– ‘Cause they’re actually from– – They’re expired? – 1999? – Shut up. – [Voiceover] All food consumed
was done so voluntarily. BuzzFeed does not condone
the eating of Episode 1 snacks from 1999. Do not attempt at home. – This is box is faded (beep). Never a good thing when you’re
trying to eat a food source. – Wait, let’s do the math, 1999. So these are 16 years old. – I’m gonna eat it. (laughing) Pretty dusty. – This has Jar Jar Binks all over it. He’s literally the worst. – I think at the time
they actually thought people would like Jar Jar Binks before the movie came out. They were wrong in the biggest way possible. – (laughs) Look at the color of this. – Holy (beep). – Dude, it’s like parchment paper. – From the (beep) libraries
of Alexandria, dude. Are you kidding me? Oh my God. – Maybe I’m rethinking that I want to– – That is gross! – It’s looks like Yoda took
a (beep) on this paper. (laughing) – What’s on the paper?
– [Man] Oh my God. – No, it tastes fine.
– [Man] It smells terrible, are you serious? – Hmm. Smells nice. – I don’t know about that. It’s like nice with a
little bit of rotten. – Oh! It smells like grandpa’s shoes. – I think you ought to try it. – You ate it? Ooh, ooh! – That’s a terrible idea, don’t eat it. (laughing)
– [Woman] Tastes like watermelon, kind of.
– [Man] It’s actually pretty good once you get goin’. – Are you really eating it? Ugh (laughs). – It’s like if you marinated a watermelon piece of candy from today in an ashtray for a little while. – (laughs) That is exactly what it is. – I don’t know, I don’t know about this. – Dust (blows out air). Ancient artifacts. – The detail on these gellies are amazing. – Spared no expense back in 1999. We’re getting (beep) now. – Oh, is that Anakin? I would
love to eat his stupid face. – Oh God, these are like rocks. – Oh, the colors are gone. – Whoa. – I could probably kill somebody with this if I got it going. – Yeah, oh my gosh, I
can’t even squeeze it. – They’re all brown. – See, these smell weird
but they smell fruity still. I betcha they have a ton of preservatives. – I bet you these are still good. – These can’t be good, what are you talking about?
– [Woman] I bet you they are. – These were supposed to be… – Just kidding, I can’t chew it. – Oh! – You gotta use your molars. – I feel like it’ll pull out my filling. – It might. (laughing) – Very odd flavor. – It actually tasted like an eraser. – This just tastes like soap. – What’s wrong with you? – I feel like 15 years of dust packaging in my mouth right now. (intense music)

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