ENG SUB【忘记你,记得爱情 Forget You Remember Love】EP02 | 热气球上求婚时出意外,两人掉在海边

♪ Lost memory of the past ♪ ♪ Can’t change how we loved each other ♪ ♪ My heart only beats for you ♪ ♪ I’ll protect you from all the storms ♪ ♪ Even if there’s no miracle ♪ ♪ I’ll walk through fire to hug you ♪ ♪ Cuz we’re meant to be ♪ ♪ Till love finds us again ♪=Forget You Remember Love==Episode 2=Would you please not make me worry anymore? Why do you have to settle such a dangerous issue by yourself? What about you? You came to work in Senwell but you didn’t tell me earlier. I didn’t tell you because I wanted to get hired on my own ability. Then other people may think that we Shan family mistreat you. I let my fiancée come out to work as a low-rank manager. Stop joking. I’m still mad. Do you know how dangerous it was? All right. I’m fine. It’s gone. Still hurt? Shan Junhao! Mr. Zhang. What’s so urgent that you forgot to knock? As Senwell’s General Manager, you stirred up such a trouble. How are you going to settle it down? Yunyi, will you give us a minute? OK, Mr. Shan. I believe this is something under control. You think you didn’t call the police
so no one would know? There are lots of eyes in the company. If the media and our competitors find out, what are you going to say to the board? Mr. Zhang, leave that to me to worry. I heard the Malaysian project you’re in charge of makes no progress. Perhaps, you should think about how to explain it to the board.=Guanmei Hotel=Tang, trust me. We’ll figure out something. Well! No wonder I couldn’t find you anywhere. Ye Qianyu, where the hell have you been? Goods to be delivered are piled up to the roof. I picked Tang up. Guanmei Hotel… Hey, are you crippled or are you blind? Tang Shunming, I warn you. Ye Qianyu is my daughter, not a free labor to you! All right, Tang. You… Blabbing old witch! One day, your tongue will rot! I beg your pardon. Try to say that again! – All right. All right. – I… Tang is in bad mood. Tang, we’re going to deliver the goods. Let’s go. You ungrateful girl! I feed you and give you a roof on top. Yet you speak for him! Good. Why don’t you ask the stupid fat ass for money? Chen Jinzhi! Can’t you say something nice? Each time when the kid makes a mistake, you yell at her. She’s my kid. None of your business. If you’re so good, get some of your own kids to yell at. I… I’m not so good. You are. You’re so good at it. You get knocked up with everybody. You even got knocked up on a light bulb errand. Tang Shunming! How many times have I told you? That I asked him to change a light bulb is all! We were married for long. You didn’t get pregnant. You asked a curly hair foreigner to change a light bulb and you were pregnant? By the way, Shengzhe’s hair is curly. Is it just a coincidence? I’ve told you many times. You just didn’t listen. Look, in these years, you couldn’t get over with these trivial things. Let me tell you. The greatest decision I’ve made in my life is to divorce you! What? Guanmei Hotel is gonna be demolished? Yes. So, do not pick at him anymore. He doesn’t have to kill himself. Silly butterball, what was in his mind? If he dies, he loses everything. Chen, are you worried about Tang? Why would I be? Who is him to me? I bust my ass to worry about you. Do you? Get the vegetable washed! Someone is playing my mom’s favorite music with her piano. This is your mom’s piano? Ye Qianyu, how many times have I told you that this piano belongs to my shop now? Sunshine, do not buy this piano. Because it belonged to my late mom. I was just passing by and trying it out. Don’t plan to buy it. Good then. Good. Passing by? Sir, is this your first trip to Guanmei? Yes, it is. Do you need a tour guide? I’m the best tour guide in Guanmei. Pretty guide, fair charge, no swindling. Ye Qianyu, don’t try to get a customer in my shop. Go get the water on the fountain. I’m thirsty. Hold on. This is my card. If you need water delivery, errands, take-outs, or part-timers, you can call me. 20% off for all the services. New card for water, 200 yuan. 200? Didn’t you charge 150 yuan? Gas price goes up. So does the delivery. But you never lower the price. No one makes you buy it. Wait a sec. Here, 200 yuan. Go! By the way, sunshine, remember to call me. Come to me and no one dares to swindle you. – Call me. Number is on the card. – Ye Qianyu! Don’t humiliate yourself. He doesn’t want to call you. Stop pestering him! – Go away! – Call me! Remember to call me! All right! Listen to me. This girl, Ye Qianyu, is the con artist of