I’m Susan Bratton and I’m a trusted hot
sex adviser to millions. I get the lucky task of being kind of a
Dear Abby of sex. I love to help people learn how to have passionate
lovemaking. I teach people bedroom communication skills. The third leg
of that stool is all important in your sexual health because without your
sexual health it’s hard to have sex. Anxiety is a big problem in the world
today and sex helps reduce anxiety. Of course, you connect
with another person if you go beyond solo sex because sex can be with
yourself. It can be self pleasuring, solo sex for men. It can be edging for women.
It can be orgasmic expansion and when you have the opportunity to have sex with another person which is a real gift and a joy, making sure
that you can do it in a way that brings pleasure and ease to both people is very
important for a number of things, including all the great hormones that we
co-create during sex like oxytocin which is the bonding hormone that connects
people together and makes you feel loved and supported and cared for. I just
wanted to let you know I have a lot more resources about this topic in the links
associated with this video. Go ahead and click those now.

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