2 thoughts on “Episode 61: Lactate, Depression and Anxiety

  1. Would going on a few day water only fast be a good way to speedup the process of getting in better shape/cutting out external stimulants?

  2. Thank you for this podcast. This info is mind mind blowing and I was waiting for a podcast to explain what Wim was talking about on the previous podcast. It makes a lot of sense and for sure I'm in the anxiety part of the Vo2 vs VLa equation. The active meditation is used, as I understand it, to recover (i has to do with the heart and another system but I don't remember which one now).
    I have a small question regarding the time and usage. Could you do active meditation before doing your workout? For example 45 mins of act med. Followed by 1 hour of intensive workout? It do you have to do it after your normal workout for example workout in the morning and do act. med in the evening?

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