DON’T GIVE UP HOPE – Motivational Video on How to Overcome Anxiety (very emotional speech)

What will sometimes haunt my dreams still is just
like a general feeling of morose, anxiety everyone experiences a version of
anxiety or worry in their lives. I don’t know why I opened
up and talked about it but I guess I was just sick and tired of
just having it inside of me for 20+ years and I was ready to make a change. What helped me the most that I want to impress upon all of you Is that I realized that
part of my identity Is saying No to things I don’t wanna do and you are all in school and
you all have a lot of teachers and a lot of people around you, that
tell you all day what you have to do but it’s your right to choose
what to do and don’t do It’s your right to choose what you
believe in and what you don’t believe in Is your right to Curate your
life and your own perspective We all go through things, we all
go through struggles, right? There’s probably everybody in this room that
goes through struggles the same exact way and I think that’s what
we all have to realize It’s the something that every
single person goes through And maybe we go through it in a different or
more intense way for longer periods of time But it’s not there’s nothing wrong with
you to be a sensitive person that cares a lot, that
takes things in a deep way Is actually part of what makes you amazing I also struggled a lot with
anxiety and depression If you start to feel like you’re
twisting things around you and you start to feel like
there’s no sunlight around you And you are paralyzed with fear Here’s how you can help yourself First you have to
understand what anxiety is and you have to understand the connection
between worry which something we all do and self-doubt which something we all do and anxiety Anxiety, is what happens when your habit
of worrying spirals out of control It’s important for you to foundationally understand
that anxiety and worry are the same thing It’s just your body starts to get agitated
and that’s when we call worrying anxiety Your heart races, you
might sweat a little bit you might feel tightening in your chest might feel a pit in your stomach you have a surge of cortisol You can actually beat it This is how you gonna do it So all day long you going to have
moments where your thoughts drift like you’ll just be hanging
out with your friends and then, suddenly you like I’m not
sure that that person likes me anymore you know I haven’t heard from my kids
lately I wonder if they are dead you know oh, you know what check like,
you just start worrying about stuff why? because it’s a habit Because when you’re
not paying attention your brain shifts from you being a decision maker and paying
attention, to you just kinda spinning things on auto-pilot and one of your habits is worrying The second you wake up then you notice holy cow I’m
talking some negative garbage to myself right now You’ve just shifted the part of the brain You’ve shifted from the basal ganglia, which
is where your habit loops are spinning and you’ve awakened your prefrontal cortex You’ve, also interrupted that pattern Now what you going to do because your mind is
actually ready to receive a different thought because of the counting Now you can put in an anchor thought Like if you’ve a monitor If you’ve got a vision about the way that
your business is gonna turn out in five years If you just have a thought that
makes you really happy and proud in a sort that Now, why is this work? It works because of the
counting and I’m not kidding. We know based on research, that
positive thinking alone, not effective. In some instances; trying to force yourself to think
positive can actually make the worries worse, why? Well, the reason why is because it’s
really hard to just change the channel. What we have to do first
is basically interrupt it and turn off the TV and then turn it back
on with the prefrontal cortex awakened. So the counting is essential and
so you can start using this today And the problem that I
have with anxiety is the physiological side of it I got shallow breathing Rapid heart rate and most terrifyingly the blood is
actually leaving the prefrontal cortex and so you’re getting into a position where your
higher-level cognition is actually being shut down because it doesn’t have blood flow and then I began to visualize
that what I was trying to do? Was get myself into a calm state where the blood could
actually go back to the places that i needed it So that my higher-level ability
to rise in, would kick back in The first thing that I started to do to be
able to consciously control that was meditate In meditating what you’re learning to do at least for me and
i don’t consider myself a meditation expert by any means but this was one of the huge ones for me, and
meditating was learning to breathe from my diaphragm Even one breath from my diaphragm
had a really big impact breathing from your diaphragm Instead of from your chest, right
so most people breathe like this And it’s all in your upper chest,
you’re not getting a very deep breath So in meditating and learning to breathe from your
diaphragm and learning to consciously calm yourself down meaning you’re lowering your heart rate, you’re
breathing much more deeply from the diaphragm Getting the blood reallocated to the parts
of the brain that are actually useful That meditating was my
first step into that Now, when there are really hard times There are so many tools that you can
use to help yourself in those times and it does get better and
easier as life goes on and you start to get to know yourself more And what will trigger certain instances of
anxiety and where you feel comfortable and safe So I’m just saying don’t ever
feel like you’re a weirdo because we’re all weirdos

50 thoughts on “DON’T GIVE UP HOPE – Motivational Video on How to Overcome Anxiety (very emotional speech)

  1. Trust yourself. You've survived a lot and you will survive whatever is coming! If you know someone who could use this video, please share it with them!

  2. THIS IS THE HONEST TRUTH PLZ LISTEN TO THIS OVER N OVER AGAIN…SAVE THIS!!!…I went through my own stage of anxiety…mainly it WAS over thinking n beating urself up for things that aren't even of so much importance…TAKE A BREATH 5 4 3 2 1…AND THINK SLOWLY ABOUT IT WHY DO U FEEL THE WAY U FEEL , IS IT POSITIVE N DOES IT MAKE LIFE BETTER OR WORSE THINKING ABOUT IT?

  3. Hey!!
    Thanks for your motivation🙆💙👌👍
    I am late today😞
    I am having my 12 isc maths board exam today guys !!!
    Wish me luck☺

  4. In about 80 days time I will have to take my board exams, these exams would determine my life and honestly I am worried I mean lately I have putting in so many study hours so I would have s bright future but honestly I get worried and anxiety about it 😔

  5. yesterday i did an anxiety crisis because of my goals i was afraid to not achieve what i started so I didn't go to scholl today cause i was afraid to repeet that crisis but know i feel better whan i see that it's normal and it's can be cares

  6. I am also this video highly motivating especially as someone who is in a doctoral program which can be stressful as well.

  7. I watch videos like this one they still dont help me that much …maybe because i kinda dont even have a goal in life …I feel like im just living a meaningless life

  8. "Positive thinking alone is not effective. In some instances, trying to force yourself to think positive can actually make the worries worst."

    More people need to understand this. Forcing someone or yourself to think positive often result to tangled up or mixed emotions that makes us breakdown. That is why we have to "take a break" for ourselves to reset.

  9. Thank you for all your regular insight, ideas and thus education and learning to support my direction to getting more consciously alert and thus spiritually connected.

  10. My cat was scared so he’s hiding in the walls he got in from a hole in the wall. I don’t know if he’s ok as he’s going through the whole buildings walls. I don’t know if he’s going to be okay if he’s lost if he’s coming back if he will die I don’t know. All I have now is hope. Hope that will hopefully bring my Ollie home

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