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Hey everybody, it’s finally Friday. I’m about to hit the road a’running and let the good times roll. Actually, I’m ready to sleep. I’m tired. But enough about me. Okay, I’m on Facebook cause it’s Facebook Friday. And, I have four questions. And I have a journal topic. So thank you all for sending in your journal topics. A lot of you who may not have a question that you want answered have journal topics. So, thank you for sharing them, because it’s wonderful because then some of them you’re like “Wow, this really worked for me” and then we get to share it with everybody else. And so that’s really cool. Without further ado, the first question is actually about me, kind of It says #KatiFAQ “Hey Kati, my question is do you ever want children? And if so, when that time comes, what are you going to say to your clients? What if it triggers them? Just curious, hope that’s not too personal and feel free to avoid this.” Well I didn’t. I walked into it head on. So, do I ever want children? The honest truth is that I never did. And I still don’t know if I do… I don’t know. It’s interesting because I was a nanny for ever and ever and a day. And I babysat and I did all that stuff, and so I think for me I know what being a mother entails and I don’t want to half-ass it. Like, I want to be really involved and I want to be there I know too much about developmental stuff too, like, I’m my own worst enemy with it. So, I always thought, and even when Sean and I were together and when we were getting married we’re like “No, we don’t want kids.” And just recently I’ve thought, you know, I think it has to do with the fact that I love Sean so much and I look at him and think he’d be such a great dad, and he’s so patient with things and he’s such a great teacher and it’d be nice. And so, I’m warming up to the idea. But don’t get too excited, because I don’t think… I don’t know. It’s still undecided. But, if I did, okay so let’s say I did. What would I say to my clients and what if it triggers them? It’s actually something that, as a therapist, you have to consider because some patients, a lot of therapists see patients who are trying to conceive, and so it can be really triggering for them to see you all of a sudden get to have a baby like “Why are you having a baby?” And I, as a therapist, the way that I work is more of what we call experiential therapy. Which means we’re in an experience together. This is real, this is happening now. And I wouldn’t talk so much about me, because therapy’s not about me. When my clients come to see me it’s about them. So when they would ask or say something about it, “You’re getting bigger, or you’re getting pregnant and I’m having trouble getting pregnant” or whatever it is. Or “You’re leaving me because you’re going to go on maternity leave,” right? We would just talk about it, it would be an open discussion. Yes, I’m pregnant. I’m due around this time, what that means is this. Can you tell me what about it is upsetting to you so much? Or what is it that’s got you so worked up about it, and how can we work through it? So that’s really how I would deal with it. I know for many of you out there you have therapists who have been pregnant, or are pregnant or are on maternity leave, or just came back, and we’re people too, right? We have a life too. And I think the more we’re open to talking about it with you Not about sharing the dirty deets about it, cause that’s not you’re business, right? It’s about you. It’s not about us. So, I would start talking about it, bring it up with your therapist. Explain why you’re so upset about it and what you think you can do to make it better, okay? Question number two: “Is there any way to get therapy/help for any issues without that going on your medical record? I worry that if I seek any help that certain careers may be restricted to me if they attempt to detain me/admit me without my consent. A close friend keeps threatening to make me see someone.” That’s a really good question and the reason why I answered is because that worries a lot of people. And that especially worries business people. When we get older, some people who are like, owners of businesses or CEOs or VPs of companies, they worry like “Oh my gosh, if they find out what’s going to happen?” And to be truthful, the only way to keep it off your records is to pay cash and not go through insurance. Because things get written down and kept in records when you go through insurance because it has to and we have to give you a diagnosis. If you work with a therapist and you let them know, you know “I just don’t want any record of this” or whatever, there’s really no other way if you’re using insurance they’re going to have to, and they’re going to tell you, “I have to put things on paper, I have to tell them.” And we’ll have to keep our own records for our own legal and ethical issues, but it definitely won’t come out. And you’re records are always safe and secure for you. The only thing that they could ever look up for a job and ever discriminate, because they can’t discriminate against you, right? Using your medical history. That would be illegal and unethical. But the only way that they could ever find anything out is if you have a police record. So if you’ve done anything, if you have any misdemeanors or felonies on your record, then you’re in trouble. So think about that before you make any bad decisions. But as far as your mental health, it’s your private record, they’re not going to be able to open it up and look so don’t worry about your careers being shut off. Although, I just am thinking, sorry, as I continue to think about this I know that people who want to be in the Army or Navy Seals and stuff like that, then you’re going to have to let them see all of your records. If any of you know any other careers that have asked for that, let me know because there’s certain things that I’m just not privy to or I haven’t had a client talk to me about. I did have a client, however, who didn’t make it in to one of the kind of Army-like situations and she was really devastated