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Hello. One second Sir… Madam Sunaina, The writer is on the line.
– Did it start? Sir… Yes, sir… Ok sir… Ok. You call this a footage? This footage looks like trash. And he expects the output to
be at par with Hollywood. On top of that, he would suggest
corrections even in that form of output. Not just a couple of things,
I am dying everyday being an editor. As I thought that I can create
something as an editor, I have even learned the
skills and joined this job. Except for cut, copy and paste,
what is there to create? What more would they
allow me to do than this? Idiots. As if this is not enough… The line producer is roaming somewhere
around here like a cat that burnt its leg. Where is he? Madam Editor…
– Tell me, sir. What is the progress? You have placed the file in the
official folder just half an hour ago, How much time would you take
to make just a rough cut? Actually, what kind of
output are you expecting? First, do what you know.
Later, I would tell you how I want it to be. Ultimately… Look at this swine… There came a situation where I have
to explain my skills even to him. On top of that,
have you seen his attitude? They provide him with large
cars that suit his size? But when it comes to us they provide
poor man’s vehicles like Luna? They pay him a fat salary? For segregating your trash and delivering the
final output by editing and cutting it, They pay us peanuts? The male editors in my place
have more problems than usual. They can’t get married soon. Finding them a bride
is very difficult. In a recent survey, They have declared that most of the
unmarried youth are male editors. If they get married, they would have to
take a lot of trouble to feed their family. We are actually saved because our salary is
sufficient for the home expenditure. But the male editors,
don’t have that scope. Their expenditures will have no limit
as they have to spend on their children. They have loans to pay to everyone. At the end of the month,
the day when salary is credited, After clearing all the dues, still, there
would still be a deficit of 10,000 bucks. What did he say? “First, do what you know. Later, I
would tell you how I want it to be.” Actually, he doesn’t have any
clarity on what he wants. As there is a huge camera, He would record every word they speak
and puts that trash on my head. First, I need to make a rough cut. Then, he would get the clarity that what kind
of a video it is and what he wants out of it. Again, he would make me do the final edit. They would show that to the boss. If boss suggests any corrections,
I have to edit that again. We have to edit it and publish. After working so hard, The content which we make might be
50 videos or 20 videos or many videos, Every video is considered highly
urgent by these diabetes patients. Every video is urgent. Despite completing the work for every video, We don’t know whether they would upload
hardly 1 to 3 videos on scheduled time. Why should I edit and publish the videos scheduled
for Friday and Saturday on Monday itself? Tell me. I would have high priorities in work; right? What should I do if you have
high priority for every video? As if this is not enough, there is a
cameraman… Brother Kumar, tell them. What did the cameraman do recently? Why should we talk
about him now, madam? Recently, when he was asked
set a frame on the heroine, Instead of moving the frame from feet to
face, it was stopped at the feet itself. Yes. He got mesmerized by looking at
her legs and got stuck over there. After that, when we saw the
output, only the legs can be seen. Yes. They were asking to lift the frame
onto the face in the editing. In the editing…
– How can we lift the frame? We have to lift that video itself. Lift that off till that point and
work on the remaining part. If we lift such things,
our boss would lift us too. Isn’t the equation nullified? It is dog’s death;
right? A dog’s death means the same…
not having a job. The cameraman would shoot
whatever he gets in his mind. Whenever there is an interview or
when a celeb is to be focused, The face should be focussed. I don’t
understand why he focusses on the low angle. Trash… Actually, is there any relation between
editor and mail eteq… What is it? Etiquette. Is there any relation between
editor and mail etiquette? Would I have to do the editing
work or publish the videos or, respond to all your emails? On top of that, they need the mail
to be in the specified format. If the mail says, “Did it get completed?”,
I need to reply that. If the mail says, “Is it in progress?”,
I need to reply to that. If the mail says, “What is the progress?”,
I need to reply to that. I need to get an approval for everything. The life is beng spent
just in sending emails. If I open the system to start the editing work,
I have to log-in my email by giving a password. I wouldn’t reveal my password. It is a hardcore cuss word. I have too much of frustration. The life of the person in the
technical team would be comfortable. He would place all the videos in a
folder and sits comfortably in AC. But what’s the scenario over here? We have to die searching for that file.
– Yes. I just remembered something when i said
‘die searching’ Recently, they have taken 3
cameras and shot 18 videos. From those 18 videos… What kind of a cameraman who
lacks common sense is he? They have left that from
their brains long ago. They have trapped their
brains in the camera. He had copied all those
videos in a single folder. It seems that I have to search that chunk
and make a single video from that trash. Actually, why does it have to be done? There is no clarity. There is no order too. No. If there is anything, The line producer would speak in English saying hi, hello,
how are you and leave the place sipping coffee in a cup. And we have to face the trouble.
– Yes. Brother Kumar, despite all this hard work, After editing so much, adding the effects,
setting it in order and then publishing it, All the credit would be taken
by the other team. We don’t have breaks even to pee. But they would take a break before
work, during work, after work, and even while thinking
whether to do it or not. And they just keep on taking breaks. They take all the credit just for
uploading and promoting it. But us?
