FotoPro X-Go Max Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

Hi everyone, today I just wanted to do a quick
review of my new tripod and this the fotopro X-Go Max, yeah I haven’t ever used a fotopro
tripod before, and I was kind of interested to see how they work, because it’s not a brand
I really recognize, but so far I’ve been pretty impressed, this thing is well built, it’s
really solidly built. I like how it’s one of these tripods that’s designed so that it
can fold in around the head so that it takes up less space, and you fold it out, like that,
ok, so the leg locks, I’m not sure how I feel about the leg locks, they are a little finnicky
to use, I’m used to a Vanguard Tripod that has a nice little button here where this bolt
is. However, over time I think these may be better, just maybe a little bit slower. I
like how this is an all metal design here, all these hinges, and this joint, it’s all
metal, and that’s good, because plastic will break down over time, and this won’t. so the
rest of the design is carbon fiber, and that makes it very light, this is a very light
tripod, it’s definitely more portable than an aluminum tripod, and I like that about
it. Now the legs, are twist locks, which you know I’m not too much of a fan, but these
seem pretty good. I’m prefer the switch locks usually, but these haven’t given me any reason
to complain. So, like that, and as you can see it stands up pretty high. This is defintiely
a very usable height, and one nice thing about this is that this double locking system, I
found this a little hard to get used to to start with, but now that I’ve been using it
for awhile, I like how it makes this really steady up here, I don’t feel like putting
my camera up on top of this pole is really compromising in terms of stability. Now, another
thing to mention is that there is a built in monopod right here, and that would be very
useful. The kit comes with a tool to attach it, and if you’re just wanting to do it on
the fly that’s a little bit complex, but if you want to do that you can. Now the head
is a very standard sort of ballhead. It of course turns, locks down tight, and the head
turns like that. Now there is a bubble level in the know, and in the head, it’s nice having
them there, but I will say that the bubbles are very small, so I’m not too hit in the
head by that. One nice thing about this is that there is a socket in the base here, so
that you can attach various sorts of things with this. It comes with a hook that screws
on there so you can hang a weighted bag for extra stability. You have a hook on this side,
which I believe is made so that you can tie the tripod to something, so that if you don’t
to risk losing it over the edge of a cliff or a waterfall you can tie it to something
with that. It comes with a velcro belt look so that you can fold the whole tripod down
stick it through the look and just carry it like that. It took me awhile to figure out
what that was. The kit comes with tools and a reall nice bag.
I really like the bag it comes in, it’s very high quality, like surprisingly high quality.
And yeah, overall I’m very impressed by the Fotopro X-Go Max. I’m just very impressed
by this tripod, and it’s build quality, it’s usability. So far I can’t find anything really
negative to say about it, but if I do I’ll let you know in a future video, but if not,
I can definitely recommend this one. Anyway, if you want to watch more gear review videos
check out my channel, maybe hit that subscribe button for future videos, thanks for watching,

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