Don’t Mess With the Bull – The Breakfast Club (1/8) Movie CLIP (1985) HD

Well, well.
Here we are. l wanna congratulateyou
for being on time. Excuse me, sir?
l think there’s been a mistake. l know it’s detention but, um,
l don’t think l belong in here. lt is now 7:06. You have exactly eight hours
and fifty-four minutes to
think about whyyou’re here. Ponder the error
ofyourways. – [ Gasps ]
-You may not talk. You will not move
from these seats. And you…
will not sleep. All right, people,
we’re going to ty something
a little different today. We are going to write an essay…
ofno less than a thousand words… describing to me
whoyou thinkyou are. And when l say essay,
l mean essay. l do not mean a single word
repeated a thousand times. – Is that clear, Mr. Bender?
– Cystal. Good. Maybe you’ll learn
something about yourself. Maybeyou’ll even decide
whether or not
you care to return. Uh, l can answer
that right now, sir. – That’d be no for me, ’cause–
– Sit down,Johnson. Thankyou, sir. MyoMce is right across
that hall. Any monkey business
is ill-advised. Any questions? Yeah. l got a question. Does Bary Manilow know
thatyou raid his wardrobe? l’ll give you the answer to that question,
Mr. Bender, next Saturday. Don’t mess with the bull
young man, you’ll get thĂŠ horns. That man is
a brownie hound. [ Clicking Noise ] [ Clicking Continues ] [ Clicking Continues ] [ Clicking Stops ] You keep eating your hand,
you’re not going to be hungy for lunch. [ Loud Click]
[ Spits ] l’ve seen you before,
you know. [ Under Breath ]
Who l think l am.

100 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With the Bull – The Breakfast Club (1/8) Movie CLIP (1985) HD

  1. A very very sad end to actor Paul Gleason. Passed away 5/27/06 age 67 from mesothelioma a form of lung cancer. An unforgettable performance. May he R.I.P.

  2. Don't mess with the bull, young man, you'll get the horns.

    1. The Breakfast 🍳 Club
    2. Not Another Teen Movie 🎥

  3. It just dawned on me that the seating arrangements are a reflection on where the five characters are in the social hierarchy. Brian sits at a desk alone because he is the Geek, Allison sits alone at her desk because she is the Quiet Lonely Girl and Bender sits on his own because he is the Rebel who doesn't need any student's approval or friendship. Claire and Andrew sit at the same desk because they're pretty much in the same social circle.

  4. Grey hairs crowing corwin is like I'm allowed to smoke a pack a day but if you smoke a blunt in the music room again your going to feel the horns kid

  5. I can't believe these 5 students had to suffer Saturday waking up past 6:00 around 7:00am on the weekend for detention. This consequence seems like a buzzkill and pretty boring. It couldn't've been worse. It got 2% worse. A 1000 word assignment on a Saturday!?! What a total buzzkill.

  6. They should make a new movie similar to this one (Not a remake or reboot), but targeting problems of today's high school students. That would definitely be interesting.

  7. I read alot of comments where people were talking about a remake of this. I believe one reason why it hasn't is because u just don't mess with perfection. John Hughes was an absolute visionary genius. And as far as I know none of his movies have been remade. Sure materialistic things've changed. Hair, fashion, music & technology. But the teenage angst & social issues they cover in this movie are still SO relevant today. My 24 year old niece saw this & loved it. And she fully got everything they were talking about.

  8. 8 hours on Saturday? That's brutal! When my school had Saturday detentions it was 2 hours, and usually 1 hour for non-repeat offenders.

  9. "Excuse me, sir? I think there's been a mistake. I know it's detention but, um, I don't think I belong in HERE."

    Yikes, Claire…

  10. Ally the shy girl and Brian the dork look just like my parents lol 😂 it’s honestly scary how much they look alike.

  11. And When I Say Essay I Mean Essay 😎😎🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😎😎😎📄📄📄📃📃📕📖LOL

  12. I wish the showed us what happens on monday☹️

    Or had like a sequel but not like a whole other movie but like Red Nose Day actually just so we know what happens after that

  13. Bender:Did barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe
    Principal vernon:i give you the answer to that question next saturday 😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀

  14. This group needed a teenage Angelina Jolie to be a teenage Lisa from girl Interrupted here.                                          To Vernon -” It’s our first detention so we figured we would have a little read aloud,celebrate all the wisdom you are carrying into the world. Try to learn something, grow as people” To Allison – “you are a nymphomaniac?!?!  You gave guys a rim job.Big fuckin deal!! Im sure they were begging for it and they were all pencils anyway!!  To Clair “I’m playing the villain baby, just like you want. You know, there are too many buttons in the world, just begging to be pressed. To Bender – “ tell me you don't run a razor along your wrist and pray for the courage to press down. To Brian – shoot yourself with a flair gun? go ahead and i’ll jam this pen into my aorta!!

    To Andrew- “I’m free!! you’re going to go choke on your average mediocre life!!

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