FIGHT DEPRESSION – Powerful Study Motivation [2018] (MUST WATCH!!)

You just want to- to step out of it
to step out of the whole race, the whole business, the- the monstrosity of being
alive overwhelms you. If you have depression if you have anxiety, if you have
post-traumatic stress disorder, if you have any kind of mental health condition,
this is not something to ignore. Depression, frustration, anxiety, pain
disillusion, it’s just a natural part of the process of becoming a stronger
version of yourself. The thing that keeps one living is a sense of future. That there
will be a tomorrow and tomorrow I’ve got to do this and then the day after I’ve got to
do that. Get started and I’m gonna tell you right now, it
won’t be easy. It will be hard because life is hard. That’s what life is. With
depression, one of the most important things you can realize is that you’re
not alone. I have been places and someone has said well you lost an arm and a leg so you
have a right to be depressed and I stopped and I was like depression is real. No
matter what you’re going through right now it doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna end.
I think too often we’re thinking about the stresses that we’re dealt with right
now and we think that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. All that you
can see is darkness and everything that you try to do just kicks you right back
in the face and you just can’t seem to get yourself up. You don’t even have to
go through something traumatic. Some are caused by you know, something traumatic
some can be a chemical imbalance in the brain. There is light at the end of the
tunnel. Life is hard. Life is challenging. There are ups and downs and these
challenges- these challenges that you face they’re gonna do their best to take
you down. Do not let them. Of course you have to work, of course you
have to show up, your team needs you, life needs you, your family needs you, life is
for the living. Depression is not only normal, it’s
essential and be grateful for it because it allows you to reorder yourself at a
higher level. I speak what’s on my heart and I gave my
speech and as I was closing, I kind of mentioned some depression because I was
I was coming out of the winter months and it hit me again this past winter
and I went and saw the doctor so it was on my mind and it came up and
as I was saying, I thought this generation of people probably aren’t
connecting to what I’m saying. When I walked off the stage and they lined up
the amount of people that thanked me for talking about mental health and here
I was- I thought they didn’t want to hear it I thought I was stepping out of line. No it
needs to be talked about because it’s not just this generation, it’s- people are
realizing more and more there’s an issue and the more we talk about it the easier
it is for people to be honest with themselves and get the help they need.
Line up those problems and confront them. Face them, fight them. Do not let them
bring you down, do not personally identify with your depression.
See it as you see winter and winter always leads to spring and summer again,
see it as you see nighttime. Nighttime becomes
daytime again. Hold on to that fundamental quality of faith
and on the other side of your pain is something good. Suicide is a permanent
solution to a temporary problem. No matter what you’re going through right
now doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna end. Stand up, dig in
let those challenges raise you up, let them elevate you, let their demands and their
trials make you stronger. Adversity you face today turning you into a better person
tomorrow. You are worth more than diamonds, all the diamonds in the world
you are so precious, every single one of your hearts. You can do something. Life is
not always good, life is always not rosy but life is worth living. There’s one thing
one thing that if you did every single day it would make an extraordinary
difference in whatever mental health issue you’re struggling with and that is
exercise and the reason you’ve gotta exercise every day is because what we
know about human beings is that when you physically move, your physiology changes
and that changes your brain. Take the time to rest
because just what if that resting is the key to world-class producing? Get outside
and exercise every single day as if your life depends upon it because you know
what? It does. Your brain needs it your body needs it, your mental health needs it and I feel like if you had heart problems and saw a cardiologist
well everyone would be concerned about you and know you’re doing better and it
would be open and honest with the crew but the most complicated organ in your
body, if you have a problem with it suddenly there’s a- we don’t want to talk
about that? No and you can get over it and that’s what people need to realize. You
can be cured, you can get past it. I assure you
the clouds will lift, right? There is sunlight above the clouds, you’re just
looking at the clouds right now and they will lift and crisis has come to teach
you the big lesson you’re meant to learn to move to your next level in the next
chapter of your greatest life. This depression will pass. It will go away
and something much better will take its place but for right now all that you
really need to know is that you have to make it through. Getting your heart rate
up, getting outside, breathing, feeling connected, getting out of your house
which may make you feel depressed and trapped. The man I am with you right now
as I speak with as much authenticity as I know how to share is the result of my
times in the valley of darkness. Doing that everyday, that physical push
you don’t have to run, you don’t have to go to an aerobics class- class get
outside with your dog in the woods, walk with a good friend for two or three
miles, doing that every single day not only moves your body which changes your
mind it gets you out of your physical environment which is one of the things
that people with depression tend to have a hard time doing and it also creates a
bit of momentum and a bit of a routine in your life. Every time I experience a
