Depression and Anxiety – seek help – You are NOT Alone – Mental Health Awareness

whoa hello everybody it’s a what is
today it’s Wednesday it’s a first full week of January and man what what a day
what a day I have to tell you had one of the best days I’ve had in a while I got
to work with a fantastic group of cinema if I could talk cinema photographers
videographers really honestly isn’t as isn’t a word cinematographer however is
a great great day I came home from from a pro shoot and spent some time with the
wife in the kiddo and now it’s it’s late I’m in my my office
I was where I do my day job there’s part of my desk is my creative space forgot
my macbook pro and my PC because uh yeah I used to os’s
but you know it hits me sometimes when I’m by myself even after a great day I
struggle with things and I don’t know if it’s ever been apparent to you guys I
don’t try to hide anything I’ve always tried to be super real with everybody
that that tunes into this channel I’ve never really talked about it but uh not
been diagnosed yet but man I get depressed as hell sometimes when I allow
my brain to slow down and I get a chance to think and sometimes it just sucks
yeah I don’t have any motivation it just sucks me in and it hurts I don’t know
how to explain it I’m terrible with that you know it hit me is like how many how
many other folks feel this way how many other people when they get a chance to
slow down and they just live their day-to-day life they experience this
this just I I hate it I’m not super good at talking about it hi Leah how you doing tonight thanks for
saying hi I appreciate you and things I know if I feel it other folks do three
weeks ago I had the advice of you know family and friends I uh I started to see
a counselor something I never thought I needed I look at my life is like me and
I am so blessed I have a lot of things I’ve got a great day job I moonlight
with a video production company yeah do freelance drone videography and you know
cinema cinema ography if I could speak now you I run a charity out of my house
I co-host a podcast of course I’ve got you guys in the radio a family y’all are
awesome I have a lot of good things going for me
how the hell would I ever be depressed but you know it’s it’s a real thing it’s
a real thing even for me and if anything you know I think about this on YouTube
we see all this positive stuff we sell these great things we see what people
put on the camera that’s all they show is the good stuff
and now my I want to be real with everybody and if I can help in any way I
want to do that I’m not gonna pretend to be a therapist I’m not here for that I’m
just sharing my personal my struggles yeah it’s only fair that you guys get to
see all of that and you know I’ve said it on a good number of videos I want to
help people out but what I don’t know if anybody realizes is when I make those
videos that’s therapy for me those are things that I’m feeling at the time
those are things I’m dealing with I’m like man I know I’m not the only one if
I can make a video even though only 20 people see it if it helps one of those
20 people to see it then for me what I’m going through is worth it because I’ve
had the opportunity to help and I’m not here looking for a shoulder
to cry about here to say hey rains gonna be okay or make your day better it’s not
about that Lee I’m seeing your comment right now
sweetie people are often afraid oh I just disappeared off the screen I will I
will see that later as the comments come up I’m gonna do my best to give everyone
a shout out and you know I good stuff but no you’re absolutely right it’s
sometimes it’s hard to take that first step I’m gonna be 39 years old in a few
weeks and I struggled with that was scared to death I was like oh my gosh
what is this is like art are the things that I’ve been through and uh most of
those of any I’ve never talked about on this channel I’m not gonna talking about
it being real but it was really hard for me to make the phone call and try to get
things set up and that’s where I could go just see a counselor yeah just to
talk to somebody to help me process and deal with a lot of stuff that as a dude
I felt the need to just suppress um someone’s talked about I don’t know if
it’s as a societal norm they’re not gonna say I was raised that way um you
know maybe I was I don’t know I’m not gonna blame my parents for anything I’m
a grown man I make my own decisions I think it’s not fair to pin things on
them what do you write hi Dana you know legally cat how you doing thanks for
tuning in I appreciate you so again I’m not here to blame anybody or anything
it’s not about that and again this isn’t a cry for help for you guys I’m just
sharing my personal experiences um you know one thing I was shared when I was
18 from 18 to 23 some years ago I was a volunteer firefighter at a roll
department in Mesa County Oklahoma with that I went to school and became a medic
first responder goal in my life at that point was to be a flight medic
was just completely enthralled with medevac services in Tulsa LifeFlight we
