DermTV – Botox Approved for Treating Migraines [ Epi #253]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. For the past three or four years dermatologists
and neurologists have been successfully treating migraine headaches with
Botox in selected patients and this past week the FDA finally approved
the use of Botox for migraine patients. That is really great news for the
millions of migraine sufferers out there. Since we think that migraines are
caused by a squeezing or spasm or contraction of blood vessels either in
the face or head, Botox probably works either by paralyzing the muscles that
those blood vessels go through so they can’t squeeze those vessels or perhaps
even by neutralizing and paralyzing the muscles in the blood vessels
so they can’t contract or go into spasm. But here’s the catch. The place
where the migraine starts is called a trigger point and the trigger point
is where you really have to get the Botox in order to get relief from
your migraines. Well that means that your trigger point has to be in a treatable
location. Because Botox paralyzes muscles, your trigger point can’t
be someplace where the muscle is important and useful, like the muscle in
the middle of your cheek, you won’t be able to smile, or the muscle in
the back of your neck, you won’t be able to hold your head up. This is the
bottom line: if you’re a migraine sufferer or if you think you suffer from migraines,
see a neurologist to find out if you’re a candidate for relief
from your migraine headaches with Botox therapy.

10 thoughts on “DermTV – Botox Approved for Treating Migraines [ Epi #253]

  1. I heard bout that before… sounded really weird! lol
    Well… if it works.. I donĀ“t think i would to it tho… yet. lol

  2. @xMizzDollFacex Good news. Injecting botox into the temples is an ideal place for migraine treatment, of course, if your temples contain your trigger spot(s).

  3. i suffer from migraines and have been for a long time my neuro doc has ahad me on topamax for quite some time now, and it does take care most of them the only thing is sometimes i get that whole thing where my brain feels like it goes blank. I tell u if botox will really work, i'm gonna be for it, it can't be no worse than taking pills everyday, i remember hearing about the rumors about this a while back that this might be possiuble, but it does make since.

  4. @jayteelicious1 Unfortunately you don't get both the cosmetic results and anti-migraine….if done correctly you are pretty much free of migraines for about 3 months.

  5. so informational! i dont have migraine issues or necessity for botox otherwise but at least I know that in the future… 2 birds one stone (i imagine my trigger spot to be right between the eyes, the dreaded 11s)!!

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