‘Don’t Sacrifice Quality’ Stress Test | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

So, last night
I saw major problems with the way that you guys
were serving drinks. They didn’t look good,
they didn’t taste good,
people were sending them back. So, we’re gonna start
with the basics. Will, let’s try
to make the Old Fashioned.
Why don’t you get back here? Why don’t you talk out
what you’re doing? Ounce of simple syrup.
Was I right on that? No. We’re gonna start
with the bitters. – So just a one count
we’re gonna do.
– All right. – Ounce of simple syrup.
– Quarter ounce. – Quarter ounce.
– What’s next? Then next would be– – It’s my whiskey.
– Your whiskey. How many counts
are we doing here? – Uh, three counts. One.
– No. – Nope.
– Five. – That would be six.
– Four. – Six. Six.
– Six. Six. Okay, so moving on. Four, five, six, eight. Ice all the way to the top. Use a spoon to give it
just a little stir,
so that you’re mixing it. Okay, we’re gonna work
on that in a little bit. Next would be
expressing my orange peel – and then putting it
in like that.
– Okay. – Beautiful.
– Thank you so much. Much better than
what went out last night. I’ve been bartending off and on
for about four years and I’ve never had any
professional training at all.A lot of times
when I make drinks,
I’m winging it.
Learning from Amy,
it’s exciting. I’m finally getting someone
to teach me how to make
this stuff right. Are you excited that
you had your first training – in this bar ever?
– Yeah, it was kind of fun. Okay, great.
Do you feel a little more
prepared for tonight? – I do, yeah.
– Yes. – Okay, great.
– Vic: Hello, everyone. Last night we had some issues. You’ve been cooking
for a long time.
Food goes out raw. Sometimes we’re
set in our ways. It’s just something
that happened. And that’s why
I want to get past all
that junk with you, man. We’re gonna do some
nice chicken sates with
a little bit of a slaw. I got three jerk coated
chicken tenders. We soak our sticks 24 hours.
I’m oiling them up, and you’re gonna lay
your chickens down on a bias, because I want to put,
like, a nice line on ’em. We’re gonna use
a carrot green onion slaw. So, a good amount of carrots,
a good amount of green onions. A little shot
of sweet chili sauce. A little bit
of salt and pepper.
Give it a nice toss. And then we’re gonna
finish it off with some wasabi and regular white
sesame seeds. – Mmm.
– Yeah. Guys, we got some prep to do. We gotta get ready
for the stress test. It’s gonna get
very hot in here. If you thought
I was sweating, you haven’t seen nothing yet. I feel good about
going in tonight. I mean, I think I got it.I’m gonna try
and not make it raw.
I’m gonna try and knock
tonight out of the park. Hey, buddy. Mark and Ozzie
have let themselves down by letting the quality standards
in their bar down. Can you grab Ozzie for me
for a second? I just want
the three of us to talk. They’re never going to
get to their dreams if they don’t have
consistency and quality in the products they sell. Tonight is all about quality. I am really focused on making
you quality control – to create standards for us.
– Okay. Every plate looks the same.
Every drink looks the same. They put speed before quality,
that’s when we get screwed. So, you’re focused
on drinks behind the bar. – Got it.
– You’re focused on the kitchen. And bounce back and forth. I want you
to look at the food,
look at everything. – Make sense?
– Yes, it does. – Thank you so much.
– Okay, great. Hi, guys. Hi! Come on in. How’s it going, guys? Hello! Here’s the menu. – The teriyaki burger.
Anything else?
– Nope, that’s it. Have we looked over the menu?
Are we ready? Vic: Okay, here we go.
We know what that sound means. Orders rolling in. Already don’t like
this broiler. – Have you guys
ordered drinks yet?
– We had two sliders… So we’re right in front
of the bartender.
Let’s get these drinks in. Have your tables gotten drinks? Um, no, none of my tables
have gotten drinks yet. Jon: See, we gotta
get drinks to tables. Where are all
the service tickets? – Uh, right here.
– Will. – Sir?
– Can you help us
with some of these? We’re really behind
on tickets. None of these tables
are getting drinks. Still waiting on drinks.
Got it. – 12 Hibiscus.
– 12, there we go. – You were about to make one.
– Yes, ma’am. – So you need a lot
of mixing glasses, right?
– A lot of mixing glasses. – How we doing?
– Vic: Jon, check this out. Tickets are flying in. Is that as busy
as we’ve ever been, Frank? – Yes, sir.
– Okay. Take a deep breath. – Just plow through it, okay?