got to work with them regularly through the fire department and that was a goal
in my life at that time that I was 18 years old when I passed
my first responder course and at that time in 1999 you know the state of
Oklahoma if you passed your first responder you are basically an EMT Basic
which that position no longer exists um but we could do an evening an EMT Basic
could do but administer shots or a given IV anything else we could absolutely do
and and we did oh yeah actually less than a week after I passed my clinicals
in my written exam I got paged and I don’t want to say we’re just god forbid
anybody that that was around this incident that recalls it or knows
somebody very first call for me in that position was a signal 30 that means
someone is already already passed or his beliefs have already passed away I was
an incident at Grand Lake out by Disney Langley Oklahoma a man was out with his
family and had been drinking fell off a boat got tangled in a rope in and drown very very sad very sad deal so I was
there with a lake patrol in a messed up as Mays Mays County ambulance service
you know was there waiting with the team when a when the boat came up to the
docks and how we help bring individual out of the water that was tough to see
you know but that was tough enough the one of the things I never found a coping
mechanism Ford was the reactions of the surviving family members on the boat when I saw the counselor you know three
weeks ago for the first time that was one of the first things that brought up
and I mentioned to her this there was his old can only assume it was his son
but I locked eyes with this kid and uh his face I can never forget it I still
see that kid’s face and it sucks complete the feeling of helplessness and
and hurt and just all these all this other stuff and do my best to not curse
did I try to keep this as family-friendly as possible that’s just
one of have a lot of stuff that I saw and dealt with and never found a way to
deal with until Holly now 20 21 years later so I’ve lived a life of just
surprising all this stuff just shoving everything down anything that comes up
just like rawr just shove it down and after years and years of that now the
tiniest little things just have a far larger negative reaction they need to
have and that’s just not healthy that’s not good for me and it’s not good for
anybody around me I’m really good at putting on a front and a big smile hey
hope you have a great day people don’t see what goes on behind that then I’m at
the 30 I’m gonna be 39 in a few weeks I’m learning that it’s okay to get help
to fix that and I want to make it a point to like it’s okay to get help it’s
okay to not suffer it’s okay to feel like you’re alone because as many people
as I’m around every day a lot of times I feel alone because I
didn’t know and I’m still learning I just had to ask for help I think in I
know if I’m going through that how many other folks out there are feeling the
same way are just scared to death to call somebody to call their friend they
met on Facebook often all the time I see it on my on my friends list you know hey
I’d rather you call me you know and tell me having a bad day
have to give you a eulogy at your funeral we all see that and I just saw
comment man I’m off that is so awesome at that your cousin’s getting helped
that is fantastic I am thrilled to death to see that but we see memes and stuff
all the time on Facebook you know reach out call me for help call me for help
that’s great how many people that need help actually reach out for it though
I’m glad that I have friends that that posted those things I never once reached
out to any of them knowing full well that I could have I could call a good
handful of people up at 2:00 in the morning and be like man I’m having I
need to talk to somebody before I do something stupid nothing it not that I
wouldn’t buy that you know I mean like I don’t know go drink and drive or
something I don’t do drugs or anything like that good drink
you know maybe some other people would fall into those pitfalls we know they do
we see it every day again I’m not here for a sob story
I pray it doesn’t come across like that to y’all I just want to be real with
everybody yeah one thing that really you know I’ve learned it and has helped me
out in the past few weeks what the counselor she talks about everything
being a not many reach out I’ve been the go-to person for a friend of mine for
the past eight years Dana that’s awesome I’m glad that that you’re there for
folks that’s that’s huge a lot of people don’t have somebody like you and that’s
yeah I said that folks are in that boat but man hopefully I think you know they
can find a way to get the help they need I feel I feel very blessed and fortunate
to to be in a spot where I could reach out to somebody and start to find a way
to chew through this stuff I am NOT I said I tell me when I’m not the most
emotional guy I’m super good at being happy and I’m super good at being angry
and probably 95 percent of the time I’m in the happy boat exploring what CL hey