Guanmei. Next time when you see her, watch your wallet. Li, your flour is here! Qianyu, you’re a barbarian. Jinzhi is gentle, though. But my mom isn’t into you. Bye. She’ll fall for me sooner or later. Water! Allow me. Where is Tang? No idea. He hasn’t been out since he came back. He’s been in the room for a day. Who knows what’s he doing? He can’t do anything stupid, can he? Will he? Tang, open up! Tang! Boss, open the door! Fengqiao, how is it going? He doesn’t answer the call. Could he try to kill himself again? Shall we call the police? You guys wait here. Fengqiao, give me the cleaning staff’s card key. OK. Qianyu, where are you going? What are you doing? I’m saving a life. Tang is in trouble. Saving a life? What’s up? Tang is in danger. I’m gonna save him. What are you doing? His room is below yours. I’m gonna climb down. Don’t panic. Let me go down and check it out. OK. Open the door from inside. I’ll be waiting outside. Boss, open the door. How is it going? – Still can’t open it. – No one answers. Tang! Tang! Out of the way! What are you doing? – Tang! – Boss! You scared me. – Boss, are you alright? – Boss! All right. Enough! What the hell are you doing? I was in the storeroom. You bring a chainsaw? Were you going to break the door? No, no. no. Tang, we heard a scream from your room a moment ago. We wanted to break in and find out what happened. Right. Is it true? Who are you? I’m here to open the door. Open the door? He’s… He’s… Isn’t Mr. Tang in danger and you wanna help? It’s proved that I can’t keep the hotel by killing myself. So, don’t worry about me. I won’t do stupid things again. You can leave. Go. Party is over. You may go. Let’s go. I’m leaving, too. Dad, take your medicine. OK, put it there. Junhao, why did you advance the starting date of the Project of Guanmei? Dad, have you ever heard about that if you finish something in two minutes but others use ten minutes to finish, your life is worth five times than theirs. Junhao, you’re too rash. If the media find it about this incident, put aside large amount of resources on crisis PR, fluctuation on stock price and negative news would
cause huge loss to Senwell. Rest assured, Dad. I won’t do anything I’m not sure about. I’m just worried about you. You’re young and rash. It causes trouble. Zhang Minghan is watching for his chance to be GM. I hope you don’t give him the chance. Dad, have some water. What’s up? Nothing. I’m fine. Work at home again. Gosh! You’ve handed the company to Junhao. Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry. I got jammed on the way. Sorry. Right on time. Let’s have dinner. OK, come. Dinner time. Let’s go. We’ve been waiting for you. Here. Help yourself, Yunyi. Yunyi, if you want a job, I can arrange it. Why did you go to the job interview? While you were in Heteng, you were Creative Director. But now, in our own company, you’re down to a manager. Junhao, get a proper position for Yunyi tomorrow. Dad, Mom, don’t worry about me. I want to do it on my own. Yes. Yunyi is independent and capable. I believe that in short time, she’ll make it to the director. Senwell is strict in management. Whoever you are, you have to pass strict appraisal to get promoted. No exception. Yes, Mr. Shan. OK. Let’s have dinner. Ziqian, take some more. Move back home with us. Isn’t it happy to live with family? Mom, don’t try to persuade Ziqian. He’s been living on his own since college. He’s been used to it long time ago. And if he has a girlfriend, it’s more convenient, isn’t it? There’s a girlfriend? No. If there were one, you’d have known. In fact, I gather you around tonight to make an important announcement. Right? Junhao, Yunyi, your dad and I have fixed a date for your engagement. It’s in next month. You’re next. Hurry up. Congratulations to your engagement! Come on. Raise a toast! OK. Come on. Congratulations! Cheers! Congratulations! I don’t want to marry Junhao. To be precise, I don’t want to marry Junhao now. But… Why? I’ll help Mrs. Lin get the soup. Stubborn girl! You think I’m 6? At 6 years old or present, to me, you’re always the same. Each time when I’m blue, you comfort me. Junhao cares about you, too, actually. He’s just too straightforward and doesn’t know how to express his feelings. I think my relationship with Junhao is like a train that has come to the destination soon after it sets off. You weigh more about the journey, not the destination, right? Am I too greedy? What’s wrong about a girlfriend being greedy? It’s just, sometimes, straightforward