ENG SUB【将夜S2 Ever Night S2】EP27 | 宁缺当众砍了昏君

=Ever Night 2==Episode 27=I know that you didn’t make some of the stupid mistakes. It was he who made them. So I really want to know how he will take the responsibility. Where is Li Hunyuan? He’s having a rest. Mr. Thirteen, it’s been a long journey. Why don’t you sit down and have a cup of tea? Please. Your Majesty. Queen Mother. The whole mansion is surrounded by Imperial Guards. It looks like they are going to break in. If something is meant to be, it will happen. Mother. Kiddo. Stand still. I’ll be back soon. If Ning Que and Her Highness can’t reach an agreement soon, I’m afraid that we can’t hold out too long by several servants. They’re trying to force me. Your Highness, don’t be impulsive! If you use that kind of skills in the capital, you’re bound to get a bad rap. Please. Just abdicate. We’ll talk about other things later. It’s impossible. Because it means he is going to die. If he chooses not to abdicate, then Tang State will be perished. Can’t you tell which is more important? That woman is a remnant of Demonic Cult. How many people in the Imperial Court and military do you think will support her? I don’t care. I only care how many people will against her. And then? Are you going to get rid of them all? Don’t you care your move will plunge Tang State into civil strife, then we will lose the ability to resist foreign enemies? Tang State has been in civil strife since the day you tampered the testamentary edict. Why don’t I use my army to against you if Tang State is already in civil strife? My father was king. I am the princess of Tang State. I won’t take the risk of plunging Tang State into civil strife no matter how much I want that woman to be dead. And how about you? Ning Que, Tang State can’t be in civil strife. Otherwise, no one can afford the terrible consequences. Now, the only way is you choose to support us. In this way, the whole Tang State will be united. With the support of the Academy, maybe… We can really turn things around. To obey the testamentary edict is my baseline. What will happen after that? That woman is gonna kill us. She won’t. Besides, I will protect you. Ning Que, I know. You feel angry and unwilling. Me too. I have punished his majesty severely. How? How many times have you slapped him? Five times? Three times? Or only once? Ning Que, what do you want me to do? He is my only little brother. Do you want me to watch him die? I took the risk to get you into the capital and talked to you in palace. I only ask for one thing. Okay? Okay. As long as he gives up the throne. It’s impossible. Ning Que, just think about Sangsang. She is raised by you. You won’t let her get hurt even if she makes a big mistake. I’m his sister. I’m the same as you. So you’ve always cared about Sangsang. The cup is seventy percent full. And the rest is the friendship between us. I wonder that… If it can make you change your mind? It’s a capital crime to tamper the testamentary edict. I can keep Li Hunyuan and you safe for the friendship between us. You still want me dead. I told Sangsang that… It is not easy to live. You have to live no matter how hard it is. Come on. Let’s toast the previous king with tea instead of wine. We wish him rest in peace. Ning Que, why are you doing this? Do you think I’m already a sinner of Tang State? Are you a sinner of Tang State? It depends on if you like to toast with me. What’s wrong with you? The tea! The tea! The tea was poisoned. Ning Que! Hunyuan. Hunyuan. Hunyuan. It was you! Sister, I’m so sorry. He won’t drink the tea if you don’t. How could you do this to me? Sister, please forgive me. I wouldn’t do that if Ning Que hadn’t forced me. Bastard! You this bastard! I raised you! You! Sister. You taught me all these things. I just poisoned the tea. But you dare to tamper the testamentary edict. Speaking of audacity, I’m a far cry from you. But… Sister, I need to thank you. Because of you, I could be the king of Tang State. Li Hunyuan, you are the king of Tang State. You represent the whole Tang State. You can’t… You can’t use such dirty tricks. to against the Academy. Why are you so kind to Ning Que? I know. You love him! That’s why you don’t want to marry again. You love him in your heart. I tell you what! You can’t beat me from today. Because… I am the king of Tang State. Ning Que. Ning Que. Finally, you fell in front of me. Aren’t you going to kill me? Come on! Mr. Thirteen, just get up and kill me. Sister, you never listen to me. You will listen to him no matter what I say. I should kill you if I know you will be like this. Sister, you are not only dare to tamper the testamentary edict, but also dare to kill the king. I am right. You’re much bolder than I am. I didn’t mean to kill you. But I heard exactly what you said. I just want to be a rich and carefree man. But you want me to be your pawn. Now, I am the king of Tang State. But he wants me to abdicate. You love him, right? Okay. I will help you! Hunyuan. Hunyuan, no! I will let you die together. And bury you together. Hunyuan. Hunyuan. Hunyuan. You can’t kill him. Now… He’s the only one who can protect the capital. He is the guardian of God-Startling Formation. Listen to me, please. Just listen to me. I am your sister. I am your sister. It’s because you are my sister. How could we get into this situation if we were just ordinary siblings. You! Bravo! Bravo! Aren’t you poisoned? Poisons? Speaking of poisons, I’m the most toxic person in the world. Don’t you know I was caught in Qi Deviation? How can I fall into this little trap? I knew you were here. And I knew there was something wrong with the tea. Then… I tell you what! My future life is up to me. I won’t give up the throne. Loser! You kill your own sister for the throne. Hunyuan. Hunyuan. No! No! Sister. Sister, help me! Sister. Sister, help me! Li Yu. I asked you to drink the tea is to make you get to know your little brother. How can he become a king like him? Sister, come on! Sister, I’m not trying to kill you. The antidote is ready. Sister, here! Okay. What had to be done was done. And we’ve talked about the old days as well. Now, you can go to die. Sister, help me! Ning Que. Ning Que. Please give him one more chance. Please give him one more chance. He is my little brother. He is my only relative in the world. Tomorrow! I’ll call a morning meeting tomorrow. Hunyuan will read out a confessed edict. Sister! I will confess too! I will confess everything! I will confess that testamentary edict is false. I will confess in the meeting. Please! I’m begging you! I’m begging you! Don’t kill him! He will give up the throne in the morning meeting tomorrow. See you tomorrow. Commander He, why don’t you take actions yet? What’s the situation now? Ning Que drunk the toxic wine. He is dying. Good. Everybody!