ENG SUB【将夜S2 Ever Night S2】EP28 | 超越妹妹变冰山美人

=Ever Night 2==Episode 28=What you doing standing there? Don’t you know Tang is in grave danger right now? Ministry of War, show me the latest status. Your Majesty, there’s something for you to decide. The defected Imperial Guards are now under custody. What should we do with them, Your Majesty? General Hua. How is Her Highness? Princess’s been drinking. No one can stop her. You should go take a look at her. Your Highness, you have to stop. Stop! You may leave. You have to take care of yourself. Your Highness, you have to stop being like this. I don’t need to take it from you. I know I have no right to talk to you like this. I just want you to let go of your obsession. We all have obsessions. You do too. Your Highness is right. For me, you are my obsession. Through out all these years, I didn’t ask anything from you. All I ever wanted is to stay by your side, to see that you’re safe and sound, that you’re happy. Happy? My brother is dead. My brother is dead! What do you expect me to do? You want me to pretend that nothing ever happened? Your Highness! Stay away from me! Let me take you somewhere else. I’ll take you away from all these troubles. Your Highness, what’s gone is gone. Guards! Guards! -Yes. -Yes. Throw him out! Throw him out! Your Highness, what do you want me to do? Out! Your Highness, Your Highness! What? Ning Que killed Li Hunyuan? What about the Princess? Li Yu was put under house arrest by Ning Que. Can’t all the people in Tang see this? How could they let Ning Que do things like this? Your Highness, one more thing. Go ahead. Prince Longqing somehow stopped his march. His army has been help up at the station for days. Stopped? Longqing is unlikely to hold up the attack for Tang State. Unless he’s in trouble. Is it said that they face intense resistance form People in Tang. Intense resistance? I’ll go to the fronti to offer Longqing some help. If we got into the capital, I can even save Yu. Go get prepared. Yes.=Capital==Princess Mansion=Put all sharp items aside. All scissors all here. All of them are here. Get rid of them. What about these? These as well. Yes. This is humiliation. I’m just making sure that you won’t hurt yourself. I’m not as weak as you think. I know you’re not weak. But I don’t want you to go tough either. You being alive is the best news for Tang right now. For that woman, the best news is for me to die quietly. You won’t. We want you alive. We? What do you mean by we? You and that woman? I knew you two were in this together. We just try to stabilize the current situation in Tang. As long as you’re alive, ministers and armies that take order from you would be more stable emotionally. Government decree would be carried out more efficiently. At this critical moment, I won’t give up on even the smallest advantage. In Mr.Thirteen’s eyes, a uesless person like me can be considered as advantage. Do you want me to kneel down for your love and care? His Majesty handed captal’s God-Startling Formation to me. Which means he handed me over with the lives of you Li family. It’s at my disposal. Your disposal? Who gave you the rights to deal with the Royals in Tang? Ning Que, don’t you forget Tang has always been ruled by us Li family. And that woman, she’s not even from Tang. She’s the remnant of Demonic Cult! And her son wants to be the king of Tang? I’m the disciple of the Academy, guardian of God-Startling Formation. It’s not your royal family of Li that I’m guarding. I’m protecting the whole state. So my father, he never really believed in his own daughter and son. In his eyes, Tang’s guardian can only be the Academy. The former king trusted the Academy more than you do. Trust? If only father knew that you killed Hunyuan. You don’t think he would regret the trust? He would regret it! That’s why she’s better than you. She never doubted any decision made by His Majesty. Even she knew that me and her brother had a bad history, she didn’t even hesitate when she chose me, She trusted me unconditionally. She’s better than me? That’s because she was given too much and she sacrificed none! Ever since she came here, father had never pay any more attention to me and my brother. Not even a single bit. Nothing! Do you know what it’s like to be hurt by the one you love? You don’t. She doesn’t either. That’s why you won’t understand. You think you can do better than me, huh? Do you, do you know what I sacrificed for the Great Tang? I’m from the Li family. I’m the royals of Tang. Why would you rather trust the remnant of Demonic Cult, and not me? My master chose the former King of Tang, and he chose her. That’s why I trust her. Attention, all of you. Make sure to deliver food and water on time. Take good care of her. Form now on, Princess is not allowed to leave this room. If she has even one more tiny cut or one less hair, you’ll all be in trouble. Yes. Ning Que is at the capital of Tang. Xiatian, the remnant of Demonic Cult, together with Ning Que, dethroned Li Hunyuan, king