(Shivering) Brother Ahhh! What happened? I told you to stay at your home every diwali and don’t even try to come to my house Brother I came here to give you a gift Every diwali the gift that you give me in my father’s way, isn’t that enough? This old man doesn’t let me live even after he is dead Brother what such happens at 6? I will say that to you tomorrow now you go from my house No bro I want to know that today anyhow, what happens Dance of death happens, please go from here Aye Nagu what are you doing over here, i told you to go from here before 6 Aye what are you afraid of, it’s just 3 now Ah! 3 hours before also it was 3. Aye Parshya! (Marathi Entry Music) Papapapa Papa! How many times i have said you don’t call me papa, call me Sarkarji. Sorry Sarkarji, You’re back? Can’t you see me, I am standing in front of you #$^%# Yeah I am ^^&$^& you’re talking bad about your mom? From next time I will say it about my father You will say bad about your father Sorry Papa Don’t call me papa, call me Sarkarji Ji Sarkar Ji Don’t say Ji twice, say it only once Ahhh, ah ah Why did you shut your mouth, don’t you have a tongue I have it, see this, ahhhh You are showing me your tongue $^%$^ AHhh Ahhh hmmm, It’s over (calling sound) Aye fancy dress come here (music) Go and get two drinks for me Drinks in the house of Parshuram Sarkar? (sound) Prash Parshuram is your father’s house, isn’t it? (slap) Whom did you say father, call me sarkarji you have completely made me sober What did you say? (slap and dog crying sound) See there your son is calling you This kind of friends you have? Let’s go from here, the old man is angry look how he is going like a snake (music) It’s diwali, why haven’t you lit the candles? Yeah yeah, I was going to lit it only hie Majnu happy diwali, (kissing sound) (music) she is going to face a hard one now come on give me my gift iphone 11 pro Do you even have money to buy the cover of it, and you want a iphone 11 pro who’s this girl? Sarkarji, I have that friend Majnu, yeah his girlfriend sorry, wife Manjulika okay okay, you seem to be of a very poor family No why? Your father didn’t buy clothes for you this diwali? Aye this is Diwali Manjulika you go from here now, I will send Majnu to you Okay okay, Bye uncle Shee, Nowadays girls don’t even have a little bit of shame you are completely right sarkarji, you sit on the couch, i will lit the candle and come (phone ringing sound) yeah who? hi, this is champa here, you remember tonight’s plan? (music) Aye champa, what plan? I told you before, there is no one at my home tonight, you bring the drink and &$&& to my house, we will celebrate diwali in my bedroom (sound) Brother you’re back? Majnu how did you come back so fast? Ah, I don’t know, i woke up from the sound of the crackers, oh yeah, champa had called you oh yeah I forgot, i have to go to champa’s house today Wow bro, what’s the plan? oh nothing, tonight everyone will celebrate diwali outside the house And two of us will celebrate inside the house Parshya! (sound) Papapa Papa! Don’t call me Papa, Call me Sarkarji! Sorry Papa! [email protected]#$# you want to celebrate Diwali? you’ve spoiled our family’s name Ahhh i will cut your head and hand it on the wall today So hey guys happy diwali, If you liked the video, give it a like and share this video with your friends on whatsapp And if you are new to the channel subscribe it, I will meet you again in a new video with a new topic, till then Happy Diwali! (Outro Music)

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    The editing is mind blowing too
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