man nice to catch you always wanted hey man I remember you bro you
stumbled on the video I did for the abandoned stretch of i-40 for a couple
years ago yeah so uh thanks for thanks for being here my dude I appreciate you
definitely not a drone video tonight man this is a just big as ray-ray being is
real and nitty gritty for me as it gets I’m gonna circle back oh gosh I forgot
where it was late at night is what it is oh no I’m not the most emotional
individual I’m really good at happy and angry and I spend a lot of time in the
happy happy zone things that put on the front everybody thinks I’m happy
everywhere I go man hold the door for somebody smiling hey have a great day I
go shopping somewhere to like hey how you doing today like mad best day ever
and always those people I mean best day ever like I say that every day just one
day I hope it’s true painfully optimistic that’s always helped me get
through the day there’s little little stuff like that people don’t see the
stuff that goes on behind that but my thing if I if I can keep one person from
from feeling what I feel it’s it’s been worth it and that’s cool and all but
that’s not healthy I’m learning that that is absolutely not a healthy way to
be not a healthy way to live and uh like you know even though I’ve got a good
handful of people on and I appreciate every one of you guys tuning in um if
this helps even one of y’all just to know that you are not alone if you’re
struggling you are absolutely not the only one there’s some giant dude in
Oklahoma who’s going through some stuff and is one to go get the help and admit
that he needs help that man maybe it’ll help you too and Henry I appreciate you
my dude thank you so much man just you drop in a comment being here is so
encouraging so you have no idea thank you thank you so much and uh Isabella
I see your comment so I understand asking for help is hard cuz you don’t
want to be a burden like they’re your friends you don’t want to drag them down
even I talked to my wife I try to open up to her and have conversations and God
love her she’s there for me I’ll start to say so I was like man I don’t want to
ruin your good day you don’t need to hear my problems you got stuff that
you’re dealing with – you don’t need to hear me ramble on about stuff and so I a
lot of times I close off and uh that’s like that’s that’s me that’s nothing he
gets hurt that’s that’s not healthy and Nathan my cat Jeanette has helped me and
continues to help me so much my life hey that’s good you have an emotional
support animal and I don’t know a lot about that but there’s a lot of folks
apparently they get huge benefits from that so if you found something that
helps out my dude that is that is fantastic I’m glad to see a success
story there that’s that’s good man so thank you thank you for sharing I know
that could be difficult and uh you like the comment before that reaching out
hard it’s hard cuz you don’t want to drag people down hi Kathy how you doing
tonight I hope you are doing well thanks for in every every comment guys
seriously so encouraging you have no idea that means the world to me um hi
Haley from Sweden how you doing sweetie I hope you’re having a good night and
I’m glad this is another friend that has a cat that helps out I mean that’s
that’s awesome you know you guys know I having a kitty
Karma’s a sweetheart um she’s definitely wifey’s pet she tolerates me I know she
loves me but um I don’t usually get to pet her unless she’s sitting on wife
he’s lap that’s fine she doesn’t attack me or anything so
they that love to share videos of her sweet spirit that’s awesome I love that
Nathan Kendra how you doing Rachel struggled with depression off and on for
20 years therapy I didn’t get to read that whole comment but no you’re welcome
and Nathan post a link in the comments here if you would you know there is a
lot of stigma associated with mental health so you know Carolyn kind of crazy
elaborate no I was just texting my cousin about these issues now it’s a
real thing it is and uh it’s it’s tough to see cuz I know
folks you know in my life my friends and family my inner circle that that deal
with things you know and a lot of it goes undealt with hey I’m around Broken
Arrow hey Josh gosh gaming how you doing buddy now I
think you see you see the in the in the last room here I mean broken or Oklahoma
so howdy to a fellow okie and it is extremely hard and the comment drop
before I could read at all I apologize but it is tough and that’s why I says I
know how hard it was for me and uh yeah the gym is great by the way I started
going to the I mean I go to the gym regularly been doing cardio but I
started lifting again about four weeks ago with a couple of buddies and then it
helps oh my gosh first week was horrible everything hurt
after going out of the week it’s like I’m excited to going again hey god bless
you too Josh I appreciate that man and I can’t be it’s cool that you got a cat
that will help you out like that that’s that’s super cool um I’m a circle back
again but no it’s tough that so many people need help there is an ugly stigma
