ENG SUB【三生三世枕上书 Eternal Love of Dream】EP19 | 小九竟在封后大典前与叶青缇私奔!太大胆了

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 19 Your Majesty. Have you found anything? I have checked it out. There were no storytellers in the capital telling the story about the emperor and the beauty yesterday. You mean she cheated on me? It turns out that she knew nothing about my heart. I really don’t understand. Why does Your Majesty expend so much care and thought on Madam Jiu? Leave me alone. Yes, Your Majesty. Well, Your Majesty. General Ye has visited you today for several times. Do you… No. How is that? General Ye. His Majesty is extremely busy on the official affairs today. I’m afraid he has no time to see you. But the guard affairs in the palace are so heavy, I have a lot of emergencies to discuss with His Majesty. We can’t delay. General Ye. You really don’t know why His Majesty doesn’t want to see you? I think I don’t need to make it too clear. Do you think so? General Ye. Please go back. Good. It’s so good. I’ve given it to you. But what I asked you to do… Your Highness. The Emperor’s Tomb is not far from the palace. If only I get the Lingbi Stone, we can force him to give up the throne at that time. Your Highness, please rest assured. I will get all men you need ready for you. At that time we can work together. And then you can ascend to the throne and take the throne. Your Highness, there is only one step left. When will we take actions? Just wait and see. Wait for the moment. How is it? Let me go inside and have a look. As you wish. Do you want to drink? Mother. Why are you here? Ren’er. Look at you now. When will you stop behaving like this? Mother. Nowadays, voices of discontent are heard in the imperial harem. The court affairs are in mess. As the emperor, do you really want to lose yourself like this? Don’t you think you will let people in the world down? And you will let your late mother down? I know I am wrong. Ren’er. Your father and I had placed
high hopes on you since you were little. The future of State of Chengyu depends on you. You should not destroy the whole state because of your love for that woman. Do you understand? I… I understand. Ren’er. I have one thing to discuss with you. Please say it. Mother. The imperial harem is in chaos now. A imperial harem in good order
could help you deal with the official affairs. You are not young now. It’s time for you to choose a woman
having both ability and moral integrity as your empress to lead the harem and set an example. Empress? In ancient times, a good emperor
must have a good empress by his side. If the harem is in good order, the world will be peaceful. What do you think? I… I will think about your suggestion. I won’t say anything more. The last thing I want to remind you is that the empress of State of Chengyu should always come from a reputable family with a good background or a descendant of royal lineage. Those women with unknown origin shouldn’t have been qualified to enter the harem. So they won’t have the chance to be the empress. Well. I’m leaving. You think it over yourself. I will. Don’t drink too much. It’s not good for your health. Your Highness, why are you here relaxing yourself? Something big is going to happen in the imperial harem. What is it? I went to the Funing Palace and a servant girl of Madam Ying told me that the His Majesty is going to have a empress. Madam Ying has been summoned by Her Majesty just now. Empress? Yeah. Your Highness. His Majesty hasn’t been here for days. It is a good chance for us this time. You go and ask His Majesty what on earth his plan is. Whatever happens, You will make some efforts. For what? I have no final say, don’t I? Why are you here? I saw you were depressed under the moon in the heaven, so I come here to see you. You come here to laugh at me, don’t you? I know well about your feeling. Do you think it’s weird? He’s already decided to have a empress. I should feel happy for him. Yeah. He loves you, but can’t have you. So he shifts his love to another woman. It could be called a romance misfortune. You should feel happy. But I don’t feel happy at all. Last time, Qingti and I ran out secretly. He should know that. He’d better know that. But since then, he has never visited me. We are drifting apart finally. Today I saw that script. There is a sentence which can exactly describe my feeling now. Which one? All my efforts have been wasted, I really regret to see him. Cheng Yu. Do you know whom he will choose to be his empress? Is it Madam Ying or Madam Yuan? Or Madam Ye? Madam Ying was born from a prominent family and Her Majesty likes her very much. So I think it would be her. As for Madam Yuan, she often copies scriptures, it seems like that she is boring. As for Madam Ye, she is always competing with me, but fails all the time. Cheng Yu. Which one do you think he will choose as his empress? I think as long as he won’t choose you, anyone is the best one. Yeah. As long as he won’t choose me, anyone would be fine. You are in good mood today. It seems that Your Majesty have made up your mind. If so, Her Majesty will rest assured. Stop talking. Okay. It’s a big event. His Majesty is here! Long live Your Majesty. On your feet, everyone. Her Majesty once mentioned about choosing a empress for me. And you all have your own suggestions. I’ve thought it over and today I will tell you my decision. Come. Your Majesty. Read the edict. Your Majesty. Read it. I’ve heard that if the heaven and the earth
