Fred Claus (4/4) Movie CLIP – Brothers Anonymous (2007) HD

Willie, gather all the elves and meet me
in the Workshop right now. Let’s go. Look, guys… …we gotta make as many presents
as we can in the next 10 hours. Fred, it’s Christmas Eve. It’s impossible. We just can’t build
that many toys in that time. The rule says that every kid gets a toy. So, what would be the easiest toy
to make? One for boys and one for girls. – A baseball bat.
– A Hula-Hoop. Well, baseball bats
and Hula-Hoops it is, then. Charlene, do you think it’s possible we
can make enough gifts to meet our quota? Baseball bats, lose four seconds, 55… Yeah, it is possible. It is, but, Fred, that’s not what
the kids asked for. Yeah, but all that matters is that each
of the kids get a toy. That they have something that they can
open when they wake up in the morning. Most importantly, they all know there’s
somebody who’s thinking about them. You guys have never missed
a Christmas before. If you guys are gonna go out this year… …you’re gonna go out trying. Okay. We’re on it. – I’ve never seen him…
– That’s because he’s… …thrown his back out.
– No. – Hey, Annette, how you doing?
– Fred. Nick, I think we’re gonna make it. I got
elves in the Workshop making presents. We’re cutting corners,
but I think we can make it. You’ll still be able to save Christmas.
We don’t have a lot of time. That’s impossible. The man
can hardly carry his own weight. I can’t move. I can’t, Fred. You can do it. It’s Christmas, come on. – The kids are out there, counting on us.
– Oh, boy, I wish I could.

22 thoughts on “Fred Claus (4/4) Movie CLIP – Brothers Anonymous (2007) HD

  1. I'm guessing brother Depp and brother Eastwood are either side of "Fred Claus", it is a shame they did not throw Beau Bridges into the mix too!

  2. The one to the right of Frank Stallone looks like he could be Norm McDonalds brother (0:12), and the one to the right of Roger Clinton sort of looks like he could be Will Ferrell's brother (0:04). Is anyone else seeing that or have a different idea?

  3. A friend and actor of mine, Nick Doetsch, is the guy sitting to Vince Vaughn's right through the whole scene with the black hair.  They cut all his lines from the movie, but he's supposed to be Johnny Depp's brother here.  Nick was the lead actor in my feature film "The Fixer," and we were shooting the movie at the same time as he did this scene in early 2007.  Nick has been down in the Florida Keys the last few years as a Captain Jack Sparrow street performer, and he's damn good at it!

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