against you know people with mental health issues we’re here to talk about
all the time you get a broken arm you go to the doctor he gets fixed if you fell
off a ladder break your leg we go to the doctor get it fixed you get in a car
accident whatever happens whatever trauma you go the doctor you get it
fixed but anything inside here and I started
god oh gosh this hat is filthy McNerney I’m sorry y’all had to see that you know
that’s fine and we can click on your name there I know we can always Google
that later and find your channel man thank you for sharing and it is hard to
deal with and so Kathy you worked in it for 30 years you know it’s tough um you
you’ve probably seen a lot more than than I have I’m sure if that’s your
day-to-day job and a WoW Barbara well congratulations for one surviving that
is awesome – hang in there sweetie hang in there sugar you are not the only one
struggling because uh I guess I’m going through some stuff y’all see happy
positive videos out of me all the time and it’s like you know what there’s a
flipside y’all my life is great I’m very blessed but
I’ve got some challenges I have to deal with in and just work through again I
hate the fact that it took me almost 39 years to learn that but you know what
it’s okay you got to learn and drive on and just just be better so I don’t see
any harm in that and I just noticed uh right here little
that’s my ceiling fan even a winner I keep the fan going so there’s a
distraction for y’all I’m gonna apologize I my phone is literally
sitting on my open laptop I lost my little tripod that I had for my
cellphone I didn’t realize I lost it till then I don’t want to look for it
but anyway we never know when someone else is dealing with inside no you’re
absolutely right Cathy you never know it’s a good idea to always be kind you
just never know what what struggle somebody’s going through and you’re
right forgiving yourself it’s it’s tough it is hard I have straight dealt with
that um in my Orlando I didn’t get to read all of your comment but I’m glad
that you’re here I appreciate you and I’m glad that you
commented every comment I mean that’s a personal interaction somebody took the
time to type something out and now that means the world to me is I’m just a
regular dude I’m just I’m just a regular guy I live in a regular neighborhood in
a suburb of Tulsa Oklahoma and now the fact that anybody online even wants to
talk to me or share anything is just like wow because I don’t see myself as
anybody special I’m just a dude and I agree Henry we do need to allocate more
funds you know local federally whatever to take care of those with mental health
challenges and issues so in your right John of folks that haven’t been through
it just they don’t get it now they all have assumptions about things and it
makes it tough so like I said my challenge is I don’t believe that I’m
clinically depressed I just believe I’ve been through it enough
I even hate it feels weird for me saying it and you know trauma I didn’t know
anything I experienced was trauma I had no idea that was
guys like that trauma for me it was like just like like trauma like you fell off
the roof and when you landed on the ground like that’s trauma hey that’s a
great data thank you for that and uh oh I’m glad I saved your name correctly
that’s that’s awesome I’m glad I’m glad I got that right um
but I never realized this this stuff I’ve seen you know and I mentioned this
just one thing so I never knew that that was trauma it’s like really that’s true
I felt weird I even feel weird now telling you guys
about like that that’s that’s trauma um so thanks Josh I appreciate you man and
a good to see a fellow okey yeah oh it feel free to reach out anytime in
facebook Instagram even on here so um and you’re right Kathy yeah mental
trauma I never thought about it and Jennifer you’re welcome and I’m glad to
talk about this so how far are you from Broken Arrow so Leah I live in Broken
Arrow like I’m in Broken Arrow right now so in your welcome Josh I appreciate you
my dude I will talk to you soon I’m sure but it’s open it’s opened my eyes in my
mind to a lot of things it’s like well once you know something’s trauma that
gives you an idea on that one how to treat it
um so it’s like I said you see the counselor for me has been fantastic and
me not being an emotional guy so much things I never thought myself as being
emotional oh my gosh see any counselor I have never cried so much in my life I
can’t remember a time where I’ve just openly bawled like this like and for me
that was our I apologized to the counselor Mike honey I am so sorry that
you saw me cry and she was like what are you apologizing to me for she almost
seemed offended at the fact that I apologized to her in a Dana I am far
from you if you’re a Newfoundland yes where I’m at in Oklahoma we are we’re a
good distance no gosh my hat here and it is weird Jennifer yeah and uh so
I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that apologized to the counselor
because uh that’s it was so hard for like you know I made a video called