stay the same, everything will not go well. If Yin and Yang don’t change, everything will not flourish. Madam Bai is gentle and meek since her childhood. She is wise and able,
and behaves according to the Classic of Rites. She speaks according to historical experience,
and has a kindly face and good behaviors. I think she is the suitable person to be the empress. So I’ve made up my mind to take her as my empress. I have ordered people to choose a good day to hold the ceremony on the eighth day of the eighth lunar month. This is my order. Your Majesty, please forgive my plain speaking. How can you choose Madam Jiu as your empress? Your Majesty, Madam Jiu’s identity is not clear, it is improper to keep her in the palace. There are so many madams who are honorable than her in the palace. I want to ask you how she could
set a good example for the world people, and how she could make all people obey her? This is a big joke, isn’t it? Your Majesty, since Madam Jiu lives in the palace,
rumors have been spreading everywhere. Moreover, rumors have it that she is a demon. I’m afraid she would get the State of Chengyu into big troubles. Your Majesty, if you insist, I’m afraid it may cause disturbance of the State
and the world would be in chaos. I hope you can think it over. Your Majesty. You always govern the world with your kindness and wisdom. This is a big event, but you didn’t ask for our advice and directly issue the order, I think it’s not reasonable or proper for you to do it like this. Today, I venture to talk about this event. I hope Your Majesty could think twice
before you make the decision. Think twice, Your Majesty. Well. Have you all finished it? Anyone wants to express his opinions? General Ye. Do you have anything to say? I have nothing to say. You are a weird man. Don’t you see that they all go against me? Will you do that? I agree with you. Fine. On your feet. Rise. I’ve made up my mind. You should know it today. I will hold the ceremony
on the eighth day of the next lunar month. It is a big event. I hope everyone of you could do your job well. As for every detail of the ceremony, I will decide it on my own. You all leave now. Your Majesty, see you. Ridiculous! So ridiculous! Your Majesty, please calm down. Go. Get him here. I want to see what he would say. – As you wish. – His Majesty is here! Mother. Don’t call me mother. I am not qualified to have such a promising son as you. Mother. I have made the decision myself today. I hope you can forgive me. But about this event, I didn’t do it at free will. I have thought it twice. What? You chose her as the empress and say that you have thought it over? Yes. Let me ask you. Who is she? She is an ordinary woman. Just an ordinary woman. Yeah. She once saved you. But that couldn’t be the reason that you do what you wish without restraint and disobey rules! I think Bai Xiaojiu’s identity is not clear, and she must be an evil woman with no good family background. She went inside the palace and got close to you on purpose. Haven’t you heard those rumors? I’ve heard some. But Xiaojiu is pure and kind, she and I love each other. You ignore the official affairs and the state affairs, and even other concubines. Fine! Now I finally figure out a way to choose a empress for you. But you just directly issued your order and you don’t care to go against all officials and you don’t care to go against me. If she is pure and kind, it is simply the biggest joke in the world. Mother. You must get her wrong. I have nothing to explain. But in my heart, she is the most suitable woman. I didn’t discuss it with the officials and directly issued the order, because I have to stand on my ground to make her the empress. Why? Because she is the only woman in my heart. And there is one more thing that I haven’t mentioned to you. I have taken Xiaojiu to see the Lingbi Stone. Lingbi Stone has magical reaction on her. I believe that God asks Xiaojiu to help me protect the Lingbi Stone. Xiaojiu, have a try. I dare not. Only Your Majesty can touch it. How dare I? Certainly you can, since I allow you. Have a try. How could it be that? Yeah. This is indeed a serious matter. I don’t dare to lie to you. Such being the case, you go back to your palace first. Well, do you agree? I… Thank you, mother. The Lingbi Stone… Is he out of his mind? He even chose me as the empress. Muyun. Do you know why His Majesty chose me as the empress? I have no idea, I only know that I have to put all rewards from His Majesty in order today. His Majesty likes you so much, you will get more and more rewards in the future. I’m afraid I will have no enough time to put them in order. Your Highness, do you think the happiness comes from heaven and you just can’t accept it, right? To be honest, nobody would accept it. When I got up today, I saw these rewards lining up in a long queue. Your Highness, in my whole life… no, no, no, in my next life I will never have the chance
