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I will kill you. I will kill you if you come out. Bloody idiots. I locked the door from outside. I can’t bear them. I am dying. They are not kids, they are devils. I don’t understand how they were born? There is no such kind of uproar
in our home till now. Whose genes are this? They are killing me during the
summer holidays. They have given them 2 months. Will any one give 2 months of summer holidays. Can’t they give 1 month of Summer holidays? Other wise, can’t they give 15 days of holidays? 2 months of summer holidays? Starting from April and continues to May
and the school reopen on June 15. 9 to 3 school hours..
How pleasant it was. They come after 3 pm and make some noise,
play and get tired after school.. ..then they eat and sleep early. Now, they are killing me by staying at the home. When I tell them to open their books they are
saying that “These are holidays, mummy.” They says “These are holidays, mummy,
I won’t study.” They said that they won’t study. They are creating a lot of nuisance.
I am dying because of them. 4 children joined together. I have 2 children. I am feeling very sad by not follow the family
planning policy, only my soul knows that. One is best.. But, not two. Because, then you will face problems like me. I am dying to manage my children. Do you hear their sounds? What do they eat? They don’t even
eat the food which I served them. They throw the juice and
fruits into the sink or dustbins. They irritate with rice. They eat the out side food. With all that
junk food only, they get this much of energy. Their voices are like gravel stones. They brought another 2 children.
They are my cousin’s babies. They brought them here to bond them
with their relations, to build friendship bonds. They create more nuisance than my children. They don’t have any common sense that is
how to behave in strangers house. How much nuisance do they create? They don’t know how to utilize the things. They play with any thing like.. Plate,
glass, cooker, home theater, dolls and clay. Recently, our 2nd daughter..
She is very small to see. See, what she did.. ..She went out. She asked her dad for clay to build up some creativity.
Then he bought clay for her. That was a yellow coloured clay. She rubbed it all over the white coloured wall. I got scared when I saw that suddenly.
When saw clearly, it was clay. Damn! Bloody children.
I am dying because of them. Including to this, our relatives children.. They are very dirty kids. I shouldn’t say with my mouth. Where are they incarnation of god? They will eat their mother. They are not kids. They are Giant lizards. At our time we used to play
house games, Bommala koluvu. Boys means they used to play cricket
and have snacks in the evening. How traditional it is! They do not have any method. I have two children one boy and
one girl. They are like that. If boys and girls meet
together they will do fuss. I do not understand that he says
I will skate and goes off. And another guy climbs up and jumps
saying he is spiderman. If nose or mouth is hurt, where should I die? That too they makes house fussy. It is better still they did not
learn boxing and damage my nose. Everything in home only. Another guy poured an oil tin and says aunty
see here made home as a swimming pool. Your bloody creativity! Throwing open the oil tin and what is there
in making a swimming pool. But If I slip and got break my to backbone.. Who will bring them up. I cant leave them in my
mothers home nor in laws home. Who can bear these type of children. Oh! god. Even if they are my own blood. Really I pray to the teachers
who bear them in the school.. and we feel that they are
scolding and beating children.. I am sorry for speaking so offensively
and do not take this in the wrong way. I should fall on their feet
and pray to the teachers. If they are doing this much fussy
would I not they slap them in frustation? Like this, 40 to 45 members children are there. Even if we parent them in such a good
manner they are like this. Then the children from different
parenting how will they be? They should be awarded Bharath Ratna,
Nobel prize, Darshaka Ratna.. They should be offered all these type of Ratnas.. Sorry If I talk any offesively,
do not post a comment in comment box. If you want you can keep. I am frustrated and I cannot get it. I am not able.. They do not to clean the tiolet neatly… and they cannot be replaced
by any other in making uproar. How can they make such fuss in this summer? Sun shows 45 degrees. He too does not have any common sense. How can he come upto 45
to 48 degrees in summer. Where should I take them out
in 48 degrees temperature. I am not taking them out
beacause of sunstroke. In house they are making a fuss. If I set the house, the make a mess… I got irritated and stopped
setting right the house. I will make a time in a week
and I will set it right. That’s it. What is the use of packing up
when they pull it apart? Nothing will be in the cupboards and cabinets,
everything will be on the floor. Oh god! I cannot tolerate. I do not have anymore patience. I prayed to god that I should
have lifetime of 65 years. I will not be upto 40 due to their uproar. Oh god. If they are like this now,
when will they come to 1st class.. Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth,
Sixth, Seventh, Eighth. I think they will reduce all
this when they are in the nineth. How many times I should eat,
If I want to bear them these many years. If I eat well and do the work,
body will not reduce. Instead of getting energy
I am increasing horizontally. Bloody! oh god, I cannot bear.. What? Hey bunny your mummy is
playing outside with a camera. Shall we go and play. Hey! hey stop stop it. Hey stop it man If they come I cannot bear. Stop it hey! hey! hey!

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  1. Aunty, meru right mundu na gurinchi chepta asaliki nenu nenu enduku school ki velthano thelusa?ma thammudi gola thattukokunda summer holidays vasthe chalu nannu chicken la pisiki pisiki Mari thintadu

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