11 thoughts on “Far Cry New Dawn Easiest Way To Get Anger Management Trophy / Achievement Video Guide

  1. I did this on Theme Park level 1 first try. Get package, go near where helicopter lands, let it land and enemies will mainly focus on it and you can get the R3 stealth kills easily. Thank God because I tried this on the outposts for hours and had literal nightmares about all night.

  2. why have this trophy if your not going to make finding 10 people at once easier I've waited at outposts and all they send for reinforcements is 5 guys

  3. this trophy is fucking retarded there is never enough enemies and the reenforcements wont come until after their all dead.

  4. This trophy is beyond ridiculous

    Edit: Finally got it. Goto chop shop outpost with prestige helicopter. Climb up the tower and mark enemies. Jump in helicopter activate wrath and start shooting and using rockets its easy.

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