and it was because of mental health issues, So, just something to be aware of, okay? And if you pay cash and you don’t go through insurance then there’s no records. Okay, question number three, “Hey Kati, #KatiFAQ is it possible for the reason for our eating disorder to change? I started not eating in order to be in control of my Fibromyalgia pain, but now I feel like it’s about weight too, even though it never was before. Also, I recently went to the doctor and she told me to start yoga or some kind of physical activity so I did and it’s really helped with the pain, but it’s made my eating disorder worse because I’m obsessing about weight more, etc. Is there one I should care more about than the other? I’m in therapy but I don’t like my therapist, so that hasn’t been working out so well.” Oh, I’m sorry. “If you could even just answer one of my questions that’d be great.” Yes. The reason for our eating disorder can shift. Eating disorders are like chameleons, or play dough. They mold and they shape and, maybe they ooze? I don’t think so. But they change according to what’s going on with us. And the reasons we may need it can change over time. Like, it may have started because we were abused, and then it may have morphed into, you know, “My dad started drinking more and then I got really stressed out and I had no other place to turn and so I started doing this instead and using eating this way,” because it’s a coping skill and so it’ll work and change to help meet our needs and help us feel more relaxed and more, I guess, coped? And just ease our anxiety and our depression or whatever? So yes, it can happen. And it happens a lot. And it will happen over the course of you struggling. Even in recovery, it will try to morph even again, so keep your eye on it and don’t let it get away with it. And the second part, “Is there one I should care more about than the other?” I would be honest with your physician because they should be able to manage both your Fibromyalgia pain and your eating disorder. It should be something that you can actually work together Like, you should have a full treatment team who’s aware of both struggles and they can help you work through them both. If you should do yoga and it really helps the pain, maybe you should do like, half a yoga. Like a really low energy, low impact yoga, so that it helps with the pain but it’s not feeding your eating disorder. And then maybe, you know, you should spend a little time on my eating disorder workbook that’s free on my website, and stuff like that. As well as making sure that your pain is manageable and you talk to your doctor about how that’s going. I think there’s a way that we can work it. So be honest with your team, be open with your team, and that actually would be a great segue into our journal topic. Why didn’t I do that as the last question? But anyway. Question number four: “Do therapists get frustrated with a client who’s not feeling like they want to move on in recovery? Like the person from Wednesday,” (When I said about resistance) “I am better in my eating disorder/self harm than I used to be but I’m still not fully recovered and I’m hesitant to move forward with recovery and I’m often so worried that my therapist is secretly frustrated and resents my reluctance. Is it true or am I thinking about it too much?” We don’t get frustrated. The thing that I want you all to say to yourselves when you think “Oh my gosh, my therapist is going to hate me, they’re going to resent me, they’re really angry, they’re frustrated” “They’re going to be disappointed, they’re shocked, they’re worried, they’re…” This is a totally different type of relationship. The relationship you have with your therapist survives on honesty and openness. Because we trust you to share what you need to share with us and we will work with you the best we can to keep you moving forward. And if right now you’re just feeling really, you’re just having a hard time even thinking about recovery and you’re just struggling and you’re feeling like you’re resisting and you think that we’re upset about it, we’re not upset about it. We’re trying to think about what other things can we ask you, how else can we move you along? And the more you share, like, “Hey I’m just feeling really resistant to moving forward, I know I’ve come a long way, but I just feel like I’m stuck in this plateau,” whatever it is. Start talking about it and the more we talk about it, to be honest, the easier it will be for you. And we don’t have emotional attachment to your progress. It’s emotional attachment to you and our relationship and the way we’re working together. And yes, we have goals and we’re going to want you to meet goals and we’re going to push you. We’re going to be, you know, a little bit difficult, but that’s the great thing about a relationship like that. So, don’t worry about it, we don’t get upset like that, we just want what’s best for you, okay? The journal topic! It’s a quote that someone shared with me and I was like, “This is amazing”. It says: “Speak up, be heard, if you don’t say a word everything will stay the same.” Speak up, reach out, share these videos, right? We’re breaking through the stigma. We’re talking about things that people don’t want to talk about, that they’re embarrassed of and that they’re worried that people are going to judge them. But the more we talk about things, the less power it holds over our heads. And if you’re going to a doctor, you’re going to a therapist, you’re going to anybody in your treatment team Speak up! Tell them what’s going on. Tell them you’re upset, tell them you’re struggling, tell them whatever. Because the more we speak up, the more things will change, and for the better. So don’t be afraid to use that beautiful voice of yours to be heard. Get help! And with that, I am off to dinner with my very handsome husband. And it’s finally Friday! So I’ll see you all on Monday. What’s the video about? You’ll have to subscribe so you don’t miss it! So don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll see you all then. And on Tuesday I’ll be on Tumblr. Okay, bye!

