Frustrated Bear? Watch this Video! // Stock market explained, Stock market crash, Stock trading tips

Frustrated Bear? Watch this Video! // Stock market explained, Stock market crash, Stock trading tips, Stock investing for beginners, Stock investing for dummies, Stock investing basics, Stock investing tips, Stock investing strategies, Stock investing 101 welcome to looking at the markets with David Moadel are you feeling a little
frustrated today I know the feeling so today’s title is
frustrated bear watch this video yeah if you’re feeling bearish then this
might motivate you and hopefully it’ll help not just bears but bowls and people
in between so check it out whether you’re waiting for a pullback to take a
long position or you’ve taken a short position at market highs the markets
will test you yes they will and here’s an old quote
that still applies markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain
solvent and that’s from John Maynard Keynes and there is with his evil
looking smile it’s like he’s taunting you and it feels like the market might be
taunting you sometimes maybe you just can’t understand how the markets can
just keep going up and up and up or a particular stock just keeps going up and
up and up even if it’s already well into
overbought territory maybe it its it’s very high on the you
know according to your RSI indicator or on the bollinger bands or stochastics or
Keltner channels whatever indicators you might be using might be telling you that
the market or particular stock is way too high and yet it just keeps going up and it’s
frustrating I know the feeling and today is a good
example of that I mean this is today’s chart from the
vics for the Vics the volunteer the volatility S&P 500 index which when it
gets down to let’s say 13 or so it’s starting to get
low and it actually closed below 12 today I mean right about here when you thought
it can’t go much lower than that just boom it did it’s amazing and yes the Vics can go
lower even than this all right but it it’s just frustrating
like like like the quote said you know just when you just when you thought that
the market was already way too irrational way too exuberant way to
fearless then the fear-gauge manages somehow to
go even lower so what do you do you pull back the
chart and you gain some perspective on the situation this is the same chart but I pulled it
back alright so you can see if we’re right here then take comfort in the fact that the
Vics doesn’t stay at this level or below for very long ok it might stay there a little bit and
then it pops might go down there then it pops go down there pop see yes it can go even lower but then boom
right back up bone bone ok it can even go way up and if there’s a recession of course it
can go really high but I you don’t even have to count on that just understand that yes fear can configure can leave the market
but it always comes back you can’t keep a good fix down all right so volatility will make it come back at
some point no one knows when it could happen
tomorrow or it could take a while I mean you start seeing articles like
this and here’s the link there’s a link to
the article in case you want to read it for yourself and you hear hear things
like this one thing is for sure about us equities markets right now absolutely no one is fearful of a
pullback well that’s a great sign if you’re a bear and I know it may not
feel like that but that’s when surprises happen and you know the market usually
does not like surprises especially if they’re negative ones and so when you
start seeing quotes like this instead of getting more frustrated what you can do is take the opposite at
opposite attitude and just take comfort in the fact that when nobody’s expecting
a pullback when nobody’s worried about it that’s when it’s usually right around
the corner the decision is yours to make but if
you’ve given your trade plenty of time and this is why i
generally don’t buy options with a very near term expiration date then you have
every right to stay patient with your trade if you believe in it ok and there are a
lot of factors at play here I mean you have to consider your stop
losses if if you have stop losses in place but if you’re ready to just write
it out then you might consider just doing that okay and yeah you don’t know whether yet
you don’t know where you are in the market cycle ok you might be here you might be here
or you might be up here but no matter where you are understand that it is a cycle it doesn’t
go up forever at some point the market will come down so I hope this helped you at least in
terms of motivation and you know if you need more help or if you just need
somebody to talk to about your situation about your trades about your investing
plan and i hope you have a plan otherwise it’s not going to end well
probably feel free to give me and you know it contact me anytime shoot me an email at
David Modell @ thanks a lot i really hope this was helpful and i’ll
talk to you soon

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