encouragement I think it was last year oh yeah absolutely last year at some
point and uh it was in my mind was a terrible video at one of the first ones
I made like that it was just you know my camera and my basement just spur of the
moment but I made that video something came up and because of that wow this is
tough to even say anytime the day I shot that video was the first time my
daughter saw me tried she had never seen me cry before that day and Laura honey
gets you some help maybe you are not the only one that’s going through that I
don’t know if anybody else ever told you that but you are worth getting the help
I don’t know you personally but sugar go get you somebody you find somebody to
get some help you are worth getting help good oh my gosh that’s fantastic news
I’m glad you are Laura because seriously you’re worth it everybody is worth it
man we’re all people we all have work counseling wasn’t for me it was hard to
get something out of it it made having a counselor you connect with is huge I’ve
only seen one in my life and like said just started a few weeks ago but we hit
it off super well the lady is fantastic and uh so it was weird for me honestly
just just the environment it was very comfortable and I just felt like I could
talk to her so kudos to her for being good at what she does retired mental
health professional with depression anxiety was hard for me to go Wow
so even you as a professional at was Wow um Jennifer 8 thank you for stopping by
I appreciate you have a great night and thank you for stopping by you have no
idea how much it means to me that you hung out with me for a bit tonight yeah but Mike hell he’s just anyway and
I don’t want to name-drop in here she probably doesn’t even know I don’t think
she knows I have a youtube channel we haven’t talked about it like that but
she’s still treating Oh golly honey I am so sorry to hear that that has to be
hard it’s got to be super tough I can’t imagine that being easy but hey I’m glad
you have good friends I’m seeing your comments here as they come up so glad
you have somebody to talk to um we say a normal person is just when
you have it know long enough oh gosh Whitney hey what’s up I’m so glad you’re
here Whitney I tell you what Whitney is one of the absolute sweetest people I
know I’ve had the and I’m gonna I’m gonna give you some kudos here at
Whitney so don’t hate me I’ve had the opportunity to meet her in real life
she’s a fantastic youtuber um and just an all-around good person
so Leslie that’s so powerful coming from you yeah Lee and do I love the
conversation y’all have amongst yourselves there
because Wow oh man Mach 5 pets I’m sorry to hear that I
really am so hope you can find a way to work through that but Whitney like
honestly fantastic person I’m blessed to have you in my life Whitney there’s a
person I reach out to for help on dictation how to speak better and I
don’t want it to go off on a tangent with that too much but just she makes
great videos like and I’ve even told her this I’m not in this to sewing that’s
not what I do but I’d love to watch Whitney’s channel just because the way
she talks she’s so engaging and it’s like man I want to be more like my
friend Whitney and just learned so go check out her channel fantastic person
have nothing else follow her on Facebook and just show her support because she’s
just an awesome person so I’m gonna get off my soapbox but thanks for stopping
by Whitney I appreciate you so my cat saved my life and I saved her and
Jeanette is always at the door wedding that’s awesome so if pets are a big deal
man you all know I got a dog named Cortana
we just adopted her a few months ago and Cortana me are pretty tight and uh you
are welcome Winnie and thank you so much that means the world to me that that she
would say that but me and Cortana man we’re tight we’re like buddies and uh I’ve not connected like that with too
many animals in my life and not this straight dog that’s that’s sugar pie so
she’s still in the house we still have her word we’re taking care of her but
you know Cortana that’s the the yellow dog she’s a German Shepherd that we
rescued rabbit we bought her house in July here in Broken Arrow but man like I
can’t get on the floor without her just running over if she wants to call it
everything else and I didn’t know how much I would like like that it’s like
all this dog loves me horses all be loved we’ve had some be going on eight
years but he’s definitely wife he’s dog I mean he chose her and that’s fine I’m
good with that Cortana is bless her heart she picked me I don’t know why I’m
just a conglomerate mess of a man but I’m her human you know she’s my doggie
and wife he has all being sugar pie wall she’s she’s in their family now so in
Mach five I’m glad you say from two pets and I seen Aidan’s got to go have a good
night buddy thanks for stopping by man I appreciate you and Laura Oh your comment
dropped off my screen before I could read it so and again I loved the
conversation going on down below y’all that is fantastic absolutely love seeing
