Fault Vs Responsibility by Will Smith FULL SPEECH

I was just having a debate with a friend of mine and we got stuck on the difference between fault and responsibility she kept talking about how something was somebody’s fault somebody’s fault and I was like it really don’t matter whose fault it is that something is broken if it’s your responsibility to fix it for example is it’s not somebody’s fault if their father was an abusive alcoholic but it’s for damn sure their responsibility to figure out how they’re gonna do with those traumas and try to make a life out of it it’s not your fault if your partner cheated and ruined your marriage but it is for damn sure your responsibility to figure out how to take that pain and how to overcome that and build a happy life for yourself fault and responsibility do not go together it sucks but they don’t when something is somebody’s fault we want them to suffer we want them punished we want them to pay and we want it to be their responsibility to fix it but that’s that’s not how it works especially when it’s your heart your heart your life your happiness is your responsibility and your responsibility alone as long as we’re pointing the finger and and stuck in whose fault something is we’re jamming and trapped into victim mode when you’re in victim mode you are stuck in suffering the road to power is in taking responsibility your heart your life your happiness is your responsibility and your responsibility alone hey I want to thank for your response to my ig story the fall first responsibility it’s been a lot of comments about that there was one thing I wanted to add also I wanted to say there that taking responsibility accepting responsibility is not an admission of guilt you’re not you’re not admitting that your fault taking responsibility is a recognition the power that you sees when you stop blaming people it’s not like you’re letting somebody who wronged you off the hook like taking responsibility as an act of emotional self-defense taking responsibility is taking your power back

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  1. I saw this video early this morning by chance as if it was a message from God! At 7 months pregnant now I have been stuck in victim mode in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship, scared to get out because I already have a young child with this man and this would be our second baby. I have been stuck in suffering on and off with this person for 5 grueling years trying to keep this image of a “family” together while being unhappy the whole time and now risking my second child’s health every time I end up in the hospital from stress. I want to take responsibility for my own happiness finally! It will be hard and is every time we split up and I have to pick up the pieces and continue to take care of my son, and I’m sure it will be even harder with two kids, but this video was so inspiring it brought me to tears. WILL SMITH THANK YOU! YOU’RE RIGHT! My happiness, my life, and my children’s happiness and lives are my responsibility ALONE! I’m ready to stop throwing fault around, stand my ground, and be Responsible for My own Happiness! You have always been an amazing artist and star but today, even though I may be just another fan saying it to some, I just want you to know that you are an AMAZING and INSPIRING PERSON!

  2. Very well-said. I wish this could be played for kids in school. This kind of message means more coming from a celebrity. I wish more celebrities would use their influence to support values and character versus politics!

  3. Wow! I love hearing these deep insights into life…So Helpful! Your thoughts about how the Native Americans can get out of being stuck?

  4. My perception on everything is cause and effect as opposed to right and wrong all of your actions have an effect a directed energy and your correct most will try to find a reason for all that happens….

  5. Taking responsibility will opened up your mind to a bunch of things and will also show you how to deal with major things you don't want to hear. I Had to learn to stop playing the victim #ItsYourBedLayInIT

  6. soo is it your fault that your kid is fuckn weird or is it your responsibility to help raise him and maybe quit spoiling the shit out of him… #ActorsMakeCrapyParents

  7. And along with the awesome concept of fault vs responsibility, is the concept of not taking anything personally. Your life becomes so much easier when you stop letting things become personal


  9. Absolute truth! Taking Responsibility (taking action) is the key to change the world! And achieve greater survival
    For all! Is one of a human’s greatest abilities! Let’s use it! Don’t blame! Do something about it!

  10. True: some people think the fault of others absolves them the responsibility from doing what needs to be done. Will Smith is a smart man!

  11. I know that we have to take responsibility for our own actions and sometimes, well most of the times we have to take some time and also let others know that it's their responsibility to be responsible

  12. I'm confident Mr. Smith has had help putting these thoughts and video efforts together. But this is certainly a worthy result.

