17 thoughts on “Fiona Hill: When Women Show Anger, It’s Not Fully Appreciated | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Shes right. Men show anger and its usually seen a sign of strength, passion, veracity, etc. – it's respect inducing.

    Women show anger and its interpreted as just PMS or her being overly emotional or hormonal.

  2. Fiona Hill is strong, confident and a patriot. Trump is weak, pathetic and a traitor to America. It’s not complicated.

  3. There is no republican party anymore. It died with John McCain. What you have now is a slavish and insidious cult known as Trumpism. It's a cult that worships lawlessness, corruption, indifference, falsehoods, dictators, and immorality,

  4. Fionsl Hill virtue signaled about herself…

    Almost everyone so far has provided worthless hearsay as did Fiona Hill who left by July 19th before the phone call, but Morrison was listening in on the phone call and said he heard nothing illegal and declated in testimony along with Volker there was no Quid Pro Quo, bribery or extortion.

    She though appears to have lied through her teeth as even left-wing publications like Politico and others have confirmed Ukraine's role in 2016 election interference despite her attempts today to downplay their role. Leftists cannot deny these left wing news sources.

    At the very least she would have blatantly and shamelessly provided a False Choice if both Ukraine and Russia interfered.

    She also apparently lied saying she didn't know what Sondland was doing, saying she was angry she was left out of the loop, but stating how Sondland was busy on errands in Ukraine.i

  5. Sept 9,
    The whistleblower's complaint is delivered to the House intel committee. Trump now realizes that the JIG IS UP,  and he's been busted. In a pathetic attempt at damage control, Trump places a call to Sondland on that very same day, and tells him to tell Mr. Zelensky "I want nothing, I want nothing, I want nothing, I want no quid pro quo, no quid pro quo. Tell Mr. Zelensky I never wanted anything!!!"😂

    But of course, it's was much too let for that now. His dubious and treacherous scheme to bribe Ukraine was about to be revealed to the American people, and to the world.

    SEPT. 11
    Two days after the House intel committee is notified of the whistle-blower complaint and opens an investigation, Trump reverses course and releases the hold on the military aid. Plans for Mr. Zelensky’s CNN interview are scuttled..😄

    And just think, Trump almost got away with it. And now the best argument republicans have against impeachment is that "he got caught before he could successfully pull it off… so no harm no foul."  This is actually the 2nd time Trump has tried to get a foreign country to interfere in our elections in order to help him get elected.  He did it with Russia during the campaign, and now he's done the exact same thing again with Ukraine.

  6. As a conservative I thought she gave a strong and unbiased account of what happened. But I must disagree with her off the cuff commentary about sexism claims. Sexism exists and its unfortunate. However to say men are viewed as strong when angry is not only dumb but wrong. When I see an angry man yell or mistreat others I don't think of strength I think this is someone who has lost control. If you see strength maybe it's you who's a sexist

  7. SOOO, the big overweight old women with bronzer addiction sitting in the Oval Office is going thru pms so we should be kind to her??😬

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