of Tang. And helped her own son Li Hupo to the throne of Tang. We didn’t even dispatch our army, Tang is already at civil war. This is heaven’s will and no one can stop it. Cavalry of West Shrine has been assembled. With Hierarch’s permission we shall crusade against Tang. High Priest of Jurisdiction Ye Hongyu, Cavalry Commander Luo kedi of West Shrine’s Hall, march tomorrow to Qingxia of Tang State. Light will never die. Righteous path lasts forever. Luo kedi, Cavalry Commander of West Shrine, will be at your disposal. Ye Hongyu, High Priest of Jurisdiction, be at your disposal. Master, time for your meds. My destiny is set. It’s not about the medication. You know what the Hierarch is up to lately? West Shrine’s heavy armored cavalry has been assembled. They’re leaving for Qingxia. Ning Que is back at the capital as well. It looks like this time the Academy is about to go all in to protect the God-Startling Formation which is the last line of defense for Tang State. Sage is gone. God-Startling Formation might be impaired by that. Master, you think Tang State will really come to its end? The answer of that question depends on one person. Who? I tried many times. But never can I get a clear picture. Who is she? And where is she going? I don’t know. I don’t know. I saw the light, and the darkness as well. Then what is it indeed? With me by your side, you can never return to heaven. You don’t know who I am? I am you. You can defeat the whole world, but you can’t beat me. I’m here because you’re. We are one. There is no darkness in the world of light. Without darkness, there is no light. Sage poured the power of the man’s world into you, so that Sang Sang can be remained in you. Don’t you say his name. You’re afraid of the Sage. How dare you. I am power of the man’s world, left in you by Sage. Power of the man’s world. humani is the power of the man’s world. I am the humanity in you. If you can’t get rid of your humanity, then you can never reture to heaven. In that case, you’ll grow weaker through time, and eventually be placed by me. Just like what you did to me. I am the daughter of god, no one can replace me. and I’m the Daughter of Lord of the Deceased, no one can replace me either. Shut up. You can’t leave me. Two losers. Pipi. Pipi. Brother. Hierarch is about to kill Lady Book-Addict as a ceremony before the crusade against Tang. What that has to do with you? It should be the concer of the Academy. What that has to do with the Academy? Lady Book-Addict is the sister of First Brother. So it’s Academy related. Brother, just turn a blind eye on this, OK? It’s related to Li Manman, which mean it has nothing to do with me. Right. Just get it down quick. Thank you, brother. Lady Book-Addict, you can leave now. Mr.Twelve? Why are you here? Hierarch called for the crusade against Tang. The world is falling apart. You can’t be here anymore. What about Mr.Thirteen? You know anything about him? Tang State is surounded now. Being the guardian of God-Startling Formation, he has to be st the capital. Tang is ally of State Dahe. Now that Tang is in trouble, I can’t just sit here and watch. I knew you would help him. That’s why I’m here. But this is the Hidden Boudoir, I… Allow me. Mr.Twelve. Maybe let me try it. You practiced Great Formation of Blocking? I’ve been kept in Hidden Boudoir for so long that I had quite some time with my cultivation. That’s great. Lady Book-Addict, you would definitely be a helping hand to my young brother. Mr.Twelve, this time with the crusade against Tang, the Academy will go all out into it. But now that you’re here in West Shrine. What do you want to do? That might be the last test from Sage to me. Chen Pipi. Ye Hongyu, Lu Chenjia? Why are you here? We’re here to help her out. Didn’t expect you to beat us. Ain’t that right. I’m here on behalf of First Brother. The Great Formation of Confinement is now destroyed. Hierarch will notice it in no time. We have to get out of here as soon as possible. Let’s go. Can’t stay here for long. You have to leave as soon as possible. What about you? You don’t have to worry about me. Chenjia, where you going? Back to Chaoyang City. There’s something I always wanted to tell you. What is it? Without darkness, there’s no light. How can I not see the simple fact like this? Life is like this. So is love. Life is such a long path and darkness is just there temporarily. If you always hold on to your faith, then you’ll never be confused by the dark. What should I do to see again the beauty of this world? Let go of your obsession. See with your heart. Let go of my obsession? It’s easy to say than done. Only the doer can undo what has been done. I think you’ll see him again. To see him again? You should rather kill yourself. When will be the next time for us to see each other? Well, when Hidden Boudoir is full of blossoms, when the world has no disputes of any kind. Then it’s time for the families to have their reunion and lovers to meet again. The Three Addicts will always have each other’s