bout of depression I come out on the other end a different person, doing
different things but it’s because I’m aware of what’s happening and I’m
looking, I’m aware, I want to see the opportunities as they present themselves
to me instead of falling into the depths of a spiral down depression because I’m
personally identifying with what is happening when I’m upset and your
schedule is not full and you actually feel like you’re wasting your life
because you’re not this epic producer. What if those times were actually a
different form of productivity, what if those times were actually being
productive in a different way where you’re actually producing not in the
world but producing within yourself producing strengths, producing new
insights, producing new ideas, producing new capabilities, producing new energies
producing new emotions, shifting from fear to love because when you go through
difficult times what do you really do if you feel your fear and your pain? You
release it. It’s out of your system and you grow in love and bravery and
strength, what does that do to your craft what does that do to your power, what
does that do to your bravery, what does that do to the light that you bring into
the world? You become this incredible force that is undefeatable.
I suggest to you that if you are facing a challenge
don’t stop. Stay busy, work your plan continue to do those things that you
know that work for you after you have evaluated yourself in the situation.
Continue to move, stay busy, stay busy stay busy. You are part of a larger
cosmos whether you know it or not and communing with nature allows you not to
see the bars of the prison cell but the stars of the universe and if you can
connect with those every day, my dear friend you will use your pain as an
instrument for your greatest growth and then you try something new and then you’ll
also go to school and people will put you down and parents will tell you that
you’re a failure because you failed at a test and you start believing the lies
around you saying that you’re not good enough and no one’s gonna want you and
you’ll never ever do anything good in your life and you’ll never ever- you know
achieve the dreams and goals that you wish you had done, or wish that you could do and these steps take you closer. That voice saying you’re not good
enough, you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough and all you need is one more
step to fall so you have a choice to know which step you’re gonna take today. I want you to know that no matter where
you are in life, no matter how low you have sunk
no matter how bleak your situation, this is not the end. This is not the end of
your story, this is not the final chapter of your life, I know it may be hard right
now but if you just hang in there, stick it out, stay with me for a little while
you will find that this tough moment will pass and if you are committed to
using this pain, using it to build your character, finding a greater meaning for
the pain, you will find that in time you can turn your life around and help
others going through the same struggles. The world right now is in the middle of
a mental health crisis. It’s estimated almost half the
population suffers from depression at some stage throughout their life rather
than join the queue, it’s important we learn why we get down and then how we
can change it because believe it or not we create our own negative feelings and
we can also ensure that we turn our lives around and be a positive change
for others. The reason anyone gets depressed always comes down to the
consistent thoughts we think and the consistent beliefs we hold. Let me say
that again. The reason anyone gets depressed always comes down to the
consistent thoughts we think and the consistent beliefs we hold. The point
here is that anyone that is depressed is so because there is an external factor
that didn’t materialize in their life. They have lost something outside of
their control or don’t have something that is out of their control.
In school we are taught how to get a job but no one teaches us how to live in a
state of happiness. No one teaches us how important our conscious and unconscious
thoughts and associations are. Is our happiness not worth more than a job? Yes
it is and before you say happiness won’t pay my bills,
happiness will pay your bills. When you realize you will be 10 times more
energized, focused and take positive action in your life when you first
choose to develop yourself as a priority and then get to the stuff of the world.
I’ve seen some people who many would consider to have it all in their life
because they thought they were not good enough, a though,t a belief within them
told them they were not worthy. These people that many were jealous of, many
envious of, were not good enough. You must value yourself enough to take
the time every single day to work on you to engage in something that will ensure
you are a positive influence on the world.
This of course doesn’t mean life will suddenly be perfect, the same life
challenges will show up but if your mind is strong, if your mind is at peace, your
reaction to the challenging times will be very different. Your reaction will be
how can I make this work, not why is this happening to me
and then others will look to you not with pity but with hope because your strength will become their
hope, their strength. You really can be that powerful. You can ditch the victim
story, you can leave the pain behind and focus on how you will react next, how you
will react positively. Read, read all you can read to get your
mind in a positive place, take steps to ensure you will be in a better position
next time, whatever pain you are suffering from how you can ensure it
won’t show again. Take little steps and soon you will be at the top of the
staircase. Don’t give up, you are worthy you are more than worthy, you deserve to
experience how great life can be and you owe it to the world to be that positive
change for others, to inspire others who will look to you and say he did it, she
did it and I can do it too.

