Driving Through the Worst Potholes in 4K Slow Motion – See Through Car (S1 • E1)

Welcome back to Warped Perception. I got the idea to do this from the previous
videos I’ve done. See through engine. And the see-through model rocket engine. I had the idea to get a car. And remove as much of the exterior as possible. To reveal the suspension. Drivetrain. And Chassis. Then I’m going to put the car through a few
extreme tests. And see what we get. I think it’s going to be really cool. And I think we’re going to learn something. First thing I need is a car. My friends at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago. For this episode were nice enough. To give me this car right here. But not everything is perfect with this car. Apparently it has already seen its day. I have to make any necessary repairs. Because. This car is about to take a beating. According to the repair order. This car has two broken front Springs. And ironically 4 bad shock absorbers. Got to make sure we have enough windshield
washer fluid in here for the road. This car has been sitting here for two years. Looks like we have an episode to make. Are you ready to strip down a Mercedes?. Yes. No we got the car all cleaned up. Ready to take it to the garage. Aright so it looks like I didn’t make it
all the way. This thing started overheating. Somebody took the radiator hose off of it. Oh well let’s go get some antifreeze. Good thing we’re really close to Fletcher
Jones. Let’s get this radiator hose plugged up. We got the antifreeze. Get this antifreeze in there. Temperature looks good it’s going down. Alrighty we got the car up. Let’s do our preliminary inspection. yeah something’s not right in there. Yeah so that spring is definitely broken. The piece is still in there. All we have to do is take this apart. And get some new Springs in there. And We’re ready to go. Alright there’s our Springs. I just want to make sure all of these covers
are fastened down properly. Before this thing hits the road. And ready. Oh yeah ready to hit the road. Now that we got that all fixed. Before I strip it down. I’m going to take the car to our location. See how it likes the terrain. And the get a couple shots of it in its complete
form. We are here at the location. And we’re going to see just how much. This Mercedes-Benz E-class likes this street. Alright so it looks like after that one puny
run. Our car is overheating. I think this has something to do with it here. im thinking this Tube that goes between here and here. Must be part of the cooling system. Because it’s overheating. so What I did is. I went to Home Depot. And got this. And a few fittings. And I’m just going to outfit this with a. A piece of tubing. This brass nipple. This hose right here. I’m going to put a brass nipple right in here
in this water neck. And a brass nipple in this cooling Reservoir. Then I’m just going to connect the hose in
between the two. And yeah I think we’re set we’re ready to
go. We have now arrived at one of the most exciting
parts of our episode. It’s time to expose the inner workings of
the Beast. This is got to be one of the top three craziest
ideas. I’ve had yet. Most of these things I do on my own. But in this case. I need some help. Alright the whole thing comes off. Go carry it Let’s go. Ready go all right. Now for this next test. I’m not going to run the length of the street. I’m just going to hit one pothole. And one particular pothole. This one right here. I saw this one a mile away. This one is about eight or nine inches deep. I’m going to try to hit this at about
20 miles per hour. I think this is going to give us a great demonstration. Of how the suspension components work in unison. I don’t think that at first we’re going to
get in the upward Force. We’re going to kind of get some lateral force
in there. And see how the suspension components deal. With all of that shock. And what they do with that energy. So that’s what we’re going to do so let’s
go. Okay so that was a little slow for my preference. I got a little scared. I thought the tire might pop. And then I realized that this is a Mercedes. That being said that last run was at about
10 miles an hour. I’m going to jack this one up to about 20
or 25 miles per hour. I think we’re going to see some serious. Some type of movement or something cool happening. Now that I got that pothole run all done. I’m just going to have fun with it. I’m thinking I’m going to try to get this
car airborne. And the way I’m going to do that Is. After looking at the street. I realize that there’s like a ramp right here. If I drive in the opposite direction that
I’ve been driving. Which is going to be South instead of North. I think I’ll be able to catch some air. I’m just a little bit worried because. I don’t want to bust up our air conditioning
condenser. Or bust up our radiator. Because our air conditioning condenser is
in such good condition as it is. And yeah that’s what I’m going to do. Keep your fingers crossed. And hope that I get air. Alright so I shut it off right away. I have some really crazy engine vibration. I’m going to take a look and inspect the damage. Let’s look inside there. And it looks like I bent the whole subframe. Up about 4 to 5 about 4 inches. Our whole radiator support has moved inward. So our radiator is kind of tilted now. I don’t know over here. I don’t know if you can see that line right
there. Busted line hopefully that’s not a power steering
line. Oh no you know what. That’s our AC line okay that’s fine. Well the good news is that our radiator isn’t
leaking. The radiator is still intact. Which means that the car is still in good. Decent running condition. But I think that’s all of this street that
this car is going to see. I don’t think it will take another run. Since we really bent that subframe badly. And yeah that’s about it. That concludes episode 1 of our See through
Car Series. But don’t you worry episode 2 is coming up
right after this one. I am excited to see what the limit of this
car is. And just how much I can take before it breaks. I’m going to be pushing this car harder and
faster in every episode. So make sure you subscribe. And look out for those episodes. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. Chao Chao.

100 thoughts on “Driving Through the Worst Potholes in 4K Slow Motion – See Through Car (S1 • E1)

  1. It looks like the comments are full of people who think that car was legal to drive on the road. He said it was going to the crusher for legal reasons. Y'all need to pay more attention to his video.

  2. Against Pothole which type of suspension is the best : IFS + IRS, Air Suspensions (like MB Airmatic), both together ??

  3. Is it really representative of how a suspension works when you said at the beginning that the car's springs are shot?

  4. You would think that the law would change to crush perfectly good cars. The carbon footprint to make that car from new is horrendous. I am a great believer in maintaining and fixing my own car that is 20 years old instead of buying a new one every 3 years. These so called green people who buy hybrids or 100% electric cars every 2-3 years create more of a carbon footprint than keeping and maintaining an older car. The air miles to make these parts for a hybrid/electric car have to be sourced all over the world to be assembled at the factory and then exported to different countries and do they realise how the electricity is produced to charge them up. Most power stations are nuclear,coal or by burning waste to create energy. Some are hydro or use solar technology but not many. The funniest thing i have seen is where there's not enough charging points so the owner gets out his petrol generator to charge up his electric car, what a load of bollocks.

  5. Notice the C-pillar at 10:52, and then watch the car as the video continues. Notice anything?

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  9. All those parts you chucked in the corner and ripped off the car like a gorilla were worth at least a few hundred. And those are $200+ headlights for the pair.

  10. Tengo un bmw 323i soy de guatemala y paso de esos baches todos los días a 80km por galon y el carro está nitido

  11. I'm just wondering how many trial and errors you have had with the mercedes. Was it the sameone throughout the video or you're playing tricks on us? The taken off right quarter panel appears as the car lands… that's not good. At least you should've mentioned it earlier.

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  14. So, you wanted to see the suspension take the hit with that pothole. Why didn't you film the suspension? This way the only thing visible is the wheel moving. You are just f*cking around. That's all you did, and I like it!

  15. its stupid and sad. you destroyed a car and thats all. I didnt see anything interesting about susspension in this film , just demolution. I remind You that in lot of countries, people work hard to get that kind of old mercedes. . But we have times that instead be gratefull for everything, people need more and more. I'm greatfull for my mercedes, even when its old. And I never thought about destroying any goods, well maybe when I was 15. even when car goes to cruscher there is a lot parts in it to reinstall in other mercedes. Here in Europe we do that. what a waste and not respect for goods .

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