  13. so very true. I was stuck in the victim mentality for a long time. My husband cheated on me and left me and my 3 kids. I have MS and was waiting for him to pay the child support because it was his fault he left me and I couldn't pay the bills because he left. One day I decided that nope…it wasn't his responsibility to make sure my stuff was paid. So I got a 2nd job and do the best I can. It is my RESPONSIBILTY FOR MY LIFE AND HAPPINESS….can't use the excuse of it is his FAULT FOR LEAVING, NOT PAYING CHILD SUPPORT, ETC….  love this Will Smith. love this and have mad respect for you.

  14. Actually it is their fault. Anything that happens to you.. you are directly responsible for. Sure moving forward we can say its your responsibility… but your responsibility means its your fault. The more people say its my fault.. and become more responsible the faster we can all move on and create more.

  15. Thank you for taking the time to explain the difference between fault and responsibility. We have learned as a people to lay blame and assert fault, but never to take or claim responsibility for our actions or inaction.

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  17. I've been in a state of depression for some time & isolated.. from being hurt by ppl from my past who I thought loved me..cared…a man who lied & used me knowing he was already committed..I was his secret & now I'm here struggling to start my life over from scratch..the woman I use to be no longer exist..I questioned my value bur knowing God loves me makes it a lil better & now I see this video tonight & feel that NOW my life has just changed!!❤️

  18. I'm back..lol..I listen to this everyday through out my day..when I get up..b4 I workout & when I get down..it's crazy how u already know things but when someone comes along & express in a different way it's like an "ah hah" moment…like wow..I get it!! Who'd ever know that something Will Smith says changed the way I think!!

  19. I was sent this video yesterday…. why ,because I've been dealing with a mentally abusive alcoholic. So, what I'm getting from this is that it's my responsibility to ??? What, walk away!! Make my life right when I'm being blamed daily for his drinking. I'm so confused!!! I get mind F***ed almost everyday…the blame is on me, my grand children, his job, his ex, money, his kid's ….ect!! So, am I suppose to take responsibility when I'm told daily that he has a disease….and treat him so, but yet allow him to mentally abuse me when the bottle tip's?????? It's my fault that he drink's and it's my responsibility to fix him???? Someone plz help!!!! [email protected]

  20. This is accurate and inspiringing so many ways! I need to add that people do need to look into themselves because sometimes it isn't an amission to guilt , but sometimes it is. One does need to take responsibility when it is their fault. Only when admiting ones own fault and mistakes can you change and better yourself and not make the same mistake again. I am only really learning that now at 49. You are certainly correct that many times it is exactly 100 percent what you are saying.

  21. Well said. It is certainly easy to be leveled by someone else's mistake which has negatively affected you; however, wallowing in the self-pity is no way to live. Blaming someone else for your own failures is one of the worst forms of self-pity in which one can engage.

    You summed up the solution to overcoming the Zeitgeist of victimhood beautifully!

  22. This is true. I was abused as a child and it pisses me off that I am the one having to pay for their crimes. But I use that anger to push me into healing and growing into the best person I can be. And I know my life is getting better while theirs is staying the same.

  23. Damn I got stuck in this cycle for years. Power is in taking responsibility. It’s hard but there is no way thru challenge.

  24. See, there are people who are programmed to make every situation be their responsibility though, and they've gotten so good at it that everyone else in their life just sits back and lets them take the reigns.

  25. Humans want to hold on to past suffering, the fear and the anger, as a way to feel in control of the present. Indulging in your own suffering feels secure and certain. Letting go of the old means letting in something new and our minds are afraid of the uncertainty. Let's not subject ourselves to comfortable suffering. The scary part is in order to do that we have to let go of our "self" as we know it. The self is an illusion. You are more than all those experiences that forms that sense of you.

  26. Will you forgot what if your dad wanted you and your sisters aborted along with those other things! Still kickin and loving life!

  27. I suggest people look into Zen Buddhism for more wisdom like this. It's been around thousands of years, people just don't seek it out. Hit up a bookstore and start browsing. Good luck y'all.