100 thoughts on “FIGHT DEPRESSION – Powerful Study Motivation [2018] (MUST WATCH!!)

  1. When I was severely depressed some months ago this video helped sustain me in the turgid darkness. I have something to say to those of us who are still there: I have a psychiatric diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder (in remission). I’ve been where you are, and like you I wanted the pain to be gone right now. Not only was the pain at times nearly unbearable, the depression told me that it was never going to end and it is probably telling you the same thing. I believed it. Depression tells convincing lies. The pain did end and I felt moments of such joy. I had been given a reprieve from hell. I’m an average person, there is nothing unusual about me. In my case recovery required anti-depressant medications and therapy which still continues. If recovery happened for me, it can happen for you. My advice: reach out to whoever you can, family, friends, doctors, even telephone help lines. When you do this, you are taking the first, and probably most important, step toward recovery. There are a lot of resources and people for you to help you get through this. Have faith in yourself, in helpers, in God, wherever you can place your faith and trust. The depression is telling you that your efforts are futile and there is no hope. That isn’t true, because, as I said, depression lies. As unbelievable as it might seem to you right now, you can get well and have your own joy.

  2. Through an Action, a Man becomes a Hero.

    Through Death, a Hero becomes Legend.

    Through Time, a Legend becomes Myth.

    Through hearing a Myth, a Man takes an Action….

  3. You have to find a reason and fight it's all gonna be all over one day anyway mine as well just let go and go for it guys I know this illness I suffer so hard with it but it's time to go big guys we are better than depression remember that and it's not reality just the your feelings not real not real not real not fight!fight!fight!

  4. have been getting out of a very long depression for 3 month now. I don't think a lot of people feel as good as I do. I have feelings again, either bad or good, these are very unstable but I feel I love again, I hope again, I have energy again. I dont sleep much, I can't stay home, I just cant because I lost too much time. I just go doing my activities, meeting new people every day, experiencing new things everyday, I may feel bad sometimes but i know that it is what encourages me to do the right thing to feel good again, yin and yang you know. I have never felt in such a way for so long time and so consistently, I feel I love life as I have never loved it before. And it all started by facing my fears, leaving my country, my family and my friends, speaking a new language, having new friends, getting rid of desires and addictions, enjoying the pain, learning new things everyday and not being afraid to fail and to take risks.
    When you decide to change your life what makes you afraid is not where you go, it's what you left, but once it's gone, you're not afraid anymore.

  5. For all of you trying to fight it I know how hard it is, it starts with baby steps taking a shower every morning you don’t have to stand up the first few time but work your way up to standing, let go of the things holding you back even delete your social media I know iT sounds crazy know take a walk every evening; FIND ANOTHER PERSON AND WORK WITH THEM TO GET OUT OF IT TOGETHER ITS SO MUCH EASIET OF YOU HAVE SOMEONE BY YOUR SIDE it is so hard it’s so hard but you need to do it, do not hurt yourself please

  6. Depression is a negative thought, overthinking about a criticism, worrying and thinking to much, just felt like ur self useless and worthless, no confident, no good positive thing happened to u,…
    If I'm wrong , then I guess these were what I felt like now

  7. It is never gonna end… I know after the pain might have something good, but what comes after that?
    Its sooo hard for me to get over my depression because pain just stay alot longer than the good stuff, and it just keep repeating over and over again…

  8. It hurts to realize that my tears were pouring out of my eyes without me knowing…It's very hard to handle but I'm still trying and keep watching this kind of videos…thank you so much…….

