Depression is Not Just Sadness

When people think of depression, they tend to associate it with sadness. Sadness is an emotion, but depression is much more than that. Everyone is bound to experience sadness at some point,
Sadness is an emotion, but depression is much more than that. Everyone is bound to experience sadness at some point, whether it’s a disappointing test score, a friend’s betrayal, or a heart-wrenching breakup. You will feel sad…but then you’ll feel better. Sadness is usually situational, whereas depression is different. Depression is not just feeling sad. In fact, it’s sometimes not feeling anything…at all. It’s the feeling of numbness. A sense of nothingness. It’s the feeling of “Why?” about everything. Existential crisis after existential crisis. Being sad and being depressed are not the same thing. Both are equally valid and equally important. But don’t throw around depression like a colloquial phrase. It’s not meant to help you emphasize a point—it’s a mental illness. Depression is not something we just “get over.” Depression is not something that a pint of ice cream and a funny movie can fix. It isnotsadness.

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  1. Depression. That feeling of being outside of yourself and simply going through the motions. That feeling of feeling nothing at all, but also feeling everything all at once… Self loathing. A sense of doom. Hopelessness. Confusion. A terrible pain so great that it numbs you from the inside out. Depression is NOT the same as sadness. It is an inner darkness that cages the soul and pierces the heart. It is not something that comes from outside forces, but from within… like a parasite leeching off of its host.

    Thank you for creating this video. I think it is something that we need to spread around. Confusing the two terms makes those who suffer seem as though they are simply overreacting to situations, which couldn't be further from the truth. Depression and sadness are different!

    Whew. Sorry. This is a topic close to home. Anyways, thanks again for this.
    Much love! ~♥

  2. I feel numb and im surrounded by the best people and it sucks being this way I hate after 6 months I started feeling better and now its slowly coming back

  3. there's girl at my school that always says "depression is kicking in" every time she doesn't get what she wants. it upsets me because I don't understand how she could just throw terms around like that..

  4. just made a video about the same subject i suffer of it and it can suck at times but i do believe all will be well some day. Please go see my video, nothing big but hope it makes you guys feel better.

  5. Well, sometimes I'm happy, but most of the time I'm sad, or depressed. Like I have an outlet that makes me Happy, but then when its gone so is my happiness. It got to the point where I tried To kill myself. ofc I didnt work because I used pills.. So many doctors kept asking me the same questions, kind of so they could figure out why I did it and why I was sad. But honestly, I dont have a reason. My mom always tells me about how blessed I am and how much I have, most of the time she even gets mad at me for being Sad. I don't get what I'm supposed to talk to her about, I keep my emotions inside because I don't know why I'm sad and if I tell them I'm sad or depressed rather, they're most likely going to see me as am attention seeker like my mom. Its only been a month and legit my mom gets mad at me for every little thing. I can't even come home from school and sit down without her screaming and sometimes hitting me.. Its not like she drinks, she smokes a bit, but thats for her stress I guess.. I play a game for my stress.. I know shes a single parent of 4 kids and all and I cut her so much fucking slack for the shit she's put me threw, but she cuts me none? How is that fair. As a child, teen, or whatever I am, I should have some kind of respect right? No one ever listens though, and when they do they scream at me and tell me I'm wrong..

  6. Wait this is depression. I think I have it because idk I feel numb inside and just lay in bed. I want to do things but I don't. Dark thought circle me like a never ending storm. I just though I was lazy

  7. A girl at my school ripped her leggings and said "I'm so depressed" and I just looked at her with confusion and hurt. You don't in know what depression feels like unless you have it.

  8. Both my friends are experiencing breakups but they're only going through sadness, they alway tell me that it's hard and they cry, one friend told me I'm too young to understand and I'm really annoyed, my type of perspective in the world is killing me, thinking about dying, life, religion, purpose, stuff like that, and they're making me feel worse, but I don't want to leave them, they might think I'm a bad person.

  9. how i explain depression is this:
    u 'feel' numbness
    sometime u don't feel anything at all
    u feel empty inside
    u are isolated from the things u love……..
    it's always so hard to explain to people
    and….fun can't fix it

    that's all I can explain because it's always so hard to explain and it just leaves me silent…….I'm a 9 year old….and this is my life

  10. Sometimes when im around people i feel lonely
    Sometimes i cry
    Sometimes i have reasons to feel empty
    Other times i dont and i just cut myself. Not feeling anything
    Emptiness is all i really feel but im getting better,i think
    This was nice cuz it really explains what depressed people go through and how they feel and how sad people feel
    Tbh ive been empty for 1 month or longer

  11. Sadness is a cold that'll pass, depression is a terminal illness that you are trapped inside of. Every breath hurts and even standing feels like a goddamned ton dropped onto your back and has crushed your spine. You begin to drown, your spine was broken and you have no way of swimming up. Water fills your lungs as your body does anything to grasp the oxygen you so desperately crave. You can see others, everyone is in the water too.

    And everyone is breathing.

  12. "Depression isn't something that a pint of ice cream and a funny movie can fix."
    I shrivel up inside when I hear things like that because I can't even imagine the freedom and success I'd have if I could "take off" depression whenever I wanted. This comes from both inside and outside our community, at least in my case. I once asked on Quora "is it normal to have been depressed for three years" and one man answered "I've had depression for 30 years. It's not something that can be fixed by a few beers." That HURT. STRUGGLE IS NOT A COMPETITION, FOR GOD'S SAKE.

  13. There's two type's of deppresion
    1.Feel like your all alone in an empty box and not crying. and having no soul's but your alived
    2.You wanna cry too loud because The pain is killing you inside out. and the worst part is you wanna die because full of being depressed.

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