  28. I love this… Yes Fault and Blame are a WASTE of TIME… I have watched this over and over again. This is such a great message. Thanks Will Smith

  29. Will…Hey man. From the depths of my heart. Thank you. I cannot express enough. Your care to spend the time to say a few words to help many people are invaluable and will add to the positivity fabric of society. Your message will create a positive mental process that can be used to help many start over. the moment they hear your message. Its partly because the life you have lived. what we have seen and what we have not seen. still, you reached back with a hand and pulled many up and have strengthened your legacy.

  30. It should be if they have been lying and hurting others. Then it is their fault and they need to take responsibility for their actions.

  31. Will smith could not have said it any better. The sad reality though, is that humans are very emotional creatures. So that is why there’s that nonsense of getting even or attempting to make others feel how you feel if you’ve been wronged. But if we take responsibility of what’s in our control, we will definitely be much more happier. I can see why Will Smith seems to be happy and jolly most of the time.

  32. Well said Mr smith….but taking responsibility is also emotionally exhausting….especially when most of society only thinks of themselves. But thank you I needed that

  33. Thank you for this sir. This is the only answer I’ve been looking for in regards to taking responsibility and you answered it in less than 3 minutes.

  34. Amazing, advice brother. Thank you, and thank you to my girlfriend. Who, took the time to find and share, this eye opening video. So, thank you Mr. Smith, and thank you Charlene. Respect, love, and blesses.

  35. Love this! This is one of those things you hear, and realize that you've been given gold! Also, am I the only one that is getting a chuckle over Will Smith having a Smith Machine behind him?

  36. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  37. I've lived abuse and I don't think this video will help anyone unless they need a ''kick ass mode'' motivation speech.
    You can't force someone in forgivness it's REALLY unhealthy to do so. The victim mode is a step to take. In order to realize how the person hurted you. If someone comes at you and hit you, they're at fault. Now there's a moment where you get angry and you get into ''victim mode'', then you pass to something else. But long term abuse is invloved with complex trauma so it'll take time especially if you think you're the one at fault if you've been abused. So recognizing that the abuser is at fault is important.

  38. Fault and responsibility is essentially the same thing when something goes wrong.

    "Fault" usually connects in our mind with "who is to be punished"

    And "responsibility" connects with "who is in charge, who can make a change?"

    However If a responsible (for something) person makes a mistake it will be their fault.

    Make no mistake these two go hand in hand.

    For Exmple.
    "Its not somebody's fault if their father was an abusive alcoholic" but it is also not their responsibility.
    "Its for damn sure their responsibility to figure out how they gonna deal with those traumas and try to make a life out of it." and it's also damn sure, their fault if they dont!

    If you partner cheats on you it is their fault and their responsibility. Your reaction to that event is your responsibility and your fault, if the reaction is making your life worse.

    Punishment is not revenge, punishment is there (in theory) to make someone realize that they have made a mistake, consequently to make someone learn.

    Admitting your fault, (not fault of others) is esential for your progress and your advancement, do not corupt that mechansm.

    My advice is – never shift fault, learn from your mistakes, clearly understand your responsibilities.

  39. I'd like to say everything I do in life is my fault, like a bad choice of employer, people, friends, relationship outcomes. We live with free will and choice every step of the way and bad choices lead to bad results which are always going to be my fault. Everyone has the right by free will to live good or evil lives but if its my choice to dwell with the evil and wicked people who by the way never openly appear as such I have to take responsibility to learn the lesson they were put in my life to teach me so I can come out the beneficiary of my poor decisions. There is no wrong while free will exists only lessons learned and experience to know the difference between fault and blame.

  40. I just learned something extremely important right now. Will Smith is an intuitive psychologist, way better than many licensed professionals out there

  41. I agree and disagree,
    yes, it's important to take responsibility, but it's also important to see why things happened and sometimes saying what was at fault, be it our own actions, or someone else's then it is our responsibility to plan how to move on from that situation.

    for me, I was hurt by a friend that lied to me and went out of their way to hurt me because they knew they were doing was wrong and instead of them taking responsibility they chose to play victim themselves and blame me with a lie, because of that, I got severely hurt, so now its up to me to take responsibility and remove them from my life I can not have toxic friends like that in my life, and no one should have so-called friends that do that.

    it's up to us to find people in our lives that are good for us while also being helpful to them.

