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Venkatamma Hey Venkatamma Sorry sir.
Sorry. Move aside sir, I am sweeping. Venku… Do you need any make-up kit? Sir, the thing is that… The work should be done before
I go downstairs and get back. What was he saying? He became swollen like a pig. Would he say that I need to
finish the work before he comes up? Idiot. Did you see him? I would dance or work or do any other thing. Why is he bothered? Did you see how he was sitting here? The sofa’s cushion is crushed! Before he sat,
it was very intact. Now,
it got crushed due to sitting all the time. Madam is better than him anytime. Half of the time she would be out of town. But when she is in the town too, She would be busy with
her phone on Whatsapp, And it would be comfortable
as she wouldn’t bother much. But he is the one who is
always behind me like a woman. Did you n otice how
many times he barged in? I always doubt him. What can we do as maids,
we have our own problems. We cannot express our problems. When we question them, They would say that we wouldn’t
work properly if they don’t monitor. For the amount of salary that you pay… How much do you pay? The maximum you could pay me
is 2000 rupees or 2500 rupees. Isn’t it? I have to do the dishes,
dusting, sweep the house, Put the clothes in the washing machine,
take them out to dry them, The dried clothes should
be taken out and folded. When the house gets filled with cobwebs,
we should do the dusting. On top of that, they would be partying with friends,
relatives, in-laws and parents for 5 days in a week. Oh god! They are flooded with relatives. When they come, a lot of dishes
would be piled up for cleaning. What can I say,
my hands would get damaged. I have to clean all those dishes but
they wouldn’t pay any extra buck. There is no festival bonus
or any other thing. The clothes which became dirty and
damaged after she wore many times, She would give those clothes to me. Look, I would wear better clothes than her. She is jealous. She would say, “Venku, you seem better than
me as you wear new clothes every day.” “Venku, you seem better than me
as you wear necklace and bangles.” As I couldn’t bear her brunt, I started wearing earthen bangles
instead of my golden bangles. Instead of wearing ornaments,
she keeps them in the almirah, And goes out wearing
ugly clothes as if she has nothing. If I am properly dressed,
she would be jealous. It is my ill-fate that I was born
in a poor family and became a maid, Otherwise, I would have become
her neighbour if I was born rich. i don’t know.. At the time of discussion
of terms and conditions, They would mention the list of works
to be done under 2500 rupees. And they would also say that there wouldn’t have
any other work other than those which were listed. After joining, they would treat
like a Goddess for one week. They would serve tea or
coffee upon my arrival. If they cook breakfast,
they would serve it too. After few days, they would gradually
stop serving tea and coffee. After that, they would stop
serving the breakfast. And after that,
they would start using words in this way. He called me ‘hey’,
did you see that? My husband ‘Venkaiah’ himself
wouldn’t dare to call me ‘hey’. Did you see this swine? He calls me ‘hey’? His time is nearing. I wouldn’t just go silently
when I stop working here, I would give him few blows and
then I would leave this place. I am already searching
for work in another house. As soon as I find it,
I would stop working here. I just rememebered by the word ‘leave’, They would actually die to
grant me leave for one day. They are lazy people They are just hugely built, If we take leave for one day,
can’t they think that we too have problems? Don’t we have relatives? Don’t our relatives have any occassions
such as marriages and birth ceremonies? Don’t I get fever? Don’t I feel to take a leave? Would you melt if you do
your work for one day? I don’t understand why they crib
for granting leave for one day. If we ask them about leave, They would ask us to intimate them in
advance or keep a substitute in my place. You have seen how he was
following my back; right? As it was me, I was bearing it but
would any other person do that? Oh my! They would make me do a lot
of work with this salary, They have a baby boy, And if needed they would
even make me wash his back. But they wouldn’t even pay one buck extra. They are misers. They are misers. Generally, they would get food from
hotel or any outside place; right? If the food is left or become stale,
they would throw it away but, But they wouldn’t give me
even though I ask for it. A word betwee both of us.
Camera, come near. Do you know what my real name is? It is Vennela. Their parents didn’t give them proper names, But when a maid’s name happens to be Vennela,
they would be burning up with jealousy; right? So, I have come up with a made-up name,
Venkatamma and joined as a maid. If at all if I meet a big director,
I would become a heroine. And the name Venkatamma
would get changed to Vennela. When the other women became
heroines by ironing clothes, and blabber something on screen, What’s wrong if a maid becomes a heroine? And when it comes to their bathrooms, Oh God! We don’t know what they
do or what they eat but, Their ceramics would be entirely
covered with sticky dirt. When I have to wash them, I would scold God every day
for making me as a maid, As I came across the situation where
I have to wash their bathrooms. They should pay extra for
cleaning their bathrooms; right? Why don’t you pay? It is acceptable that you have talked
the terms for 2500 rupees. But how would I know that your bathroom
would be more disgusting than public toilets. I would wash the bathrooms, it was fine, But why should I wash pipes and other items? Can’t you even wash that? When we question them,
they would say that the water is saline. Let me tell you one thing, They don’t know house maintenance at all. The madam makes me to
cut the vegetables too. After making me cut the vegetables,
what work would be left for her to do? When they see a maid, They would make them do the entire work. I am the one who takes care of their baby
by feeding him and also cleaning his crap. Then, should they pay me extra or not? It is so embarrassing to say you this, But they have even made me clean
their footwear stand recently. They have made me clean their fans too. When I said that I was short
and couldn’t reach the top, They have made me to stand on a stool where
that swine was holding the stool from below. I stood on the stool and cleaned the fans. Swine. He could have cleaned it; right? At least, he would lose some weight. He is a country pig. Would he call me Venku? He has an eye on me since day one. I have been observing. When the madam is not present,
he would ask for a coffee; right? I would add a lot of much salt to it. After that, I would say ‘sorry sir’. After he drinks that, it would upset his
stomach and he would run to the bathroom. No, I wouldn’t do that, As I will be the one who has to
wash the bathroom after he uses it. I am observing. I am saying this along with the woman
who made ‘frustration woman on maids’, Watch this episode
along with your maids. You would come to know about
their lives and problems. And also you would come to know
how your life without a maid service would be. I don’t know what this is. What Venku?
– Sir… Why did you put a discussion?
– Sir, there is nothing like that.

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