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You saw the figure how it is, right?
Even my life is so. Two big eyes and cartoon face…
It is like that. She will never change her expression and her behaviour as well. One thing to say… Anyone should read the book while studying and listen to the songs only whenever they want. If she listens to the songs while studying, then will she write the song or the physics in the exam? I do not know. She is my daughter.
She is 16 years old to my fate. This is the office. I requested my boss a lot… Bringing her to the office on every Saturday… Sitting in the conference room like we are having the international conference and I need to do the job. Why? She will be at home on Saturday. If you ask me what is the matter how can I say no matter? I cannot say so. That is a corporate college. In the case of corporate colleges, anyone would engage the classes even on Saturday and Sunday as well. But why these people are declaring them holidays? She will be alone at home… My thoughts will be with here there… But these people asks me to stay in the office. What can I do?
That is why I brought her here. It will be like this for me till the evening. She will not allow me to look into her phone. She would keep the security codes. Nobody should see… She would tell her father whatever it is. The mother will do everything for her but she would tell everything to her father. He would observe her for an hour and he would say… She is a small girl, leave her. If we leave her…What if we leave her?
How has the society become? Our golden girl is good but there will be some brass bloody idiots, right? How can I manage with them? I used to wear the chudidhar dresses when I was in her age… Now she is wearing this kind of suits. Because of some reasons, I am unable to show you the pant she wore. It is torn everywhere and its price is Rs.4,500 it seems. Instead of buying the torn jeans for Rs.4,500 to our bloody fate… It will be enough if we can buy a pant and cut it with the blade, right? That would be transparent… I have to cover it always… I will be moving around her with towels from next time onwards. See, not even a page she turned since one and a half hour… I studied C.E.C but looking at her, it is like I can learn physics perfectly. And looks like she would learn nothing. But she does not even look like doing some mistake when I thought to scold her. For example, she has four worst friends… Among them, there is a boy. They make the calls. They will talk to her on phone but she will not talk. Then only there will be no chance for me to scold her why are you talking, right? Why because she just listens but never talks on the phone. She will not eat. She say that she do not like the food. She just eats the unhealthy food items found outside and that it would be stretched like this… Pizza and all…
She will eat them. But she do not like the food prepared by mother. When I took her to the doctor…
That general physician too became like this girl. She says… She is fine, right?
You are forcing her. It is my responsibility as a mother when she does not drink the milk. She is a Physician. I too will speak favourable of her if I get paid with Rs.500. Have you seen the cover? We will find what that creole type is called as. Pandu! This creole… What is the name of this cover, dear?
– Piglet. What?
– Piglet. Manufacturing this by adding the let from the booklet to the pig, those stupids sold this… And these type of people buying them… The phone is very small and the cover is so big. She cannot keep it in the pocket and not even anywhere else. If she misses it somewhere, I should buy her the other. We should beat ourselves with our slippers for making them addict to these gadgets and the technology. What can we do? Their school and college fee are so high, right?
The salary of a single person is not enough. That is why both of them should working and the kids have been left on their own. We should keep them beside us. Being parents, we would feel insecure. Still, she resembles her father. Oh! He too tortured me similarly before I gave birth to her. After she born, because of her torture I do not know what he is doing. In addition, she also resembles her grandmother. She too never scolds and beat but tortured me without talking. That is a kind of torture. We can manage even if she beat or else scold us. She wants the different jeans other than this torn jeans. I am not even able to say that word.
I need to ask her. She will never react when we call her like this… She will not respond when listening to the songs even if all the clothes are taken away. I should call her like this…by touching. Pandu! You asked me the jeans to buy for you, right? What is it?
– Letexi… What?
– Letexi. Letexi? What is the special in that?
– Nothing. Is it? Nothing? If there is nothing then why to buy those jeans? Wearing any skirt of lungi will be enough, right? Why to buy that if there is nothing? Did you see her hair?
You did not see her face since starting, right? I saw her face before four months, then how can you see? She never allowed me to apply the hair oil. It is been six months since I applied the oil to her hair. Recently, when I requested to apply the oil to her hair, this much hair has fallen out. As the women, how do we feel when the hair fall occur? During the childhood, decorating the plait with hair accessories… She did not even see those hair accessories. She has a friend who had a hair cut. She also cutting her hair. When that girl eats the grass and says it is so tasty, then she will also get ready to eat that. They do not have individuality and personal things… She will follow whatever her friends do.
They will be fine, still… They will be fine by writing the exams well even after watching the films… But our child will be swinging in the air without any base. She did not even turn a single page, see. We will have the fear that they may hurt themselves when we scold them seriously. Because of this kids, our frustration and B.P. would rise to the heights. Anytime if you see, my B.P. would be 200…I know. Even Sugar…always it would not be less than 350… It would attack when we have the B.P., right? Why will not it attack if it is like this? But her father will never bother about this.
He would go out and relax. I am her mother, right? To my fate, I am not even able to go out to overcome the frustration leaving her. What is the name of your best friend? I forgot… Pranchal…
– Pranchal? That is not her best friend but her boyfriend. She wrote a letter recently… Our marriage is a love marriage. My husband followed me and married me. Even he did not write the letter with so much love but she wrote a love letter. The summary of the letter is… You are the one who has the beautiful heart… I love you…I cannot be without you. She wrote it just like a letter written by a wife to his husband. That is a friend it seems. She wants to do the fashion designing job. And want to study for that. But her mother said her no, you take BiPC. Now she is angry for that.
She is threatening that she would commit suicide. Kill us! Is she responding at least? No response…I need to go and have the coffee.
Stupid girl…idiot! I know what my mother scold me. But do you know why I did not react to that? It will get worked out only if every teenage daughter with the frustrated mother stay calm like this.

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  6. Every thing is fine in dis video can you plz tell y do they object when they wanted to do want they want is der anyrule that only bipc shud be taken y not fashion designing…… It's no way lesser than doctor plz mind that let kids do what they wanted to

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