that as I talk about so many videos man the ray-ray family all of you guys just
the interaction just for me is fantastic and Dana I believe that yeah I mean the
day I brought Cortana home I just laid down in the grass on my camera just
trying to get a cold shot and she just ran out up underneath my face and I’m
just you know doing little puppies do and now that hit me in the fields I’m
not used to having having that happen but now we’re we’re buddies and uh that
helps I didn’t realize that animal could help me like that so oh that’s sweet Laura that’s a great
comment cats and dogs are everything yeah yeah it is it’s huge it to help so
but again I guess I mean y’all are fantastic I’m glad you’re here
and Leslie I’m glad you’ve got a dog and two cats to come well money when you’re
feeling bad it really helps it it’s really a thing I’m glad that you have
something like that in your life to help out so but man we’ve been going at this
for 32 minutes already oh my gosh where the time goes by fast with y’all doesn’t
and you’re right I think that’s a big deal Kendra because animals don’t judge
them I don’t feel the need to be a different person around my animals like
I would being around other humans hey big time hey neighbor here man thanks
for stopping by I appreciate you I love to see fellow alkies man that’s great
cuz uh Oklahoma you know we’re a we’re a flyover state you know we don’t get a
lot of recognition but I tell you what there’s a lot of fantastic people here
in Oklahoma now there’s not great people everywhere I travel the country for work
I mean great people everywhere I go but I love to come back home to Oklahoma Remmy says hi hi Remmy but man I got
sidetracked again that happens to me so much I am a scatterbrained individual
which isn’t good for my day job I’m a project manager for a huge you know IT
company I’m a giant nerd but keep things you know all together but man just me as
a person’s like being real is what it is and I got to be honest it’s work you
know again after a great day today you know on an approach shoot with with
some amazing cinema cinema uh why can’t I say that word cinematographers
and coming home to the family and just sitting in my office but I was trying to
plug through another video project you know it doesn’t mean like you know this
is f bomb it’s like Holly I’m feeling this again Oh God big time I am sorry my
dude that’s rough me and and I hope you know I don’t know you personally man but
I hope if you need some help brother get it
um I think they would all qualify as trauma my dude and that is absolutely
warranted to get some help for it and uh yeah definitely thank you for your
service and now there’s comments coming in quicker than I can read some of those
guys I’m sorry I love to give shout outs to everybody as they pop in um so my
apologies if if I don’t get to read one before it drops off the screen here but
yeah you know it’s it after again after a great day it’s a still it hits me
sometimes and so it’s helped me a lot just to have this conversation with
y’all in a Rachael I understand have a great night thanks for stopping by I
appreciate you more than you know and I look forward to to see more of your
comments and other interaction soon thanks mach-5 I appreciate you have a
good night I know it’s getting late it’s uh I think it’s 11 o’clock here in
central time zone but I’m a night owl this is normal for me I imagine it’s
late for y’all and I Rebecca have a good night I appreciate you stopping by um
man has definitely helped me out a lot and uh Laura I I know right and uh and
Leslie thank you so much I appreciate you you have no idea yeah and you’re
right Kendra I think more guys should speak out because it’s a thing you know
it really is our mental health is important and uh you know one of the
things for me personally that made me really think I needed to go get help I
was getting angry at nothing far too often and I’ve absolutely never been
abusive totes a wifey daughter or Mike or my pets
that’s absolutely never ever been an issue I’d lose my temper on some stupid stuff
him like what why am I like this like what is going on that what has led me to
be like this and uh that was one of the deciding factors cuz I didn’t want to
get to a point where I got like that because we read about that you know and
1:30 in Newfoundland Wow and Laura so yeah you’re dealing with that – the
anger no Leah thank you for stopping by I appreciate you have a good night
thanks for being here means the world to me the child stopped in and hang out but
no it was a thing that was one of them’s like I’ve got to get help I need to I
need to fix this this is not something I can do on my own I need a counselor to
give me some direction and so yeah I’m getting the help that I need and I want
to encourage everybody it’s like you’re not the only one that’s going through
this and Thank You Leslie I appreciate that you know someone encouraged folks
out there’s like you’re not the only one there’s other folks out there dealing
with stuff and it’s okay to get help it’s okay and you’re right big time we need to
