Hi, I’m Karen Borga, the Angel Lady from Signs of Angels. And this week, I wanted to talk to you about when you’re beginning to communicate with the angels and you are feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, you’re feeling like
you’re sitting, listening, and you’re not hearing anything, putting that energy into
not hearing anything and feeling stuck and feeling like maybe it’s not working or you’re
not doing it right, all of these things are going to make it so that you block yourself
from moving forward. And I know that me saying that it’s simple
but you not doing that is a lot harder. I myself got caught up into the same thing and I became extremely frustrated and I wanted to connect so badly and it just wasn’t happening for me. You know what? I got frustrated to the point of tears quite often because I was
working so hard. And it’s interesting. I was reading a book
by Deborah King called Be Your Own Shaman. And in there, she was talking really about
this sort of thing, about you wanting to level up. And basically, that’s what this is. You’re
opening up more spiritually so once you’re able to connect in here or see, you have kind of taken a step on the wrong of your ladder or another step. And when you want to take that step really, really bad, the spirit world will create that you can’t. And it is your
desire for it that blocks you. It’s just like manifesting. You have to believe it’s going to happen. When you ask the angels to bring you something whether it is the spiritual leveling up so that you can hear them or whether it’s a soulmate or a brand new pair of shoes,
if you’re holding on to that desire so hard, you’re not going to be able to manifest it.
It’s not going to be able to happen. Use the steps. Ask, release, believe, and
then receive. So release. So when you’re working with the angels and you want to be able to
hear them or you want to be able to see clairvoyantly, release that intense desire. Yes, continue
to do what you’re doing because it will happen. But you have to release that anxiety because you’re putting so much focus on it not happening. And so, this week, just continue what you’re doing and know that the angels are with you. And that they will make their presence known to you. Blessings to you and all that you do. Bye.

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