Friday Wellness Tips – Shift Your Headache!

hi- this is Janie and this is your Friday
Wellness Tip in my ‘How Not To Lose Yourself’ series. So when you have a
headache you can really feel like you’re out of it you can’t really connect or
communicate or focus on the things that you need to focus on. So,
we’ve had a week of it here, we’ve had colds, coldy feeling, cold sores, headaches -the lot, so I thought it’d be a good idea and quite timely with the changing of
the season, to show you a really good, quick way to help yourself when you have
a headache or head pain or sinus pain, So it’s about using acupressure points, – it’s very simple and very straightforward and you can feel relief almost immediately.
So what you need to do is to get your forefingers and place them on your
eyebrow points there and when your fingers are just gently touching there,
first of all, just take three breaths breathe in gently….. hold the breath and
breathe out …and as you breathe out imagine you are releasing tension so
your intention ….. and your focus on this is going to be really helpful if you can do
that. So breathe in, hold and breathe out… imagining releasing. Do that three times.
Then you’re going to use these points here so each time you breathe in, you
hold your breath and then as you breathe out, you’re going to just apply a bit of
pressure to that point… apply pressure- in…. moving a centimeter out, hold; breathe out…apply pressure. Moving a centimeter on breathe in and hold… and as you breathe out apply that pressure. Not too much -it’s not to be really painful
you might feel slight discomfort though especially if you have a headache. Go
along until you reach the end of your eyebrows when
get to the temples give yourself three nice relaxing circles as you just
breathe normally…….. and already you will start to feel calmer and more relaxed
and the next points are the sinuses. Take your forefingers again and place them here by the sides of your nose just where you can feel that bony
prominence here at your cheek bone, just inside of that, breathing in … hold and as
you exhale press down slightly. Move a centimetre out -inhale… hold… and as you breathe out press slightly there and you keep going around the cheekbone and when you’ve
done that, go back to the eyebrow area and imagine this triangle above
each eyebrow here and just sweep with your fingers across, quite firmly
smoothing out and relieving tension and the sinuses. When you’ve done that, the last bit is you go to your hands and on your hands there is an amazing point for pain
relief, and that is just here in the web of where your thumb meets your
forefinger. So, getting the other thumb and forefinger just wrap your thumb and
forefinger over that point and rotate them and massage and when you feel you hit the spot you’ll know because it’s really quite painful, especially when you
have a headache. You’ll find it in there, it’s like a little pea – just keep
rotating and massaging it down until the pain lessens. It will be quite painful in
your hand and yeah, you might think it’s a distraction technique – my head doesn’t
hurt because my hand is killing me – but you will find afterwards your head pain
has changed. Do the other hand do both sides because and especially if you can
tell one side is worse than the other you’ll be able to see the
difference in your hands. Still, treat both hands and when you’ve finished, come back to
that original relaxed three breaths:- in…. hold… and release….hold and release
and you will feel if you’re really releasing on those breaths that things
will have shifted so let me know how you get on I’d really like to know if it’s
helped your headache! And, this is Friday have a lovely evening – have a really nice
relaxed weekend, stress-free and don’t forget to tune in
next week for the Friday Wellness Tips thanks for listening!

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