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  1. my therapist had two kids  and her 6 week i totally had a melt down and its wasn't about her all kinds of stuff happens in those 6 six  smh

  2. Tbh: ALL of my therapists I've ever had have actually gotten angry at me for not moving forward. I feel like they should have been more caring or something. 🙁

  3. Will you answer my question on tuesday please? 
    #katifaq  Is it bad to keep sh tools around because they make you feel comfortable? Like a security blanket.  You have no intention of using them, you just feel just feel better when they're around.

  4. I am the asker of question 2:
     The security industry – at least in the UK requires a mental health background check if it comes to being detained within 5 years of applying then they need deatails -this is the industry I was concerned with though also concerned about my media business in future when it becomes larger,  and as I'm in the UK it's not a matter of cash or insurance but NHS or private and I can't afford to go private so that means there would be a record then? it's university services I'm thinking of seeking at the moment who would probably then refer me on to someone but unsure x

  5. Are you disclosing confidential information about your patients/clients if/bc you give examples about their private cases here on your YouTube channel?
    I know you don't say their names, but isn't it still a form of disclosing confidential information? Just wondering…

  6. I have been sharing links to your videos with so many people since I found them last month! Someone will be upset or ask me a question, and I'll be like, you need to watch *  fill in the blank  * video of Kati Morton's and when you're done come talk with us on the website! 🙂 It's awesome to have you as a resource to point people in the right direction of getting help and finding hope that recovery is possible. 

  7. I'm always worrying that my treatment team are angry at me.  I use to just obsess over it and let the thoughts run round and round in my head.  Now I have learnt to just ask them, and then we can talk about it…they never are angry at me, usually I am angry at myself and have projected that onto them…..anyways just ask them then it's out there and you don't have to waste massive amounts of time worrying about it.

