100 thoughts on “Do Crystals Really Heal You?

  1. Link you can actually open mouth hum! It's louder and uses your nose to get the sound out. Take your tongue, put it to the roof of your mouth while it is open and hum through your nose. This produces the same sound as a hum just louder. It is done in choir's a lot as a vocal exercise, but also in some musical theater groups, this is done when humming is needed during a scene, but the sound doesn't pick up on the mics (or no mics are used), people behind the set will sometimes do this to produce the proper sound for the scene.

  2. As someone who does believe in crystal healing (I believe in wicca), I don't find this offense but actually pretty funny. Watching two people that are very new to this and not knowing what it really is made me laugh. Most crystals aren't actually meant for physical healing. They are meant to help mentally and emotionally. I've been a long time fan of you guys and when I saw this video, it made me laugh hard 😂

  3. I personally believe that crystal healing can work.. not physical pain, however. I believe that they can heal your mental state of pain. Now, I’m not asking for anyone to hate on me for my belief, and I’m not saying anyone else has to believe this either. It’s just my own opinion on the matter. I ask that if you respond to my comment, that you do so in a positive light. If you express your opinion that’s completely fine but please don’t be negative towards me if your opinion is differing.

  4. Unfortunately, people to this day will let their own child die because they would rather rely on the vibration of crystals than the proven medicine of doctors. The advancement of science and knowledge is so important yet so many people want to rely on what our ancestors did (ya know back when dying at a young age was very popular due to sicknesses that can now be cured with medicine.)

  5. That music trio…. They were such lovable and peppy people with fantastic energy, but I desperately wished I could repeatedly hammer a piano key to get them in tune lol

  6. when i want to purify my negative energies, i use these bottles, i love it : https://lucileshop.com/products/elixir-crystal-water-bottles

  7. You can see here : https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhisperJackArt?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

  8. Shepard should have told Rhett that when he grows up and graduates from community college, he's going to start a non-profit cat sanctuary and make ASMR videos on Youtube.

  9. I actually practice Wicca (though I'm somewhat new to it) and some other ways to cleanse your crystals is have them charge under a full moon, bury them in soil or dry salt, let them soak in salt water but only if they're crystals allowed to do so. Certain crystals, such as malachite, cannot be in water because it will release toxic fumes.
    One great thing about amethyst is not only will it relief pain, it will also prevent nightmares and help with sleep. So if you have nightmares or insomnia and would love a good night's sleep, I recommend buying one and placing it either under your pillow.

  10. Some people say that you charge your crystals with the sun, or a full moon. I didn’t wanna waste time so I did it at the solar eclipse 😂

  11. You know I never comment. Rather good or bad. But sometimes Rhett and Link do some weird things that make me feel uncomfortable…this is one of them. Great vid tho.

  12. links face when they started singing close to him!!! hahaha oommmgggg!!! ive never seen such pure concentrated annoyance on someones face like that before LMAO

  13. That's cool. Just straight up disrespect my religion. You wouldn't be to happy if someone made a mokery of your's.

  14. I love you guys but you have zero understanding about crystals and your mockery shows your ignorance. At least you tried.

  15. 8:50 rhett looks so handsome here, and that is me when I'm listening to a song and someone force me to like it

  16. I sat next to someone in school who believed crystals healed then so they kept them in their backpack. I told her the didn’t and they she told me that her family practices witchcraft. Which then I also said doesn’t work. So then she said her sister is gonna put a spell on me. No lie that’s a true story.

  17. Does anyone know where to get links T-shirt, my little brother loves everything about space and would absolutely love this T-shirt

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