you so much for encouraging me
from 25 episodes. I have 100 topics. And, you are giving
another 100 topics. If we do all these, there will be
no end for the Frustration series. You do what you like.
Scold me as your wish. Thank you so much. But, do watch the Frustrated Woman. See, where my husband built the house.
Next to the National Highway. I can’t tell beyond that sounds.
My throat is gone. It won’t stop. Bye. I have to see my kid.
She will go. Bye.

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  1. the line you said "nenu frustrate aiyi meeru frustrate thakisthinanu" is perfectly matching one

    Whenever I watch your frustrated woman series I feel like relaxed and better

    Thank you for doing this series 😍😇🤗

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  4. Namaste Sunaina garu,
    Meeru cheppindi nijam andi. Meeru chesedi social service ye. By these videos you are helping thousands of people get relieved of their stress. In today's world where movies are full of useless and namesake comedy, yours is pure, unadulterated stress buster dosage. Until a few weeks back I wasn't aware of your videos. Basically I'm more into watching pravachanams or superhero movie clips. But since last couple of weeks I am watching your videos and they are all awesome. 😊😍
    Keep up the good work, may god bless you with more and more success. And lastly, don't get disheartened by the negative comments of people. Take it easy, life is a combination of pairs of opposites, we just need to be like a swan, expert in separating milk from water. So pls focus on what you are good at, and ignore what troubles you. Wish you all the best for all your future projects.

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