to see so many rewards. Moreover, do you know how His Majesty did it? I’ve heard about it. He never discussed it with the officials. He just directly issued the edict. The officials were stunned. Your Highness, His Majesty falls deeply in love with you. It happens once in hundreds of years in the State of Chengyu. Crap! The efforts I made before were in vain. Your Highness, do you know that? Because of you, all servants in the Yue Hua Palace have got rewards and our monthly salary has been increased a lot. I represent other servants to thank Your Majesty. Alright. Don’t kneel down. Your Majesty. Don’t you feel happy to be the empress? No, I don’t. I am very happy. That would be fine. Your Majesty, this is the reward list. Your Majesty, did you have a good sleep last night? I didn’t sleep well for the whole night because I felt so happy for you. But it’s so weird. Why hasn’t His Majesty come to see you? It’s not early now. You are now the emperor and the empress, you should show your love to each other. Your Majesty, how about we going to the Muning Hall tonight? Muyun, leave me alone. I want to enjoy the flowers alone. As you wish. I never expected that it’s only been several days, and it has been like this. Yeah. I never expected that. Sorry, Xiaojiu. I don’t know what to say. I even don’t know if I should congratulate you. On the position that I shouldn’t be, I don’t know what will happen in the future. So it’s too early to say that. Are you happy? I should be happy, shouldn’t I? But… If you don’t feel happy, please tell me. Do you have any plan to help me escape from all these things? Don’t be silly. Xiaojiu. I’ve always had some words for you. I’ve written it down. Xiaojiu. I’ve heard that you have been promoted as the empress. I feel like I’ve lost something and feel absentminded. I shed tears and wet my clothes. I force myself to smile but feel so sad. I feel pity that I’ve lost you. I regret for the decision I made that year. Because of that, you have to stay in the palace and feel depressed everyday. Today I write to you and want you to know that someday if you want to leave the palace, I will follow you wherever you go. I will keep your company every day and night till death. It finally showed up. You scared me! Si Ming. What showed up? A chance. This letter from Ye Qingti is your chance. Si Ming, I’m telling you. His Majesty treats me well now. I am considering if he continues treating me like this, when will the romance misfortune complete. I didn’t expect that His Majesty just puts down his dignity as the emperor. But Ye Qingti really likes you. Maybe it’s a good chance for you
to experience the romance misfortune. What do you mean? I thought Song Xuanren would forget you and chose other woman as the empress. And then the romance misfortune could be completed. But now Emperor Dong Hua has no enough time. And you have less time now. I know what you mean. But… But His Majesty… What’s more, originally Ye Qingti has nothing to do with it. Moreover, Zhou Mengxi didn’t get others involved, did she? But he has been got involved in it. When you changed the romance misfortune that Zhou Mengxi should suffer, everything will change with it. Zhou Mengxi was alone and helpless for her whole life. She led a miserable life in the palace. She didn’t love Song Xuanren, but had to deal with Song Xuanren’s affection on her, but you always respond Song Xuanren with true love. It causes the changes of
the romance misfortune of Emperor Dong Hua and that he can’t recover his cultivation for so long a time. Your Highness. Your Majesty. His Majesty arrives. Your Majesty. Why are you here? I just told Muyun that I wanted to visit you. I miss you. You miss me, don’t you? Are you scared? Why? I didn’t do it well before which made you upset. In the future, you don’t need to be afraid. In the palace, my love for you is the most powerful weapon for you. You can use it at your free will. You can do whatever you want to do. I believe that one day you will entrust me. Your Majesty, if I don’t make up my mind now, it would be more complicated. Please don’t blame me. Why haven’t they finished the three long gowns I asked them to make last month? Go ask them. Your Highness. I have urged them. But they don’t have enough people to make them. They are busy making the clothing for the Crowning Ceremony. We really have no idea. There are so many embroidery maids in the palace. They don’t need all of them to make the clothing for the empress. It’s obvious that they put me