  8. Depression is so extremely common with fibromyalgia, a lot of times they actually use antidepressants to treat fibro because with fibro your body doesn't make enough "happy chemicals" that are responsible for pain, sleep issues, as well as depression. I was put on an anti depressant for my fibro and it made my pain go from unbearable to completely manageable, it also improved my mental stability along with helping my sleep. Be honest with your doctor, there's no shame in honesty 🙂

  9. The first question was a fantastic one because I am now menopausal so the decision to have children has been taken out of my hands I'm 41 no children but on the flip side of the coin I've a strong beautiful relationship with my 6 yr old god daughter/niece. <3 although I know she's not mine and I can't live my life through her. But I'm there for her! Xoxo

  10. #2 My current job gives everyone a health screening questionnaire prior to starting work. One part asks specifically about mental health diagnoses. They can't access my records but they ask for you to disclose the information yourself. I've just not handed it in the three times they've given it to me. I don't want to face that stigma. But in my experience a lot of jobs have forms like this in the UK under the guise of supporting staff better.

  11. @Kati Morton I saw on one of your other recent videos you mention the genetic factors and how they are trying to break down specific eds to diff chromosomes etc, i never really understand how this could be for many people as i know sooooo many who may start out for example as anorexic and then move onto bulimia, ednos, BED etc etc. How can it be so common for eds to morph if they are based so much on genetics (i do believe genetics are a huge factor i just dont understand how it could be narrowed down that much when ed disorders can change so much…?

  12. thank you for answering question number 4.  i have been struggling with similar issues, and i found your response to be helpful.  however, my personal situation is a bit different, and i am still worrying about certain specific details.  i wish there was a way that i could ask questions anonymously (well, anonymous to YouTube users other than you and me).  anyhow, thanks again for your helpful response and for everything that you do!

  13. FBI has to see all your records as well. As well as if you were to get a job at Fort Knox or the Pentagon. Pretty much any high up government job.

  14. Hi kati! I have a friend who my friends and I have been encouraging to see a therapist. He refuses because he wants a concealed carry/weapon permit eventually and is worried that they wouldn't give him one because they'd see in a background check he's been to a therapist and deem him "crazy and illegible". Is this true? We're in Orange County btw, if that helps with any laws.

  15. For question 2 in South Korea jobs can go through your medical records Which your mental health records go on (I'm not sure if mental health goes on your medical record in other places buT it goes on it in SK)

  16. I am in school to be a police officer and I will apply at the dept in a few months when I finish this semester. Here in KY, they do a psych evaluation and research, but nothing TOO intrusive unless it was extremely serious (and like you said it would obviously have to be on your record for them to see). I'm friends with the captain at the dept and I had a discussion because that was actually one of the things I was worried about was a past hospitalization for a cutting and ED etc a few years ago. I see a therapist now that I stick to religiously. And most of my friends at the dept know about past and current issues so I got lucky. I don't know how it will be when I choose to go to another place. But if I'm still seeing my therapist and I pass the psych evaluation, then I don't see a problem since this is what I've wanted to do my whole life?? 🙂

  17. Long term care insurance and life insurance companies will require reviewing mental health records…and they are not fans of eating disorders or depression.

  18. I 100% agree that knowing so much about psychology makes it very scary to have kids. I never wanted to bring a child into this crazy world. 

  19. Q2 not sure how it works in the U.S. But I'm pretty sure that in the UK criminal record checks can also reveal if you have ever been sectioned – so it's always best to voluntarily admit yourself as that doesn't come up.

  20. Hey kati! About the job thing I was wondering if wanting to be a cop would they turn me down for having records of seeing a therapist? You said military like stuff the would and I guess that's sorta the government. #KatieFAQ

  21. Hey uh ive kinda lied to my conselor because if i self harm again my mom said i would have to go to a place to stay and i dont want to and idk what to do ive self harmed more sense than but i told her i havent

  22. My therapist did a diagnosis deferred because of my MSW status and I was terrified of the profession learning what was going on. It is an actual DSM-5 code, I can't recall the code and don't feel like going through that whole book to find it at the moment. It is kind of nice though for people worried about professional implications.

