Did I turn you into an angry person?We was together,
I’d say, about two years.
We’re both bisexual.
We don’t mind, we’re open.
We don’t care what sex you are.Like, every day,
we’d see each other.
We used to stay at
each other’s house
and we just used to have
so much fun.
I then went to America
to work out there
for the summer for three monthsand that’s when it just all went
downhill and I was unfaithful.
After that, that was it. It used
to be constantly on my mind 24/7.
I’m going to sound like a psycho
now, aren’t I?
Thank you.Would you say I definitely
brought on this rage?
Oh!I don’t know if I got over it.
You pissed me off.
I know.Especially when you threw it
in my face as well, like.
I thought, “What a mug!”I could tell you the day
that you slept with someone.
It was on a Tuesday
and that you slept…
You was,
“Oh, I don’t know where I woke up.”
It was that night that
you slept with someone.
Yeah.I knew straightaway.I used to cry, I used to get angry,
but I never showed it to her.
I started getting jealous.Every time you went out,
what did I say? Where you going?
Who are you with?
Are your plans going to change?
I sound like a psycho.Yeah, I feel slightly guilty,
but it will say
it did take two to tango and you
weren’t totally innocent.
You kissed that guy.That was the worst thing, yeah,
when you go up and kiss a guy.
I thought, “Yeah, do you know what,“if she wants to lie or
she ain’t going to tell me the truth
“or whatnot, I’m going
to do the same,” so…
She was unfaithful and it just
completely went downhill
cos we weren’t with each other
any more.
But you made me realise that,
I don’t know, people don’t trust…
Don’t put all your trust in someone
because people can lie to you
or they could hurt you,
but this is why I’m single.
What about now when you go out,
Have you nearly got close
to someone?
Just slept with people, that’s it.SHE LAUGHS
Nothing else?
No little date?
No interest in anyone?
No.I’m happy being single.I can do what I want when I want,
no…in my ear.
Is that you want forever
or just for now?
I could do it forever, yeah.I think I’m going to be
Crazy Cat Lady.
Yeah, so we got
into a new relationship.
We found it very hard
for our new partners
to accept that we were still friends
and hung out
so we’d sort of go,
“Oh, why are they like this?”
And then we kind of just got
together again for a night,
then left it and it happened again
so it repeated.
Do you think it was a good ideathat we slept with each other
when we weren’t together?
No.Leading me on, yeah?
No, not even like that.
Yeah, you did. How can you say you
You done it first.How?We was in the same cluband your girlfriend
went to a different room
and you started kissing me there.I’m like, “Shit!”How did you feel
when we used to sleep together?
You wake up in the morningand you’re like, “Oh, shit.
Done it again!”
We’re reckless and can’t be
trusted when we’re drunk.
Do you know what,
I think alcohol was based
around our whole
relationship, though.
We met through alcohol,
we got together through alcohol,
our antics were bad through alcoholand we got back together on
and off through alcohol.
We were both a bit of dicks, like,
you know, but…
Speak for yourself.Do you feel like we both need to say
I think you need to, yeah, not me.Why not you?No, I can’t do it.Oh!Yeah, the only thing is
I don’t think I could say sorry.
That’s just how I am, like.I’m not saying I’m always right,
but I’m never wrong.
We were bad, I admit I was bad,
Yeah, but we were still young,
I’m very sorry for the way
I treated her
and I know that she knows
that as well.
It is not all her to blame.A little bit could be her fault,
but it’s fine.
I think any experience you go
through in life makes you wiser
and I remember one of my friends
saying to me,
“When you fall in love and you get
your heart broken,
“then you change as a person.”I’m like, “Yeah!”
I actually understand it now.
I can honestly say
she is probably my best mate.
I’ll always 100% love her.
I’d give the girl my life.
Out of everyone,
we’ve had the best connection, 100%.
I ain’t really come across
that since.
It’s more like a bromance.
That’s what I’m saying!
So I’m happy where I am now.I’ve got a girlfriend that I love
and she will get it, too.
I think we should get you out.
Oh, I could wingman you.
No, I don’t think so.
I don’t want to get with someone.
I don’t need a relationship.
You need a little bit of happiness.
I am happy with money and my job
and going out Saturday night.
Yeah, doing what I do best.
I know I said I’ll always
have my guard up and I will
and now I’ve been single for, like,
three years and I’m happy in myself.
I’m doing what I’m doing and
I don’t need to be in a relationship
and I have fun.

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