=Zeng’s mansion=Are you guilty? Your Majesty. Queen Mother. It has been settled now. Let’s go home. Your Majesty, welcome home! Thank you, Mr. Thirteen. Mr. Thirteen. Thank you. We owe you. Dad. I’m back. But Sangsang… It’s good to have you back. It’s good to have you back. It’s enough. What’s this? Tears. Tears? It’s an emotion. I don’t like it. You’re still crying even though you don’t like it. Why am I crying? Because… You miss young master. You will cry when you miss somebody. More than that. People will cry when they are happy, when they are sad, and when they are angry. And they will also cry when they are anxious. This is ridiculous. Human beings always ask for troubles. Young master said… The meaning of life is to have more variety. A wonderful life is full of great happiness and sadness. Or there’s no different from a dead man. He will be a dead man soon. You can’t predict everything even if you are the Heavenly Maid. You even don’t know your own changes. What will happen to me? You will change by the moon. It’s going to be dark in the full moon. It’s going to be bright in the wane. What does it mean? It means… It influenced by Sage. The moon is Sage. And Sage is the moon. When your heart gets dark, just like tonight, you will cry. Here is the King of Tang! His Majesty is going to read the confessed edict in today’s morning meeting. I am too young to take the responsibility of nation. I can’t satisfy Haotian. And I let my people down. My people suffered because of the war. It was all my fault. Everybody, please forgive me. Your Majesty, why are you saying that? Your Majesty, why are you saying that? I am too young and too naive. I concentrated on my personal feelings rather than on politics. As a result, our cavalry with heavy armor die in Chengjing City. It was my fault. I apologize to all the Tang people. I am sorry for General Xian. I am sorry for General Xu. I have let my country down. I have let the cavalry with heavy armor down. I am so sorry. I am so sorry. Mr. Thirteen, I am wrong. I will follow the Academy’s instructions in the future. I will be a good king who is strict with himself. Li Hunyuan is my only little brother. As a sister, I’ll take the blame for what he did. I will give all the Tang people an account after the war is over. His Majesty will appoint Li Hupo, the Sixth Prince as Crown Brother. Mr. Thirteen, you can tell the Queen Mother about this later. You said you only have one little brother. In fact, you are wrong. You have another little brother. Your Majesty. You only have one little brother now. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Ning Que, you killed the king in public. How dare you! Guards! Imperial Guards! Shut up! Who I killed was Li Hunyuan, the Third Prince. He stole the throne. And now, Li Hunyuan is dead. And the previous king has only one son left. Only he can succeed to the throne. Your Highness, are you interested in the throne as well? How can we change our king so hasty? Mr. Thirteen, what you did today will certainly make the situation of Tang State more serious. Yeah. What should we do? You are so knowledgeable. But too overcautious and indecisive. I know. You are afraid of national disruption. You are afraid of civil strife. You are afraid of making choices will make the situation worse. But now, you don’t have to choose. You don’t have to be afraid. Because Tang State doesn’t have to make a choice again. # This life # # seems like a dream # # Watching the sun rise and set # # Chasing the sun which falls to the west # # There should # # be no tears on this journey # # Run toward the distance # # against the sandstorm # # Who has seen # # that beautiful evening # # Making tomorrow # # be your last journey # # Who has known # # how cruel this parting is # # Always alone # # Who has ever heard # # the sobbing wind # # Why is there # # regret in the eyes # # Who has known # # how touching the past is # # How should we retain the love # Mother, why are you so sad? I couldn’t calm down since I came back to the capital. Everything is different. These sights stir up my feelings. Mother, there is a question I always want to ask you. What? What father said when he knew who you were? He said nothing. I remembered that… He cooked his favorite sesamum indicum porridge at that time. I asked him… Why did you cook porridge? He said… Since you were here to kill me, I preferred to die when I was full. And then? Then… He married me. I became the queen of Tang State. Father is so broad-minded and unhurried. I feel ashamed. Kiddo, your father chose you to be the king. He must have taken a fancy to your character. Just remember that… No arrogant. Don’t underestimate your own capabilities. You won’t let your father down as long as you are conscientious and focus on the government affairs. Mother, don’t worry. I will be a responsible king. Good boy! Your Majesty, did you hear that? Kiddo… He won’t let you down. Kneel! Long live our King! Long live our King! Arise!

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  1. Li yu you are the reason your brother had to die smh and you used sang sang name to soften Ning que heart but sang did not make a mistake she did nothing that is why Ning que rather go against the world to protect her your brother is a bastard dumbass

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