Don’t Irritate Others At the Pool

Hello there! I’m Professor Pog and I hacked
into Johny5’s Channel to show you what happens when you irritate others..Today, I present
to you..Don’t Irritate Others At the Pool. Boombaba Boom baba Boom
Boombaba Boom baba Boom.. Ahahahaha.” Enter at own risk. Pffft! What risk ? owww! fart… Boombaba Boombaba Boom.. Ahahaha Release the Kraken. Aah Aaahh Aaaahhh……….

12 thoughts on “Don’t Irritate Others At the Pool

  1. Nice Bro, Well tried 🙂 Water at the end of the video is not that good… but Ok …!

    Dual charecter idea is appreciated thing 😀

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