Does anyone recognise our work? Do they mention the name of
the editor below the video? They just dump it in the dustbin. The editor job has become so cheap. He seems to be more frustrated than me. Words are not enough. What do we say about the producer? They want the artists in the video to be
pimple free with no dark circles under their eyes. Their noses would be so big that, if I get inside from one nostril, even my
father can come out from the other nostril. They want the noses to look thin, And lips to be small. A fat person should be made to look thin. A short person should be made to look tall. If we do all that,
what would they do? Another requirement is,
they need the dark person to be made fair. There… Did you see that? How difficult is it? Is this any paint to
colour it and deliver? After doing all these,
what creativity are we left with? It was dead long ago within
1 to 2 months of our joining. However, how much creativity
can be shown only in editing? The producer and the artists should have
the brains to deliver creative content. What would an editor do? No matter how much we cover it
with all the sounds and effects, Where would the creativity come
from and why would it come? Did you see the boss?
He had already sent us 5 videos. Within half an hour,
the videos kept coming up. No video is below 18 to 20 minutes. It seems that we have to work on his videos. Did you start the work? Yes sir, I have started the work.
But you have sent 5 videos, Wherein every video is more than 18 minutes, In order to deliver it today
by cutting it from the chunk, I cannot deliver more
than 2 videos by today. I want all the videos to
be delivered by today. I can’t do that sir.
Share the work among these people. It would take time for me to deliver them. Wouldn’t they get completed? They cannot get completed sir. They cannot be completed.
The quality would get degraded. I think you have asked for a leave for this
month end stating that you have some programme. We will talk about it at that time. I want to scold,
“Are you human or Rayudu?” But I am unable to scold. He is our boss. Did you see his large
eyes and his smiling face? He would smile and shoot with his bald head. This is sheer sadism. How can they show their
attitude on our leaves? Being a woman, I have taken only
3 days leave for my marriage. He didn’t grant me leave at the last moment. Why do they have so much sadism? Our marriages are fixed
with great difficulty. But they wouldn’t sanction
leaves for the marriage. If at all they sanction leaves,
it would be either 1 day or 2 days. On top of that, they would make
phone calls during the leave period. Moreover, the line producer would call 60
times within half an hour of the video upload. He keeps asking,” Is it
done? Is it done?” You are a diabetic; right? Go to the washroom if you
are unable to stop it. Why do you have such sadism? We are just 10 members brother. They give 20 videos to you,
me and sadly for this guy. The persons who take leave
would keep on taking leaves. They just edit half of
the videos and go away. Those who work genuinely
would be made to work more. Like they say
“Soft persons are meant to be squeezed” They don’t say that simply without a reason. As if this is not enough, recently, You weren’t present that day; right?
It would be embarrassing to say this, They have sent me a video at 3.40 pm. He wanted the video to
be delivered by 4.00 pm. First, we have to watch,
cut and edit that video. After that, we have to send that final
video to the client and if he approves it, We should publish it too. We did everything. But we have delivered it at
4.05 pm instead of 4.00 pm. And for that, we were lectured. They said that we had no time
sense or common sense or any sense. They gave us just 10 minutes
before delivery time. How can we do that?
– How can we do that in 10 minutes? Our blood pressure level and the
sugar level are getting increased. It seems that they have done
the survey recently. It seems that they have removed 2 employees
with no increase in BP or sugar levels, Stating the reason that they
weren’t working hard. Have you observed their sadism? Thats their survey. They keep on giving us videos. As if these are not enough,
they send us meaningless videos. Some videos have
neither head nor tail. The video and the audio would
be in different formats. Those two never match. Actually, those files cannot be worked upon. We have to sync them manually
for every 2 minutes. As they got a chance, they would keep
doing the videos on frustrated woman. Are those any videos? Once she starts talking,
there would be no end. Senseless woman. The duration of her videos would be 12
minutes or 16 minutes or 18 minutes. You keep talking continuously
with your high blood pressure. We have to add some effects in between, It is a single take, there
is no scope to cut it. We can’t understand where
to add the effects. If any punch dialogues
of her are in high pitch, She says I have thought a lot about
that punch at the time of shoot How can you not add any
effects to that punch? Who would watch her videos? By watching her videos,
my BP level would be 250 anytime. She might come and hit you amidst. That can happen. As if she is the only
one having hands. There are many people like her. We are dying unable to bear them. What is with this editing and editor life,
instead of living the life of an editor, It is better to become an ascetic. As far as I know. Being an editor is meaningless. Cameraman Basha,
tell me the reading correctly. If you tell the wrong reading, We would have to do the
entire video once again with the title, “Frustrated on cameraman” exclusively. Well, for supporting the completion of
‘Frustrated Editor’ successfully I thank respected Rayudu, Kumar, Venkat, Jithender,
Kalandhar, Laksmi Narayana, Raja Sekhar and Basha All of you, come here. Basha, come here. Venkat, come here. Well, we have thought how would it be
if we make a video on frustrated editor, So we have done this episode
with our entire team. He is the editor who appointed
the frustrated woman exclusively. By that time, he was not even married. After the appointment, he got married. Now, there came a situation where
he went bald out of frustration. Brother Kumar, this is nice; right? Say “I have to die unable to edit this.” I have to die unable to edit this. Did you watch that? Next, I would have to make the
video on the frustration of an artist. Thank you so much…
for all the love and support. More videos of this kind would keep coming. Whether you like them or not,
whether you watch them or not, We would keep making the videos. Okay? Thank you.

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