Fear and Depression GONE!

hi my name is Athena Stevens and I’m
from Lynnwood Washington and this is about my fourth time attending hungry
generations deliverance conference and tonight I was coming expectant of God to
touch my heart in ways that I wouldn’t know like I came to the table I didn’t
know what to offer and so I was hoping that something would happen I was coming
expectant and when I went up there the pastor started praying over me and I
started the shake uncontrollably and something took over me that wasn’t
myself and started speaking out and saying these the the fear was taking
over me and that I was being tormented by evil thoughts and night terrors holy Ghost fir in the name of Jesus Christ how do you destroy her life through fear what
do you make her do you make her cry you isolate her evil spirits tormenting has
come to an end and you leave her body and Jesus mighty name holy Ghost fire in
the name of Jesus Christ ohutJesus mighty name enter her no more
in Jesus mighty name you’re free and I can I can confirm that those are true
and then after I got prayed for I fell to the ground and I just felt like it’s
been lifted off and I feel like I can breathe now without feeling this fear
and this this torment of something’s gonna happen something Bad’s gonna
happen I can I can freely say that I’m safe because God I’m in God’s hands and
so are you so I praise Jesus in Jesus name thank you hi there this is Lana
thank you so much for watching this testimony I bet you were blessed if you
would like to see more of these testimonies please subscribe and thank
you again for watching

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