  23. The quote that you shared with us at the end of that video is so true. When i was seeing my therapist I didnt tell her everything i was really nervous and shy and quiet and just put on my brave face and I masked how i was really feeling I pretended everything was fine and so after a couple of months she thought i was completely fixed but I didnt even like the therapist I dreaded going there every week and so when my parents just stopped taking me there nothing had changed I was no better than when I started and Im still struggling the same now but are too scared to ask my parents to see a therapist again I have EDNOS and social phobia and I self harm and I have relapsed many times since seeing my therapist my parents wouldnt let me change therapists either. So my message is definetely speak out and just be you dont hide behind a mask and if you dont like your therapist change.

  24. Mental health history is looked at when getting a CDL license. It isn't an outright disqualifier but they'll want to know if you're stable and side effects of meds you're on. There's a pdf on the DoT website with recommendations to tighten it further. Not sure what came of it. It was published back in 2009.

  25. OMG just watched this now! You'd make an amazing mum and oh my goodness I'd love to see baby Kati's running around!!!!! 😀 But of course it is a massive decision! 😉

  26. For question 2 I think it was. One of the reasons I'm so reluctant to get help is because I really want to worm in EMS. Do you know if they would hire a paramedic who went into therapy for depression and anxeity?? I have anxeity attacks all the time but they are not cause from stressful situations. All I want to do it help people. But I know I can't help people if I'm not well. But I do think my dealing with these thinngs help me have a better understanding of people I could help. I really don't know what to do. Anything you could say would be very helpful and really appreciated. Thank you.

  27. Kati my therapist is lovely but sometimes when I go to see her I get worried as she looks like she's been crying. I always feel bad when I have therapy with her and she looks like that.

  28. Honestly, none of my therapists have actually told me the diagnosis they tell the insurance companies. I know they are concerned about anxiety because that's the medication I am on. I also know she's ruled out bipolar. Does anyone's therapist actually tell them what they're diagnosed with? #KatiFAQ

  29. Hi Kati,, Forgive me if this is not the appropriate place to ask a question, but, I am new to this youtube stuff. My psychiatrist (I have to use a clinic where turnover is a given) and ordinarily I accept this and adjust. However, this past February, my psychiatrist obtained an AOT on me for one year, because I was a danger to myself. We worked well together and he knew when I needed to be admitted and when I was just struggling.

    His leaving has left me feeling sad and angry. I have no idea who will replace him , but in the past it has always been one of those short term traveling docs who know nothing about you and/or have a horrible bedside manner. I have a therapist but there is only so much she can intervene on my behalf. Just looking for some advice to get over the hurt and anger and not self sabotage. #KatiFAQ

  30. Thanks Kati, you and your videos have helped me a lot and my therapist has shown other patients them as well, so you are doing good. Love you lots

  31. Hi Kati, thank you for your videos. I have been struggling with eating disorders (amongst other stuff) for quite awhile and am always asked "why"… to hear that they can morph is so reassuring, because mine definitely have, and not for the better. I do have a great therapist who is there for me, I just always seek out more knowledge. Take care.

  32. I'm not sure if you answer questions in YouTube comments, but I have a quick one.

    How do I ask my therapist for a diagnosis?
    How can I find a new therapist if I don't think it's working and how would that work?

  33. You can't get a pilot's license if you have Bipolar Disorder (you must disclose medical info for the medical certification). Not sure what other mental disorders disqualify you.
    Also first responders must be both mentally and physically fit.