  9. I don't think I have any mental problem but every time I overthink things like this girl I met uno we talked and saw eachother a little and now all I want is her but I feel like don't connect and I over think it and just think you know what fuck this I'm done and it sadens me and puts me into a sad mindset where I give blank responses back and just think please stop talking to me I cant do this. It makes me feel like i'm not good enough for anyone ever and just want to be alone but at the same time I want someone I can love and who understands me.

  10. It's really hard when you're not only have depression but all of your family have a very high toxic influence on you AND they're a typical strict muslim people. I honestly don't know how I made it this far but I know I'm not gonna give up NOW after all of what I've dealt with! I fucking want to make shit work. I have to.

  11. Get business liveing ,exercise , eat right , and change you mind with self help books , every day is a battle trick your mind into being happy

  12. 2019 was the worst year for me, I couldn't cope with the abuse at home so it led me to drugs i lost respect for people so close to me, I lost friends..I regret it..but I'm going to stand tall.

  13. Depression is worse. a new day starts new challenge begins i really hope god will help me to gt rid our of this:( pray for me💜

  14. I was there to hold you, embrace you in your bad times but the way u treated me was so inhuman. I m human too. I deserve love and care as well :((

  15. Living in depression is so difficult when you are a role model. I’m an entrepreneur and I have so many people looking up to me, but sometimes my depression hits & it’s so hard….. I have to put up a front & it’s so EXHAUSTING. I’m tired, just so tired.

  16. Lost my little brother due to mental health last year and fighting to not lose the mother of my beautiful baby. Today has been a tough day..I'm screaming inside but no one hears me, my tears feel like a bad fashion accessory they've become so frequent. I've cried out to the point my soul feels like barren land and yet deep down inside the depths of me there's a little boy urging me not to quit. God willing I'm gonna fix this, I was really on the edge today and this video may have saved my life. thank you

  17. Why can I see through this body? Why not the other one over there? Why not none? Why do I have this mind? Can I control my mind? My mind controls my mind. But… Do I have a soul? Nostalgia overrules me and… something else that I don’t know. It’s just. Destroying me.

  18. Anxiety and depression is so life consuming. It's like being alive but also being dead. It's exhausting and it's hard to explain to those who don't really know how it feels like. Literally everything you do is a challenge. And every challenge you do , deserves a reward. But it's difficult to do anything when you feel like you aren't living for anything . It's difficult to pray when you feel like you won't get better. Instead you tell yourself you know it's just going to get worse. What's the difference between death and living with anxiety and depression. Either way you aren't alive.

  19. Idk what's going on 😭 I have a wonderful family that I love and I've been clean almost a yr from heroin but I feel lost ,sad like I'm in a dark cornor smh I have no motivation to even take care of myself . Idk why! I haven't had nothing major happen to feel this way! Could it be the winter months doing this? I pray for everyone going through these dark times ❤️

  20. Who’s lying in bed at 5am depressed worrying that my life won’t be good nothing good going to happen I’m so sad and depressed

  21. My mom says phone's make you a bad person mean while she's calling me dumb stupid worthless and way worse and she spreads roumers about me that are not true i need help anyone have advice plz anyone

  22. I wish i could stay asleep in a dream forever everday i wake up i get called names and stuff by my mom and by kids at school and people wonder why i i like video games and stuff its my only escape for a short time

  23. Samtyms u jst fel lik ur a failur, u jst nid samone t tok t an gvng u hug after al th tok.. Mxm this thing it is painful, I nid samone t tok t

  24. Some people say that they are suffering from depression but they don't recognise the reasons that are causing depression . There is always a reason behind the depression. Psychology is totaly flawed . Once i told my psychologist the reason behind my depression and he attributed me with some disorder rather than recognising that my problems are real and need to be solved through interventions. She refered me to some psychiatrists for medication as if my probems were imaginary! Medications provided mild relief. After medication was discontinued i again began suffering from depression, anxiety, stress. It is just futile to visit psychologist and psychiatrists .it's been almost 10 years now. Even committed suicide when i was 19 years old !! My family is just not concerned about it including my sister ( she is psychologist herself )… I am afraid I'll loose myself someday !