take it more seriously and you’re right it made me feel very
weak it made me feel not manly made me feel like I was less of a person and I’m
a big confident outgoing person who’s like Ruby big is all this stuff I do all
these things I go out and meet people all the time of this very energetic
charismatic person and still you know Laura that’s Oh golly honey I’m starting
to read that and uh you said you’re getting you know you’re seeing somebody
right and so at least you know you you know you’ve got that that’s a just
knowing understanding there’s a challenge that’s a great first step and
so and the stigma I need to stop yeah no I understand but you can do it if you’re
willing to talk about it here where you know other people are gonna see it you
can beat it you can absolutely get over that and I
it does take a big person to ask for help
it’s tough I’m saying even me you know and all the stuff that I carry forward
it was hard for me one to understand that I need help it was tough to realize
it and even harder to make the decision to reach I was like man I got this
problem can you please help me uh I was crushed as a person
it was so hard but I’m glad I did and you know that I’ve seen my counsellor
twice so it’s not like we have this super long a you know relationship but
the the first visit was hard you know all the crying was just like oh it’s
even hard for me to talk about the fact that I cried what about if you’re stuck
between anxiety depression and nothingness I feel like I have something
but I don’t know what Jaqueline honey it’s okay you don’t have to know but if
you feel like something’s off it’s alright reach out get some help
good to see you Council for the first time get a consultation oh it’s okay to
not know if you think some was wrong just reach housing hey I feel like
something’s just not a hundred percent right I want to talk to somebody about
it it doesn’t mean you’re broken doesn’t mean you need medication I’m not a
doctor I’m not gonna try to say anything but it’s okay to go and just try to find
a counselor you can talk to maybe they can stir in the right direction so it’s
okay though to reach out and get that help there’s absolutely nothing wrong
with that I want to encourage you to do it if no one else will tell you do it
honey go ahead and do it get on the googles
and find somebody in your area and see if they can help you out because it’s
it’s tough honey it is and I’m from the south so I say honey and sugar and all
this stuff a lot I hope that doesn’t offend anybody that’s just me being me but no it’s it is I fully admit that it
was hard and I but I’m glad I did it and I’ll encourage everybody here that
happens to see this video especially golly 40 minutes and now who we’ve been
talking for a hot minute but it’s okay to reach out and get that
help it is and I say that from a dude that that reached out and started
getting smell because I needed it Bailey all my projects have failed on the
resources to do the new things are finding hard to be creative or motivated
any advice ah man now give that some nice trouble with the
creativity just goes down the drain when when you’re depressed when you’re
feeling depressed when you’re struggling it’s hard I encourage everybody you know
want to reach out and get help I encourage everyone to reach out to a
spiritual advisor I’m not here to push a religion or a belief system that’s
that’s not what I do but if you have one reach out thought to
talk to a counselor you know in or out of of your belief system or your
spiritual advisor whatever you want to call it I highly encourage that you know
calling you there’s a big deal I see online now where you can schedule like
some kind of Skype call or something with a counselor online you know you can
do it at your schedule maybe there’s something going on that you just need to
have a conversation with somebody about um like a mental roadblock or something
you talk to a counselor a few sessions and maybe you can clear that and all the
creativity all this just come back my honest advice is don’t give up and I
don’t feel like you have to go at it alone it’s uh it’s okay to feel funky
and I’ve said this on a plenty of my videos too and like I said I’m not a
counselor I’m not a professional but sometimes it just helps to talk to
somebody hit me up on social media you know find me on Facebook or Instagram
drop a comment here I’ll talk to anybody um you know I’ve had a handful of people
reach out and and really dive deep and tell me some very very personal intimate
details about their life and as some other things things I never expected to
read and uh it’s like ooh that was that was tough to read but I replied to every
one of them beside me I’ll pray for you I’ll pray with you
whatever whatever you want to do I’ll do my best to talk to you about is like I
am not prepared to handle what I just read but man if you just need somebody
to listen bro I’ll be a sounding board at least I can offer that and so just
those interactions on social media we’re huge in the fact that somebody would