men don’t get your hints. They’re simple-minded. Maybe it’s because all he knows is work. We both know he’s ambitious in work. But his world is simple. You’re the only person he cares except for work. You have to know he has never set his eyes on other girls, not even once. It’s you. Are you dressed? Take a look and you’ll see. This coffee is for you. Thank you for helping me. You’re welcome. Anything else? Do you want to have fun outside? I can be your personal guide. I like to travel alone. You can try and go around with me. It’s for free. Take it as my return favor. For free? I never paid for a tour guide. Stingy man! Is it really for free? Of course, it is. Your coffee. Would you like some sugar? Gladly. Morning, Mr. Tang. Hi. Morning, Director Xu. This is Miss Fan from Development Department. Nice to meet you, Mr. Tang. Nice to meet you. Come in. Thanks. Are they from the company called Senwell? What are they doing here? Come on. Let’s have a look. Go, go, go. Mr. Tang, these are Senwell’s compensation terms. Take a look. Director Xu, I want to apologize for what happened yesterday. It wasn’t for money. I just wanted to keep Guanmei Hotel. Mr. Tang, I totally understand your feelings for the hotel. But you don’t have other choices. According to the agreement, we have the right to demolish it after we gave out the official notice. But we didn’t do that. Besides, the 2-million-yuan compensation is the highest price Senwell has ever offered. 2 million yuan! You can pay the wage arrears for the staff once and for all with the money. Also, you can buy a new house. If you don’t want to leave Guanmei, when Senwell builds up the community here, you can buy back the house in the village. New house? Your house doesn’t have stories and lifes. It’s just a combination of steels and concrete. But Guanmei Fishing Village is underdeveloped. If you do love the village, please consider about how to make the village better. Can you give me some time to think about it? What should we do? Let him think about it. If he agrees, he’ll have a large sum of money. – Right. – You see it? OK. I’ll give you a week. A week later, whether you sign it or not, the demolition of Guanmei Hotel is unstoppable. Goodbye then. He’s coming. Boss, 2 million! You’re going to be rich! Boss, will we have a handsome dismissal wage? Yes, will we? Look at this. I won’t take the money. This ring is called True Love. Only when it’s true love can it be put on her finger tightly. Really? What? You don’t believe it? No. I like the design of the ring. One day, you’ll believe it. Yunyi, you’re so keen in work. I want to know well about Guanmei Fishing Village and get familiar with this project soon, so I can help Junhao. What are you doing here? Where is Dawei? I come for a date. Why should I bring him along? Date? Yes. A field research and a date. Multitasking. You mean field research comes first, then date. He just wants a date with you. Straightforward man. Too shy to admit it. All right. I’m leaving you to it. Try harder. See you.=Fresh Best Price==Dance with Rainbow Balloon=You want to ride the balloon? Wait here. Kid, is the balloon yours? Yes. Two passengers.=Money Bag Grocery=1,000 yuan for two. Payment made. Fall in line. In line? There’s no one else. Why the line? Four customers for a ride. If you want to fly it now, pay another thousand. Done. Over there. Let’s go. This windmill was built a few years ago. There was a windmill before. Windmill? I thought it belonged to Europe. Yes. 100 years ago, a Spanish missionary came to Guanmei Fishing Village. To facilitate local people’s livelihood, he hired men to build a windmill here. The villagers appreciated it. Though, later, the villagers
didn’t use it to husk rice, the story is passed down. We still miss him very much. In memory of him, we built another windmill here. How is it? It looks special and beautiful, right? I don’t know the village has so many stories. Yes, we do. Are you thirsty? A little bit. Is there a convenience store nearby? I’m a moving convenience store. Hold on. This is Ye’s Flower Tea I made specially for you. Take a sip. How do you like it? Not bad. I usually charge 80 yuan for a pot. This… This is free of charge. Have some more. Here you go. Thanks. Want some more? So? Do you feel good to have me as your guide now? A little bit. Have some more. You’re different today. You rode a balloon with me. I rode it with you because you like it. Will you do everything with me as long as it’s what I like? Of course. But on one condition. You need to tell me what you like. Because I don’t like to guess. This is… The ring is called True Love. It’s said only when it’s true love, can it be put on the other’s finger tightly. Yunyi, marry me. You have to put it on my finger to prove it. The ring! Forget about the ring. Hold on to me. What’s going on? The tie-down cord was severed. Severed? Shengzhe, look at your balloon. Crap! Except for windmill, we have Devil Forest and Dolphin Island here. Anyway, there are a lot of