  34. My therapist pushed me out too early. I told her I wasn't ready, but when she pushed, I withdrew and became compliant. She knows, based on past trauma sessions, how I get when I'm pushed in certain ways. Shortly after leaving therapy, I spiraled into my darkest depression yet. For the first time in my life, I did my research and made an active plan on how to end my life. All other suicide attempts were impulsive decisions. I've never actually planned it until recently. And she's none the wiser. When she called me a few months after discontinuing therapy, to check in as we had agreed to, it was clear that she didn't really care. She wouldn't even let me finish what I was saying. But, she said in that sickeningly sweet voice which I used to love, but now I hate, that I was doing a great job using my coping skills, as if I were a child. I think therapists need to really watch for changes in patients demeanor and behaviour. She should of noticed when I started withdrawing in sessions after she made the plans to stop seeing me. She even said that I no longer qualify for a diagnosis of PTSD. The symptoms have been worse in recent months than they have ever been in my life. I had to withdraw from school and quit my job. I'm going to be homeless in six weeks. I truly believe that if I had proper support, I wouldn't be this fucking low. But, I refuse to call her back. I know she can't fix this. Not after ruining my trust in her like she did.

  35. This is an older video so idk if you’ll see this, but you asked if there are other careers that ask about mental health history… I’m a RN and when I applied for my license it asks if you have been treated in a facility in the last 5 years… tbh I don’t know how answering would effect my license but I’m sure they are asking for a reason.

  36. You actually don't have to show the Army your records from the civilian side. They create a whole new medical record for you when you enlist. If you do go to Behavioral Health when you are in the military, it will be in your military medical files, but you cannot be discriminated against or just kicked out for seeing a therapist or even receiving diagnosis's. But if you disclose during the enlistment process you have mental health issues, after further evaluation they can choose whether you will be able to enlist or not.

  37. The worry about what's on the record affects a lot of people in the military as well. I've heard some people say their careers have been adversely affected and others said that it's been nothing but helpful and probably more that are mostly open in Mental Health clinics but hold back specific things.

  38. I just thought of a question. I had a therapist for a while that I didn’t care for (though she did give me some good insight into some things). Thing is, she wasn’t a very good therapist. Should I have told her what IMO were some mistakes she made?
    For instance when I told her I was going to take a break for a while she got upset. She also was trying to take me in a direction I didn’t want to go. I knew what I needed to talk about. Also when I would get angry about something that I was relating to her she would try and quash my anger.
    I didn’t say anything to her about any of these issues because I don’t think she could have handled it.

  39. Can I ask you something. I want to help people but it's very difficult for me to live with the fact that people are struggling. My wife has bipolar that's already very difficult for me

  40. I had two different therapists get angry with me and raise their voices because I’m guessing they got frustrated that I was so stuck at the time and was going through a very low moment in my life. I felt attacked and like I had to defend myself. I remember I was crying trying to get them to understand. I settled for telling them what they wanted to hear so they would stop. They seemed satisfied like they had finally gotten through to me even though it was just me pretending. Needless to say I never went back to either of them after that. The trust was broken. After spending all that money and time, trusting a person to not judge me and guide me through my worst times and then having them behave in the way that I feared the most… I was done. Looking back, I was in a very dark place at the time and their actions pushed me closer to not loving myself and my thoughts of suicide intensified. But I guess something else was for me in the cards because I got through it. Mostly on my own.

  41. LoL! Ohhh the second you mention your D.I.D. it's alll about that progress and shoving forward at lightning speed! Some therapists, especially those in the dissociation specialties LOVE getting that "I fixed a DID" under their belt! All the ones I've tried going to their eyes actually light up.. that's when I know it's time to get far away. My first "DID specialist" I went to yelled at me only 3wks in bc I didn't have a system structure worked out yet. As if that's an easy thing for us to do.

  42. I have had therapists that have gotten really annoyed at me. Not just one time, but like really, really annoyed and frustrated at me several time during the same session. I immediately recognized the bad communication and that I started the session with sayng things that made her feel really, really uncomfortable.

  43. I got accepted into the US Navy but quit before going to boot camp for ethical reasons, and if you're just doing therapy and not on medication and you're paying out of pocket they can't find out however they will ask and recruiters will instruct you to lie.

