Get apart He’s getting out hold on stay inside. There’s cars Yeah, now he’s good. Yeah, the whole right side of his car looks like he’s sideswipe something both of his tires are flat You’re on the right side Yeah Don’t I can’t see inside? follow rapper and a gamer and a drummer on insta Missus stands hold on he’s getting out of the car I understand I understand come to the shoulder man come to the shoulder. I think he’s drunk Yeah, he’s very gentle um to the shoulder man come to the shoulder Yeah, but you’re in the middle of the fray come on come to the shoulder man and if that come to the shoulder dude we’ll triple this come you need to get out of the freeway now What are you? I’m trying to help you Come on, man. You’re drunk. Dude. Come on. do you smell like alcohol? Stay in your car then stay in your car He’s standing outside the vehicle in the middle of the freeway in between both lanes This is the freeway get in your car, I Understand I understand oh my God. I’m not gonna let him die though Yeah All of his site airbags are off they blew up He’s really drunk. You can smell
alcohol on him big time. No. He just looks really drunk. Turn on your lights! dude stay in your car police come in order you need to Turn on the light, so the other cars don’t hit you triplet is coming over. I understand, but you’re the cars You’re gonna get somebody else killed man turn on the emergency lights This is the middle of the Freeway I Mean are you stupid or what? Oh my God dude turn on your emergency lights, please some somebody doesn’t hit your car None of them are on right now Yeah, he’s ridiculously drunk. I Send you there you go Yeah, love in a situation company with yeah tripoli is coming man. Yeah, just hang out they’re coming they’re on their way What is the problem no just cuz your lights are off? But yeah, you see. How cars are coming. Just hanging out over here mate. I was just word for you Yeah, yeah, I understand All right, miss we’ll be here Huh, you don’t have to feed you know I call triple-a for you you I called Tripoli for you Okay, okay, so don’t worry about it. Yeah. Yeah, I understand. I’m gonna wait here, then make sure Just don’t worry about it. Just go okay Well my my car I Had people leave they come and pick me up and everything oh, I’m waiting here too for what? For my motorcycle to relax because it got overheated wait coming I? Pulled off, and I mess up my tire. I’m waiting for Triple-A to Huh? Yeah, what did you hit? Who did you hit? Yeah okay, your car. It’s all hit right there, man Listen like this for the last 10 years. It’s been like that for ten years. Yes, so don’t worry about it What about your tires don’t worry about it? man Okay, let’s get a flag Don’t worry about it Are you sure? It’s okay? You’re not junk because your cars in the middle of the freeway that’s okay don’t worry look at you my cars on the side, okay? Don’t worry about it They’re just word because of your rim No, well it almost hit me that’s okay. Did I hit you it almost hit me you’re putting in danger Okay In life, there’s not almost or nothing. I understand look it hit another car. I know that’s your t-shirt part I Have to check okay, I’m going to get out Relax, relax, relax, he’s gonna help you Okay That this is your bar d*mn twitch whoa Yeah, whoa? Oh my God yo week week. We got a stop. We got our knob he doesn’t curb row That was scariest man my bike stop Look, I know Were you at? I’m behind you we have to stop what happened? Use your words You know pull over d*mn I know you know you need to let go my backpack right now. You need to wreak on my backpack now I know you know no he has nothing to do with me. Okay. Just because I’m riding there’s Matt He’s pulling over right there, okay pull over over there. We’ll get it sorted out. I Never tried to pull my backpack pull me off my bike and wreck me Jesus Christ, do you freaking kidding me? first Which Where are you at, Jake? right off contacted My try to pull me off. My bike dude. You kidding me Do you just try to Fricking yank me off? My bike dude. I’d nothing to do with that What’s your problem man? Okay? Don’t pull other bikers though. Don’t pull other bikers though What don’t pull other bikers he had nothing to do with it? Okay? you hit the car. I do not hit the car I didn’t hit the car You don’t fricking pull on somebody else when had nothing involved he almost got me Ripped it you almost ripped me off. My bike dude ah You almost ripped me off my bike and then it be another accident. I mean your fricking fault oh Bullsh*t don’t ever touch me don’t ever touch me ah don’t touch me Get away from me. Huh get away from me. Have to get away from me three of you what? Longer we’re not Gonna fight you dude just go away not even there, but you just go away He wasn’t riding when I touched him Okay, but you don’t you don’t need to touch anyone it’s fine We’re not going to take off we were getting out of the point freak you’re kidding me dude You know this guy’s got some balls on video. I was right next I got on video too. It’s recording right? Yeah motherf*cker Yeah, let’s go over there. Let’s go make sure that they’re all right I Have a bad feeling start sh*t over here Yeah, I have it on I was sitting in the back I saw your anus, okay play the video the video what the he*l are you taking a jacket off for man? you hit the car wow nobody Nobody hit if a bike hits a car. It’s not going to right away darling. I’m gonna Scream. You touch me again Where you need to go? Me go, I’ll get out of your deal you need to leave All right, don’t worry about police off don’t worry about the One Egg, I want one he’s impersonating a police officer a first officer. That’s a good idea Oh, and he’s got it on recording, bro Where’s the damage on the car? Yeah show us the damage first on the car? I don’t see any damage Why are you being so childish dude? It’s way the f*ck down there What he hit a f*cking curb bro we all have it on film Are you okay, though? All right, man. Just stop talking no one f*cking cares what you have to say. I hit the cool Yeah, end. It up up on my tank. I know I saw that Here Mike. I’ll burn your vocal cord. Rope. Go the f*ck over there. I have better problems right now bi*ch, no You got bigger sh*t to worry about right now Over there, well they need to bring it over here. Oh, we had one waiter would There just shut the f*ck up. There’s a chance for that Hey, buddy. I’ll go look at the damage for you, okay. I’ll get it on my camera All right, just shut the f*ck up no one cares what you have to f*cking say Oh, yes a dude He came to see him And I just let their home dog. I guess no he’s still over here He’s bickering and everything say hi to YouTube bi*ch all right, Jake Yeah, I did. be safe you too man good Yeah, I’m good All right Be careful man. yeah you think I finally get the ride and you f*ck it up bye man take it easy see you brother Gonna meet you bro. We’ll see you around man, I Just I took off. It was like wait. Okay. I think that’ll be on YouTube

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