  25. Psilocybin micr-odosing cured my depression for over 20 years after on anti-depressants. Consider looking at John Hopkinkins Psychedelic research grant of $17 million dollars. More info at HOLD ON LIFE GETS BETTER- I PROMISE !!…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE WORTY !!

  26. It doesnt go away, it is always there. No matter how many years pass and no matter what I do I just feel empty. And everything that I build up falls away

  27. I've never told anyone that I suffer from depression. I try to act like it doesn't exist in my life. I just want a normal life not having mixed emotions, not worrying too much, stop feeling angry, not stressing so much, not feeling Scared.
    I pray everyday that god will heal me & all of us going through these types of phases and our everyday lifes.

  28. I told depression to go fuck itself.. Im now loving my life and everything in it. It's in you all to follow suit. It's a miracle we live in the first place, embrace it .

  29. Exercise everyday ? Nope i work in a understaffed kitchen with 12 hours to 14 hours everyday. Exept sunday and this day i send sleeping and talk to my mom and dad

  30. Major deppression, PTSD, Bad Decisions , bad choices, Episodes of depression, feeling powerless, and doomed , been sober 6 yrs.

  31. Hardest thing to do is talk and I got a funny story I went to church for the first time asked the priest last Sunday I asked this
    “I need help I am unable to make friends and I “ thats when the priest cuts me off and says I will pray for you my only thought is what hell is prayer going to do

    When I was 4 my mom left my dad then then I was brought to a dr that dr the. Diagnosed me with adhd then when put in a mentally challenged class 2 years later my mom put me and my brother into foster care while in foster care I got separated from my brother I then get handed around going from home to home when I turn 13 I go to another dr . He proceeds to say that the reason I have no social skills and cannot make friends is not because I was abused and handed around no that can’t be it it’s because I have autism that’s why I’m messed up so I then get handed to my grandmother on my dads side who is a die hard Christian who refused to let me go outside watch tv or read books unless it was the bible I was living with her till I was 17 where she proceeded to kick me out and for that final year I spent in foster care I made 1 friend I stop skipping I go to class with the mind I’m going to improve and better myself and I got expelled from school because the principle Mr Ritsma wanted me to participate in the terry fox run I refused so he called the police and said I hit him the police officer said tha I did not so mr ritsma gets right in my face and says I will make sure you never go to school again

    I tried to go to school at a community collage to learn I was there for 3 days before I was removed “ not welcome back”

    reading writing is self taught I never learned anything past adding and subtracting when I was little I believe I was depressed but that turned into the loathing of everyone and everything because of my exp

    And every time I try to get help I get fucked

    And getting help is the hardest thing the feeling that always stopped me and I try to move past is the what if feeling

    What if I am back at square 1 what if they laugh at me I am a man and asking for help I a sign of weakness all among others

    First time I posted this I would type it out then discard repeatedly

  32. Here cause my dad's friend and guy who was always there to help me with my depression if I needed it just ended his life…. kind of making me feel hopeless cause a guy who was helping me needed to end the battle himself. R.I.P. Dan C!!

  33. I’ve been struggling man. Sucks to feel alone when constantly surrounded by people. It’s scary how oblivious people are to someone struggling with depression.

  34. Dealing with depression is one of the most difficult part of my life, more people need to know what it is and accept that they themselves might be dealing with it. Depression does not make you weak, fight it and you'll come out much stronger when the weight of the world lifts of your shoulders. Keep fighting your fight, things get better with time heal yourself. Put yourself in positive places and you'll find your true friends, take it one small step at a time, cleaning your room, making your bed, keeping up with you physical health will make your headspace go to those places that your thinking back on everyday. We all have faith in you no matter what you believe, we are all in this together.

  35. For all those people out there watching this video hang in there we gona get it through this sure ur heart beats faster than usual cause of the stress ur facing with no one near you to support you but just let this pass it will get better in a while

  36. It has been really hard lately. I want to fight it but everyday seems harder. Please pray for me that as the days go by I will be able to fight this feeling and that "tomorrow" will finally come that I'm happy.