– I’ll try, sir. – Quality, guys. Quality.
– Kayla, are these Mona’s? Uh, yes, that’s all Mona. – Are you getting
drinks to your tables?
– No, I’m waiting still. – You haven’t gotten any?
– I’ve gotten a few drinks
to my tables. Caitlynn:
They would not get
anything off the well.
I only got Old Fashions, yeah. So, it backed me up,
but I caught up. She did not. I know. ( bleep ) You’re making
a mess everywhere. Think about
what you’re doing. Stop for a second. – Look at the levels
on all these glasses.
– Completely different. Everything is
completely different. Start them all
completely over. Help me pour these all out. Will is doing
really poorly right now.He is sweating profusely
into the ice.
He’s getting all
the drinks wrong. – Oh, a little low.
– That’s short. – It’s short.
– Start over. Bartenders just need to
take a deep breath, focus, think about
what they’re doingrather than just
kind of running around
like chickens
with their heads cut off. Mona:
What tickets are you guys
working on right now? – I have two jerks, a slider–
– What’s the names on them? Caitlynn, Caitlynn, Caitlynn. She didn’t know
what table it is? – I don’t know, ask her.
– ( sighs ) Jon: He got food.
Nobody else did. He got a drink.
Nobody else did. So, what’s going on
with the tickets? We are running way behind. But still,
why didn’t the rest of
the food come out with that? The organization
has been failing tonight
and I apologize, guys. Let’s make one table complete. Okay, got it. Coming up. When servers put orders
into the kitchenor into the bar
through the POS system,
they come up together.They should go out together.They’re not following process.Tables aren’t being
served completely,
which is a great breakdown
in quality and consistency. Don’t bring one drink
to a four person table. Take out a full order
or wait until it’s full. I need– Hold on. I’m ( bleep )
freak the ( bleep ). – This is awful.
– I’m really– – I’m going to start crying.
– Okay, keep it together. Who’s ordered food
and hasn’t gotten it? Jon: Whoa! – Jon: What’s going on?
– Vic: We’re falling behind bad because what’s happening
is we have uncompleted
tickets on here. And the tickets
that are coming up
are sitting about five to eight minutes already.
Not even looked at. I ain’t gonna snap.
but I can’t keep this up. – No, don’t snap, man.
Stay positive.
– I’m gonna fail this test. Ozzie:
I know it’s very stressful.
Just breathe in. – Is that everything you need?
– Yep. – Those fries look light.
Taste it. Is that done?
– No. – Not done.
– Okay. – Not done.
– Guys, fries are not done. Jon: How come you’re
not seeing these things? Don’t sacrifice quality,
but we gotta focus
on production. I’m burning the chicken. Vic:
The sticks are
burning on them. Not gonna be able
to eat ’em, really. – Let’s go.
Faster, come on.
– This grill sucks! (Bleep) I don’t know what I’m
doing. I don’t even have a clue,
man. Hi, this is Jon Taffer. Click
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44 thoughts on “‘Don’t Sacrifice Quality’ Stress Test | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

  1. Maybe I just dont go to bars often but I legit have rarely seen people order an old fashioned. Yes to specialty cocktails but never specifically by name say they want an old fashioned.

  2. Four years of bartending and has never been professionally trained what did he go to bartending school for what a waste of time and money.

  3. It's mind-boggling how incompetent some people are working in these bars. Considering how many seasons and episodes there are of Bar Rescue, we're talking hundreds of bars and incompetent employees. I think the most frustrating part of it all is that there are probably people unemployed or who would gladly work those bartender or chef jobs competently but instead you have useless employees working them instead. The owners are partly to blame but they really need to stop being nice and fire these workers and let someone else have the job instead.

  4. I FUCKING LOVE AMY KOFFSKY! she is legit, a wonderful teacher, incredible patience and a wonderful professional demeanor. KEEP KEEP KEep

  5. Pub cooking is much harder than A- hole yelp sjw's will ever know.
    If you've never worked in hospitality you should NEVER make a review.

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  8. Out of all of taffers professionals, this one in the kitchen comes off as a pos! Not sure if the script calls for it, or he just really is a creeper

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