  42. Thanks so much for this Will! I have used it as a starter discussion in my class of 11/12/13 yr old students. We have made our own list of what responsibility looks like and how to overcome the 'it's not my fault' blaming culture.

  43. I don't f**** care with your black yellow or green we all responsibility to be a better person than what we are I have a black friend when I was younger loved him major respect look at me cuz I was White tell me I must be a Christian I asked him why because he said I treat him like a man I did not look at color he looked at color I did not did not like white people yet I was when will we learn not the color of your skin the meaning of your soul

  44. Great content. I love this message, "It doesn't matter who's fault it is, it about who will take responsibility to fix it." Moving from victim and blame to courageous action is what our world needs more of, especially nowadays with the social justice mob. (liked and subscribed).

  45. What a profound way to speak to accountability, responsibility, and learning how to manage self. Mr Smith you right on point. I hope u get this. Franklinspeaksup.com

  46. I liked your original without the "let them off of the hook" add-on; In my view, letting someone off the hook is called forgiveness, and I define forgiveness as simply taking no action against a perpetrator. Seeking "justice" is really vengeance and, seeking either justice or revenge keeps one in victim mode! You are right; only you can fix your problem; release and take hold of your power!

  47. Residential school was the canadian government and catholic churches fault but it is not their responsibility to fix it. I strongly believe that my people, the indigenous people of canada, need to stop pointing fingers at the government and the church and take a hard look at they did with that pain. It is not the responsibility to walk into our grandparents and parents home everyday to make sure we are teaching the language and not abusing our children. That is a huge piece that is being purposely neglected by my people.

  48. In other words, stop holding the person at fault accountable for their actions. Take responsibility while the person at fault gets off scott free.

  49. Idk why ppl in 21st century are still talking about cheating, I am a guy and I don't care if a girl go and cheat, as a matter of a fact I cheat sooner than her, idk why ppl take cheating so hard and so obsessed with it
    Life is every breath

  50. Listening to this with Gandalf's Fall from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack on the background. It works really well.

  51. wow, careful there, isn't he going against mainstream modern liberals in the west? 😀
    they hoped to ride victimhood quite a bit longer.

  52. Problem with motivation speakers. Sure, they can help people. There may be people who watch this and say, he yea, I can change and fix my happiness. And hopefully, maybe they can and do. But I know others will probably here this and think, "damn, even will smith thinks I am a failure for being unable to fix my happiness". It may be completely out of their control, perhaps the reason they are unhappy is because they face systemic problems that they can't fix. Maybe they have an condition like chronic depression. Maybe they just don't know how to fix their happiness, but they keep trying and failing leading to more unhappiness. Maybe one now thinks its too much to have another popular figure tell them they are are failing.

    I can agree on the whole fault vs responsibility thing. Personally, I don't believe in freewill, I don't believe anyone is at fault for their behavior or choices. I don't believe in punishment. And I don't think justice means anything more than vengeance. But I do believe that responsibility puts pressure to cause people to make better choices. But even labeling responsibility has to be met some sense of compassion.

  53. My father has sent me this video twice now. These are good words. I asked him why I was hit and punished and verbally abused in my youth. He sends me this video.
    I believe he has washed his hands of what happened way back when. I did not want payback. I did not want to blame him for everything. I just wanted to know why he hurt me so much back then. But I did not get any answers, just this video. Of good words.

    I am done with this. Seeking out why my family is the way it is. It is not my fault. All the bad things that happened, just happened when I was young. This makes me angry, sad, and feel hate. I am moving on from this.

  54. This is why I fucks with Mr Smith…would love to have a grown man chat with him, forget what he does for a living…i want to conversate with him and not his career

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