  37. Cant see anything In My future. I cried Last night. Couldnt sleep stayed up at 4.00 at night had To wake up at 6 To school. What can i do. Ive had suicidal thoughts. Please

  38. I spent the entire day sitting on my couch, chain smoking and drinking soda, 3 days in a row (probably more). I can't shake it…

  39. Remember when your going through tough storms that GOD is with you and he will never put you through a situation that you can’t handle with him on your side. He’s just preparing you for life once the storm clears and to know how to help anyone who goes through a similar situation.

  40. Mannn people are suffering because theyre over worked, unfair wages, unfair treatment, most people are fake and stab you in the back( including familes and so called friends) children being murdered, raped, forced into slavery and etc! The system is a joke and they got the fucking nerve to say youre mentally ill because your depressed! Who wouldnt be depressed with this world and the people in it? Life wouldnt be so bad if we all put our petty foolishness and dislikes to the side and do the right thing by loving one another!!!!

  41. Dealing with depression is not easy ………
    sometimes I feel like screaming my head off because I want this feeling to go away .

  42. I need someone to talk to. I'm so alone. I have no friends. Noone to talk to. I'm empty. I'm a 16 year old who has been diagnosed with severe Bi-Polar depression. I haven't felt this way in so long and I honestly don't know what I'm talking about right now but I'm not ok right now. I feel so alone and disconnected from everything. I don't wanna be so alone. I just wanna talk to someone

  43. Sorry you having a shitty time, happy talk to anyone foing they hard time, I'm not a therapist but had depression since a teenager and in 40 now. Stay strong and reach out …

  44. this is an uplifting video, i see. but i don't think it its home for me. nothing seems worth it. everything just seems too simple and just not worth doing. i love my family, i love the few friends i have but they just don't seem worth it. I'm not religious so i don't think much about the afterlife. i just simply think things end. i think it has been like this for billions and billions of people who have lived like this before me. billions of people who have lived worse lives than me, or maybe even a better lives. humanity is just not that special. for me personally, no matter what i do its just not fulfilling. as a person i don't think im an exceptional,. im quiet, keep to myself, don't contribute much and im just not that special. i don't want to hurt myself, i think…..but this life is live, its just not worth it.

  45. Honesly all i need is a good friend all my friends left me and they always bully me and dislike my videos
    Also i have life issues and i get anxiety alot i used to be social but now im not because some people ruined my life and i can’t get rid of them because they are in my school I sometimes closee door and cry untill i feel like i can’t breath
    I feel hopeless No one likes me It’s almost as if there wasn’t any point in me living on planet earth i just can’t handle all of the stuff thatis happening to me im only 14 years old

  46. It's funny how everyone thinks you are weak when you cry. I have been working for something for over 4 years or more and it didn't work out. These past few days I thought I was just dreaming- maybe I would just wake up from the nightmare.
    Guess what the first thing my family members told me was that I was just overreacting.I know I'm weak I'm not that strong to handle everything but I am not that weak to give up either. Depression is real but I will try whatever I can to achieve my goals if I doesn't work out, i will cry once again and try again. Cs i ain't weak I'm just emotional.

  47. Will this ever end? Barely can make it to a job I'm way over qualified for. B.S. degree working in a shoe store (pathetic) no family friends, drinking all the time, I stopped exercising, separated 3x over last 18 months from wife. Want to die, but too much of a coward to take my life. Wish I'd never been born….

  48. The only way my depressions going to be cured is if my mom was actually alive and that my parents just divorced. I just want to see her again…

  49. Needing someone to be there for me like I've been there for her in every storm in the last two years and yet sitting here knowing despite everything I've done for her, she doesn't care about me. It tears me apart to love that woman more than my life and her not caring and only calling on me when she's in trouble again. The one time, when I just need her to listen, to give me a hug, and nothing. It just feels dead inside. The amount of times I considered suicide alone the last week I can't say. All these people I know and no one seems to care, especially her and she's the only one I want to talk to about it.

  50. I am weak and tired . I’m weak and tired of being sad , angry , depressed, smiling , laughing , faking it . I’m tired of tryna his my depression. And I’m tired of being me . I wanna leave everything. I want stop everything.

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