back. Ladies, take care. The friendships between girls are so touching. Pipi. Pipi, the way you’re crying is touching as well. Who’s crying? I’m not crying! Brother, brother. Brother, wait for me! With only the Three Addicts, no way can they break through the Great Formation of Confinement. Unless they had help from someone beyond the Stage of All-Knowing. They said these’s a chubby boy helping the Three Addicts. Chubby boy? How could we forget about him? Not long ago, Mr.Twelve of the Academy has returned toZhishou Temple. Is it Chen Pipi, Temple Master’s son? Book-Addict is gone. But we now have someone more valuable. Need me to bring him back? I would like to ask this disciple of the Academy to bring the Formation Key back from Academy. What? You want me to get the Formation Key back for you? I’ve only seen walking sticks and rolling pins. I don’t know any keys. Chen Pipi. You’re Mr.Twelve from the Academy. You know what the Formation Key is. I’m telling you, don’t try to play dumb in front of me. Not going to work. My father is the Master of Zhishou Temple. You can’t touch me. True. except the fact that he’s not at Zhishou Temple right now. So, what can you do to me? Nothing. I just want you to come with me to the Tang State. Don’t you want to say the last goodbye to this country at its end? In your dream! The world had made its choise. Chen Pipi, now it’s your turn. I am from Zhishou Temple,Unknowable Place of West Shrine. I am also from the Academy of Tang. Asking me to take a side? Who you think you are? You’re the son of Temple Master in Zhishou Temple. You can’t sit on the fence. I’ll take it as a compliment. Because as you can see no fence can afford me. So you’re saying you’re siding with Tang. Academy values fact and reason. I side with whoever makes sense. Alright. I’ll show you what really makes sense. Anyone out there? Help! Anyone? Ye Qing? Hierarch. Brother. You’re here! Pipi, are you being naughty again? Get back here. Get back here. Gentlemen, I… I’m the genius at the Stage of All-Knowing. Does no one care about my feelings? Father. Temple Master. Master. Father. Temple Master is not back to Zhizhou, West Shrine is indeed blessed. Seas are in turmoil, war is about to come. No one is blessed. If Temple Master decides to get involved, we’ll surly win. Tang State is on its doom. Why do you think that I want to be involved? See the white and the black as one, be a guiding light to the world. Be a guiding light to the world, one shall always maintain his virtue, therefor he can eventually reach the state of Ultimate Great. Temple Master, I’ll see you at the capital. Pipi, come with me to Zhishou Temple. Thank you, my brother. The key of this crusade against Tang is the capital. And the key to the capital is the Academy. The key to Academy used to be Sage, now is Li Manman. I can be his diversion. You can be a diversion. But you can’t beat him. In your generation, he’s the only one reached Stage of No-Distance. That alone is enough for him to be above you all. I shall go. I’m not qualified to share my Master’s burden. I’m sorry. I want you to go to Qingxia. Qingxia is the strategic pass for Tang. It’s as no less important than the capital. Tang State and the Academy would definitely lay out massive forces around here in order to stop West Shrine’s army. This is going to be a dangerous fight. Ye Hongyu needs your help as well. Yes, Master. Master, Pipi has been on his knees for a long time. Stay on your knees if you want to be Tang’s citizen. And then you can get up when Tang is over. Father. Father! Father, I beg you to let Tang State off this time. I grew up in the Academy. All I see, all I heard, were the people and things there. I can’t help but to be attached to them. Forgive me if I’m wrong. But Tang has a history of more than 1,000 years. And It’s always been prosperous. Its People are happy and satisfied. Both its agriculture and economy are doing great. If Utopia really exsits, then it has be the State of Tang. My brothers and sisters are from everywhere, all different states. They’re just like me. They live in Tang for so long that they consider themselves to be Tang’s people. But that doesn’t mean that they forgot about their roots. They just have this satisfaction, this feeling, that they can’t shake, that they can’t ignore. Father, Tang might have made some wrong moves. But every one makes mistakes. Its mistakes are not bad enough to the extent of destruction. This crusade against Tang is nothing but a well planned scheme of West Shrine. If we let them win, then the world will face the ultimate disaster. My father, please. It’s not West Shrine who wants Tang to be destroyed. It’s the will from above. We all know no mortals can say no to god’s will. He who follows will prosper
and those who resist will see to their own end. If you can’t even understand this, then you’re not qualified to be my son. Master, please take care. Pipi, I have to go to Qingxia now.

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