off. Go urge them again. I’ve heard that the ceremony is the unprecedented big event in the palace. I’ve been told that they will make one ceremonial dress, nine brocade clothing, three phoenix coronets, one snow weasel fur, one sky horse fur and one pelt fur. His Majesty said that all concubines and officials would be presented with fine clothes to participate in the ceremony. Alright. Stop it! Leave me alone. As you wish. Your Highness. What’s wrong again? Someone told me that he found the letter out of the door. Give it to me. You can leave now. As you wish. Why do you ask me here? Your Highness. I went back to the State of Chong’an to deploy forces. We’ve got ready. Now, we just need you to find a proper chance. Then we can work together and make it. What do you want me to do? You can find a chance and ask your people to open the gate for me. My people can go inside the city and make troubles. And then we look one way and row another,
and then attack the Emperor’s Tomb. At that time, we can kill two birds with one stone. I can take back the Lingbi Stone. And His Majesty will die of the internal disorder. No one will doubt it’s you who did it. And then Your Highness can succeed to the throne. I really have one good chance. What is it? On the eighth day of this month, when the Crowning Ceremony for the empress is held in the palace, maids in the palace at that time will keep the empress’s company to go out of the palace and worship the heaven and earth. Imperial bodyguards will keep
the company of His Majesty and Her Majesty to leave the palace. Maybe it’s a good chance. That’s so good. Your Highness. Will General Ye leave the palace? Do you also know Ye Qingti? When I was in the State of Chong’an, I’ve heard about him. I heard that he is brave and skillful in warfare. If he stays in the palace, our plan will be influenced. If he doesn’t, that would be fine. During this period of time, Mang will protect you by your side and pass messages for us. You only need to seize the chance. General. Do you want to try this new clothes on? It is no different from the former ones. It’s so different. Her Majesty is so kind that we all have new clothes to wear on her Crowning Ceremony. The ceremony is going to be held tomorrow. You’d better try it on in advance. Alright. Leave me alone. You all, leave me alone. As you wish. You are so gorgeous. It’s too magnificent. This is the ceremonial robe for the Crowning Ceremony. For my empress, the more magnificent the better. As for me, it’s not just a Crowning Ceremony for the empress, it’s our marriage ceremony. This ceremonial robe is not only for the empress but also for our marriage. I want you to have the most beautiful and most unforgettable ceremony. After tomorrow, you will be the empress of State of Chengyu and we are going to have a new life. What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying? You won’t look beautiful if your eyes are swollen. Alright. Sorry. Your Majesty. Sorry. Hurry. You can’t miss the time. Your Majesty. Your Majesty, wake up. Get up now! You should set out. Your Majesty. Today is a big day. We can’t miss the time. Your Majesty. Her Majesty… Her Majesty is missing. What? Ren’er. Mother. Look at you! Just wait quietly! Sit. Well, I am short-tempered. Xiaojiu is late. It’s probably that she feels nervous to meet you for the first time as the empress. Look at you! I didn’t say anything. Why are you so worried? Yeah. Has my empress arrived? Your Majesties. Bad news. Her Majesty… What happened? Her Majesty is missing. What do you mean? People from the Yue Hua Palace reported that Her Majesty was missing in the early morning. What are you waiting for? Ask Ye Qingti to send the Imperial Guards to find her back. Well… What are you waiting for? Go! General Ye is missing too. Search now! – Yes. – Yes. General, we found some letters. You can leave now. Yes. Xiaojiu. I’ve heard that you have been promoted as the empress. I feel like I’ve lost something and feel absentminded. Today I write to you and want you to know that someday if you can leave the palace, I will follow you wherever you go. I will keep your company every day and night till death. I don’t want to go to the Crowning Ceremony the day after tomorrow. I have some difficulties that I can’t tell you. Please take me away. You are trapped in the palace, it’s my mistake. If you want to leave the palace, I will leave it with you till death. At 3 a.m. on the eighth day, I will wait for you in the gravel corridor outside the palace. I’ve got everything prepared. Your Highness. You can’t burn it. What are you doing, Si Ming? Si Ming, you… If only he knows the two of you have feelings for each other, he would give it up. But if so, Ye Qingti may get hurt. Now that he has made his choice, he won’t care about life and death to keep your company. Go after them. Even you have to go to the remotest corners, you will take them back. Yes!

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