  44. My therapist told me that I'm not trans out of nowhere and said he wouldn't work with me unless I "came to my senses" I never talked to him about it but he saw it in my files, I hate going there now cause instead of helping me he's critiquing me, HeLp

  45. I saved a woman from a fire by entering the fully engulfed building. I administered CPR to a 3 year old child and it was successful. I handled fatalities and found a dead body one day while going to the store. These incidents contributed to my depression, PTSD, anxiety, and suicidality. I've been in recovery for 9 years…now I cannot even be a security officer. So my career is not available to me. There are consequences to getting help.

  46. Kati, I've been binging your videos for a while and I'm telling you as a mom to a 4 year old and a 4 month old that you would be a great mother. Not a perfect mother because that's impossible, but a great one. Part of being a good mom is admitting that you aren't perfect and apologizing when you make a mistake. Explain to your child that you are always working on learning new things, working on yourself to become a better person, that who you are is a work on progress, that life is a journey. To pretend that you, as a parent, are perfect would be a disservice to your child. You spent all that time as a nanny, but that is a different experience than if they were your kids. It's different when your body made them and all those hormones effect your mind. You will only be pregnant for 10 months, so any weirdness during that time at your job would be temporary. I selfishly don't want you to have kids and stop making videos because your videos help me so much, but you should know that you are awesome and would be a great mom. After you have the experience of having a child of your own, you would be able to relate to the other side of the relationship. Not just from the child's perspective, but also from the parent's side. Being a parent is really hard, but it's absolutely amazing. It's the highest highs and the lowest lows. Nothing compares.

  47. Lol my psychologist I saw last year when I was at my worst actually got angry at me and started shouting at me because “he couldn’t see a way forward!!” 🙁 I’m with a much better much more understanding therapist now I’m back in my home country

  48. I must confess that I am afraid of going to therapy. My first experience with it wasn't a good one and then when I had a second experience with a psychologist because I needed to get tested for work, again I felt misunderstood like the first time. They asked me about compulsive thoughts and I thought I will actually try to open up about them. I've tried telling the psychologist about it but she kept asking, if i was sure it was really bad and she kept asking this which made me give up trying to talk about it after which she just went on. These experiences coupled up with the fact that the doctors in my country aren't very reliable makes it hard to find the courage to put my trust in another psychologist although I am in a very dark place right now.

  49. I love watching you Kati, I have had 6 kids my baby is Turning 18 Dec,1 st My oldest son is in heaven he died in March of 92 he was 6 1/2 yrs old he died of a pedestrian /school bus accident , all my children and grandchildren are the hugest joy in my life!! Caring for your own children are so much different, I Babysat and care for many many children growing up!! I have 7 siblings as well!! Thanks for all you do to help people with your gift!!

  50. Hi, Kati. I love your channel. You are such an inspiration for aspiring therapists. One question. Why do you think it takes less time and money for those interested in MSW programs than those who are interested in the LPC programs although have very overlapping knowledge and training?

  51. U mean therapist ask is questions !!?! lol . I can’t find one that actually wants to talk or ask me anything. I think it’s weird I’ve went through 5 and this has always been the case. So needless to say , I never got better or progressed. Still looking for one. I thought taking and questions were one of the main reasons to see one. Weird how I haven’t found one who wants to talk and doesn’t ask anything 🤷🏼‍♀️

  52. If you want to model and they don't let you because you have an eating disorder ? Not my case just wandering

  53. Hi i have a therapy I am not sure if thing is going to work out. I use to ask my other therapy What are writers she told me that she don’t nothing about me

  54. Do I get angry when it doesn't work and I get useless advice? Yes, because not only did I waste my money, and time, but my energy also.

  55. More than 5 minutes into the video, and you haven't even touched on the topic the title suggests. Why is that? Surely you could either use a more accurate description?

  56. My therapist don't do enough he just says do this do that 30 times then he he sits back on his chair and keeps messing with his cell he seems like if anyone touch's him or bumps against him he going to get infected not very professional.

  57. I avoided therapy for years for this reason. In my security clearance process, it was a 5 minute conversation and had no affect.

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