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Thank god! Oh no! Let it be, the god is showing mercy on me. Oh, again! Again he showed mercy on me. Dear Goddess! Actually, I have to offer you all the traditional sweets like pudding. But what would be my situation unknown to you, tell me? That is why… Taking some vow and thinking that I am doing it wholeheartedly… I can worship you by lighting the lamps at home… But today they asked me to come to the office so early. Being unable to worship you with the lamps… I cannot even lit the lamps here as these people will get scared that those lamps would burn the thing here and create a problem… And the situation has come for me to worship you so poorly. Do not think otherwise and adjust with this, please.
Please get me out of this trouble if you can… Yes, these bikes are became very common things. It is same in India and they are even more here. Dear goddess of prosperity, come… They say that the sound is coming out. Then we will do one thing. I will worship you keeping the volume at low and I will overcome my frustration. That is it!
Goddess Lakshmi of prosperity would come… Okay? You listen to this song… We came here from India years ago. We were crazy about America and wished a lot… But being in Hyderabad and how it would be if we go to a village from there… We came to know that this is a village near America only after we came here. Eyesalve light? There is the eyesalve to the eyes but where is the light? We came here as we can spend in dollars and can save in dollars but… Only after coming here, we understood how pain it would be when we need to spend the dollars. We are in a situation that we cannot even buy the water outside, why because the spending will be in dollars, right? All the vegetables we get here will be hybrid, I do not know. Being unable to cook, do not like what we cook and unable to eat…Oh, very fussy. During the weekend, some Telugu friends would gather, right? I and my husband would wait in vain for their invitation to the lunch and dinner. Why because sometimes we do not like what we cook. Our situation is to eat like rice milk whatever they prepare and pack it for the next week while returning. The life will run here only if two members are doing the job. But in India, if the husband is doing the job… If he can earn Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000 we can live like a queen. The maidservant is for everything like to get some water, for dish washing, for washing clothes and much more. And the dishwasher…
How to drop the dishes in that dishwasher? If we drop the plates by cleaning all the remainings, then it would wash it on its own. We need to do all the work, right? Then why is it called as the dishwasher, I do not understand? Washing machine but we need to take out the clothes and get them dry. Vacuum cleaner… We need to sweep the floor and wipe it at home.
Instead of that the vacuum cleaner was introduced. We need to switch it on and have to pull it down with all our energy, right? Cooking…
In the morning, afternoon, evening and night The stomach does not know whether she is in America or India and whether she can cook or not, right? Queen? All these words like queen would be nice for that Goddess Lakshmi in that song but… Even these lyrics would look like the mockery for the people who came here and going through the tough situations. Friday? We have no Friday, no Tuesday and no any other traditional festive months… It may be any month, we are in the situation to do the prayers and vows secretly. Vinayaka Chaviti, Diwali, Dasara are the upcoming festivals… Batukamma? We should play the Batukamma on Sunday or else during holidays in the city outskirts. We should burn the firecrackers like Colour sparklers without making any noise. I used to blast the all the sound crackers like 100 Wala and 500 Wal with my hands. After I came here, these people used to say it is the noise pollution. We should burn the firecrackers like Colour sparklers o silently. Diwali should be celebrated in a silent manner. My Indians are also like me. How much a person gets frustrated after coming here is… Like they are unable to follow at least one vow and not even a tradition. These people have the sadist qualities like assigning us more work during the Telugu festivals or some special day. I am able to do like this to my nose in front of you but… They do not even give shake hand if they see like. They would fear a lot like some Tsunami occurred, I do not understand. I do not even find water when I thought to clean my hands in the toilet. Oh, no! I cannot say…
There will be all the tissues. That is it, and I cannot say anything more. They would feel like spreading malaria when we give the shake hand after rubbing our nose. Recently, I suffered from little cold due to the weather change. Immediately, my colleague came to me with Vitamin C, B, A, D and other different types of tablets. She wanted me to have those tablets. She did not listen even when I said I do not have the habit of taking those medicines. later, what my said is…
These people are so scared here. That they may get attacked by our disease.
So that they get scared a lot it seems. The fever came down as I am physically strong, but… Or else they might have granted me the leave to be at home it seems. It might be better if I had the leave because of that. But it came down so I came… Oh, no…need to walk miles of distance wherever we go. Or else we should buy the car. Here we should have the car even if we have the food to eat or not… Or else we should walk, there is no other option. I cannot walk so much distance… Now I became the pregnant finally… But my husband used to say… I will ask my mother to come here so that she will take care… How is it possible? She is my mother-in-law.
