100 thoughts on “Doublevision (Part 1) Intellivision – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

  1. My cousins had intellevision, I had Atari 2600… some of the intellevision games were pretty fun and graphically superior to Atari, but damn did those controllers suck bad

  2. this was more of a toy then a video game i feel

    most pre-nes stone age consoles feel like that… they're just so simple

  3. Unfortunately the thumbnail links at the end of the video covered the edited timer gag. They kind off ruined many videos or just block most of what's going on. And it's too bad because i love avgn since the Screwatrack and gametrailers day and those re-upload have this tiny but noticeable and recurring problem.

  4. I adore how this video is 10+ years old and people are still amused by a simple phrase enough to write their version of it 9000 times. Gold star everybody 10/10

  5. Man, I was really impressed with the Intellivision when it came out. It was really pretty impressive in a lot of ways, compared to the Atari 2600. I was King Shit in the neighborhood when I got it for Christmas.

  6. Baseball on intellivision was uniquely good. It actually made great use of the number pad. Since in baseball there are 9 players each number was a player…ie 1=pitcher 2= catcher 3=1B etc… it took some practice but that's what made it fun. The steep learning curve really made for a game where skill was rewarded.

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