100 thoughts on “Dr. Phil To Guest: ‘What Is It That You Are So Angry About?’

  1. He has a energy in him like he is seeking for some kind of attention. I think he wants help. But he is stuck in this battle where he doesn’t like himself and he finds it easier to hide in alcohol. Quitting can be extremely difficult but you can’t move forward until you throw that bottle away.

  2. He’s never going to put a single creature before himself. If he gets better it’s so that he can buy himself a motorcycle. That’s the trademark of a narcissist. And that lady is an idiot who’s going to have her children taken away from her for putting them in harms way. By allowing her children to see and know what what an alcoholic is, she’s now engrained that into their brains. She’s a literal idiot.

  3. I don't feel bad. Life isn't like movies, don't pick fights with multiple people. 9 X's outta 10 you won't win. I have a feeling this man has quite the mouth on him.

  4. Mike is 110% right. This guy doesn't want to get sober. When someone really wants sobriety, they're desperate for it. He doesn't want things to change, he likes his life. He just wants the woman to shut up about it.

  5. Why don't u help him get off the attempted murder of his parents like u do yesterday is it cuz it's not a blonde girl

  6. That woman has no pride of self esteem to be with someone like him. She doesn't care about herself or her children either to leave them in that situation. They guy is a selfish loser. He refused to grow up and the girlfriend is an enabler.

  7. Notice how what he cared about most in the first bit was that he couldn’t go back to his neighborhood bar. Not the agony it probably caused his family.

  8. So he’s taking all of his failures in life and making everyone around him pay for it 😒 sounds just like a typical alcoholic/drug addict.

  9. Coach Mike Bayer really gets to the point! He'll be able to help the alcoholic, but the fiance and BOTH parents need help and guidance too.

  10. Addiction… you put whatever it is before anything and everything else. Half measures availded us nothing. Admitting you have a problem is the 1st step.

  11. The streets will ALWAYS hand your azz to you! If you don.t know how to behave and are a jerk…someone will put you in your place…. which is why he ended up in the hospital.

  12. You can't change an alcoholic. Period. You get to decide if that's what you want
    for the rest of your days. Remember how long it is and how much of your life is .

  13. The 3 year old is going to learn to be like her mother, and choose a man like her father. If knowing that doesn't make them change, I don't know what will.

  14. Wow, he regrets the bar fight because it was the closest bar to his house and since he can't go back there, he's inconvenienced by having a longer commute to get to a bar

  15. Besides the anger part I relate way to much instead of alcohol it's opiate addiction fortunately I've straighten up but the part about never going all in hits me hard damn

  16. I believe he’s angry because he’s brain damaged. It’s like a simpleton whacking his head against a wall. Unfortunately, anyone can have kids. We can’t prevent that.

  17. If someone tells you who they are, LISTEN. He has told her repeatedly through words and deeds that he is not marriage material. She should have been gone ages ago.

  18. This guy doesn't need a life coach. He needs a qualified therapist to assist him with his anger and addiction issues, which are often deeply rooted in childhood hurt.

  19. Bartenders aren't what they used to be. They're bullies that don't have the character to actually be a bully unless their job dictates them to.

  20. i honestly feel so bad for this guy i know he’s angry and isn’t making the best decisions but he just needs someone to actually care about his wellbeing and helping him instead of this guy making him feel even worse

  21. As a bartender.. I get worried every time I have to cut somebody off for this reason. You never know if the person is a ticking time bomb or not

  22. She's not really taking responsibility for her Orr in creating a healthy environment for her daughter. She's too busy relating to this broken man to put the baby girl first. If she's not going to leave this guy for herself, she at least has the responsibility to her baby. Nothing about being around this toxic man is good for that child.

  23. I'm a little annoyed that it's still ALL about him. How about help for the 'fiance' and child, who he has beaten down, insulted and faked loved.. prepare them for when he bails on rehab. Bet he will. Then it will be much worse for them.. something else for him to be MAD about.

  24. To be honest, I think most issues in Dr.Phil show could be figured out by one simple solution – send them to Syria for a couple of months

  25. Once upon a time, the minister reported to the emperor: there's starvation in poverty my highness, they don't have bread. Then the emperor asked: no bread? Why they don't get steak to eat? – so do most guests in Dr. Phil show

  26. I'll be a life coach. Just pay me all your money so you can stay impoverished while I pretend to help you and get rich and have a better life..

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