And I cannot ask her for anything… I should take care of everything. During present situation, I am unable to do the things for both of us… I said him clearly that I am not in a position to take care of her. Instead of that if we invest some amount and appoint the housemaid… She will do the entire work at home, what do you say?
Yes, I will do like that. And just a day before yesterday… My husband brought the beans and asked me to cook. Will anyone bring the beans and ask to cook during this situation? Potato, Lady’s finger or Tomato… Tomato is the easiest vegetable to cook and I love tomato. But in the case of beans, we need to peel them, soak them, wash them, open to separate the seeds and finally prepare the curry. How can you eat the beans curry during this complicated situation? Oh god!
I cannot… If it is tomato we can cut them and cook easily.
Then we can eat happily and that is it. I came to know the value of Upma only after coming to America. I used to scold my mother when she prepares upma in India. I used to scold her like…. Do you need upma now?
Do you want me to eat upma? And so on… But after coming here, when Upma is been prepared so easily… Whenever I see Idli now, it is so disgusting. Why because prepare the batter and then cook it…
Oh, no…I cannot do that. Do you know what am I eating whenever I feel hungry? I have been satisfying myself by eating salads made out of leaves and vegetables. Because it may be anything, that should be cooked for a long time, right? I am unable to do so. That is why I am satisfying myself by eating salads.
That is it! Oh my god! In addition, my boss… No Sunday, no Monday and no Tuesday… She used to arrange some meeting and keep the escalation, I do not understand… We feel why do we came to this America. We already build a special status in India… We cannot go back to India because people there would throw the negative comments like why do they come back… They think that we built the hi-fi buildings here by earning the dollars in lakhs… We know what the life we are living here. Here you do not find anyone who meets you and helps you even if you are dying. Everyone used to greet hi, how are you whenever we go out for walking. That is okay… Do not know what America is this! Coming days are so special with adoration, vows… My delivery and ritual baths and all are there. I will go back to India, I cannot bear all these in this America. Oh, no… I will do something and go back. My husband is not allowing me to go back. He says you do not go back… if you give birth here the baby could get the American citizenship. Jus for the bloody citizenship, should I give birth to the baby here and face the troubles? Here there will be no traditional bath for the baby and mother as well. Why would these people give the baby a sponge bath? If they do not get the oil massage how can their nerves and all become strong? Even our body would also become lose.
How do they get fit? Sponge bath…these people will never give the bath after delivery. It seems everyone should go back to their work after taking rest for 12 days or a month time. If it is like this, I may live maximum 35 years. After that, my life would get ruined totally because of all the problems. And this place is located on the outskirts of the city… Not much people are seen here.
This is an isolated place. We need to watch the movies and even keep on watch the same movies repeatedly. We need to keep the free downloads and should watch them. Want to watch the film in the theatre… Want to go out, to the restaurant and malls… And much more desires, I am living hiding them inside. I cannot tolerate all these in this America and I cannot overcome this frustration now… This is not the frustration because of a single reason… I appreciate the people who got settled here and still living since years here for crore times. But I cannot… Oh, no… she is calling again. Hello! Yeah…Yeah, Clari. Tell me., I will be finishing that. By end of the day, I will give you the reports. Yeah, sure…sure. Yeah..yeah! Yeah, I am fine, Clari… I am fine.
Thank you so much… Mad lady! She used to assign me the work… all the stupid work. And used to keep a deadline to finish the work. She knew that the deadline is not the realistic one and it should not be given like that… And if it is given so nobody can be able to complete it. But she used to update it. If I delay that without completing because of some reasons immediately it will be escalated to my boss. Since a while ago you could listen to the sounds just like you hear in India, right? I am telling that this is an isolated place in America, right? Here all the vehicles like bulldozers, tractors and lorries. If it is for that, why should I come here leaving India?
I can stay in India, right? Can I able to overcome the frustration?
No… I should report her with something or else it will be escalated. And it may create another trouble.

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  1. Maids pichi baga undi neku. Dishwasher lo plate clean chesi veyadaniki baddakam. Alaage plate sink lo padeste malli maid morning vachi clean cheyali. Emi cleanliness. Andaru ni la undali. Undalsina jabbulanni intlone untayi appudu. Ilanti videos chestu undandi…maku kuda telustundi ilantivallu kuda unnaru boomidda ani😀

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