interesting sites to go. I can take you there. All right. What’s up? I’m busy now. Sis, we have a big problem. The tie-down cord of the balloon was severed. There are two customers up there. Ah? OK, OK. I’ll be back now. Excuse me, I have an emergency now. Go around by yourself. By the way, remember to return my cup when you drink up. I live in Money Bag Grocery. What are you laughing at? This is the most romantic and exciting adventure I’ve ever had. Yunyi, we almost lost our lives. You think it’s romantic. What’s up? Junhao, I think God gave us this chance to prove our love to each other. The moment when the balloon dropped, I felt you protected my life by risking yours. Junhao, I felt your love to me. I do. You do what? I do want to marry you. But the ring is lost. It doesn’t matter. In my heart, the ring is already on my finger. I’m sure about you now. No more doubts. I love you. Are you cold? The wind is kind of strong. Why don’t you wait in the car? I’m going to talk to the balloon owner. It looks worth of a lot of money. You? Stop! You liar! You wrote an ineffective IOU. Now pay the money. Hurry! I forgot to tell Dawei. The IOU I wrote is real. The number is real, too. I just didn’t tell the owner of the phone about it. He’ll pay you the money. You think I would believe you again? If you didn’t go against your word, I’d have bought my mom’s piano back. Hands off first. Pay me and I’ll let go. The money! Let go! No! Don’t move. Hello, Shengzhe? The balloon landed on the beach. They should be safe. The balloon is yours? Bye. I do have a balloon. The one and only on this island. But what’s it with you? Pay back now! You know it almost got me killed? You were riding it? Yes. I rode it and I fell from it. You let customers ride the balloon before you checked it. You ought to be held liable to your misconduct. That was an accident. Besides, you’re safe, aren’t you? I can refund your fares. Wait! You owe me 8,500 yuan! What are you doing? Calling the police. Buddy, let’s talk about it. Didn’t I say I could refund the fares? 500 yuan. Is 500 enough? I’ve never met such a shameless person like you who has no limit in making money. You’re the shameless one. I saved you and dressed you out of kindness. And you fooled me with a wrong number. Doesn’t your conscience trouble you? Doesn’t it? Besides, my balloon never went wrong before. How come it did when you were on it? Did you cut the cord loose on purpose so you could blackmail me? Now, who is the one that has no limit in making money? Who is it? Where do you get the ring? It’s mine. Any proof? I picked it up, so it’s mine. What are you doing? What are you doing? Give my ring back to me. What are you doing? Hey! Stop! What are you doing? You robbed me! You like it? Keep it. I don’t like things touched by others, especially by you. You liar! Don’t let me see you again. I’m pissed off! ♪ Distance between us ♪ ♪ Seems short yet long ♪ ♪ Heartfelt words are exchanged in diaries ♪ ♪ There are no secrets between us ♪ ♪ Didn’t get to say I love you so much ♪ ♪ You broke into my lonely heart ♪ ♪ And lit the fire called love ♪ ♪ You drove out all my loneliness ♪ ♪ So that I can slowly adjust myself ♪ ♪ You painted my life ♪ ♪ With flowers ♪ ♪ You raised me up ♪ ♪ From that moment on ♪ ♪ You’ve been singing for me ♪

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  1. I mean I love this show but it realy pisses me when I realise how some charecters who were in a relationship with the main character end up beeing mistreated and single for life

  2. I like it so far… it is very similar to the original. I hope they change it up just a little bit. OTH, I like both the leads, it's my first time seeing Garvey Jin, and I like him so far.. I think they are a good match. I also like SML… Thanks so much for the eng subs!!

  3. Me too want her to be with second lead actor …… But still watching and enjoying this drama because of ye Qianyu

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