trust me with that type of knowledge was very humbling and I felt very honored to
be a part of that and I agree Kathy taking the first step is absolutely the
hardest it really is but it’s so worth it is awkward and as weird as it felt yeah the light the light is absolutely
there and it’s gonna be okay it is a tough is it tough pill to
swallow it’s a tough reality to even think about walking towards or shooting
towards but man is it so worth it the relief I felt you know in my first just
to counseling sessions was just mind-blowing for me it’s like what I
can’t believe this so I’m excited to go back in a week and a half and just
continue to work through the things and like I said I could you know I’ve got a
lot of a lot of stories I could tell and share but I don’t think this is the
platform for that maybe even one small reference one and uh cuz it’ll be
therapy for me it’ll help me out a lot but I think you don’t encourage some of
y’all as well and I’m still stuck on the word trauma like that just what mental
trauma really I never thought of anything like that it’s trauma but now
it’s all things that have to be dealt with and uh and work through so our
brain is a phenomenal machine I’m not gonna pretend to really understand a lot
about it but I believe it has the ability to heal if we give it treatment
and you know they have long lasting benefits that yield you know dividends
and results yeah in heaven a journal has to help
I’ve heard that’s in red that that helps a lot of people so I’m glad that you
have that outlet that you can utilize that for help that’s huge I know thank
you for sharing that maybe one curtain somebody else to look into that so you
know and I love the shares here all the conversation y’all are just fantastic
um if forgive me I got a good drink of water
I’m thirsty and yeah getting some prescription medication that has to help
you know you go see a doctor they figure out you need some stuff and you take it
I’m in no way gonna advocate you know abusing you know prescription
pharmaceuticals or other illicit substances I’m not gonna you know
promote that but no going and seeing a doctor getting some some help with
medicine yes fantastic that’s what it’s there for
so kudos to you for getting that I don’t know that I’m at that point or whatever
be at that point you know now if I am then I guess I’ll go down that path but
anxiety took over my life until medication well Lord I’m glad that you
found out you needed that so if it’s helping that’s uh
that’s fantastic in Orlando aren’t work is therapeutic that’s one of my outlets
no absolute it is I get that you know making videos is a form of art like this
is an expression of who I am um a live stream is one thing but man right you’ll
make a drone video or I shoot stuff with with karma Kitty and uh you know the
dogs are just whatever else that that’s a creative outlet that’s that’s my art
um that’s what I do in it feels really good so and uh Wow so it sounds like
Lesley you’ve been through some stuff and uh and have really done well for
yourself so thank you for that’s a very intimate and personal detail so thank
you for for being strong enough to share that with everybody that’s that’s
awesome that’s encouraging so certainly then you’ve got some documented progress
that’s a big deal you can look back at whatever time and see where
you were and now see where you’re at that’s huge that’s so huge to be able to
do that that’s that’s incredible so guys I want to thank you all for being here I
appreciate you I think I’m gonna it’s about time for me to wrap this up I’ve
got to get off here but keep being amazing here but ya Whitney thanks so
much for stopping by I appreciate you I really have no idea whether you’re just
a fantastic person and I am blessed for having you in my life so keep doing what
you do definitely you’re encouraging there by the grace in the universe goes
every one of us absolutely grace is a is a big deal I wouldn’t be here without
grace and mercy and a Kendra good night I appreciate you and stay awesome right
oh well thank you for thinking I’m awesome I I appreciate that that means
the world to me to see that okay good night sweetie have a good one be safe
have a great day tomorrow yeah I’m gonna wrap up and get off here so again
everybody thank you for being here I appreciate each and every one of you
this actually wound up being far more therapeutic for me than I realized it
would be I hope it encourages somebody out there to take that first step and to
get some help it’s okay it’s okay to do it you can do it you’re worth doing it
if you’re already getting help keep getting it don’t stop if your prescribed
medication don’t stop taking it take it you got it for a reason Leslie I will
rest for you as well so again if you’re already in the rigor a family I
appreciate you guys I say it literally every video I love y’all you’re the best if you’re just tuning in for the first
time I thank you for being here as well I appreciate you
when invites you to the ray-ray family click the red subscribe button you can
see there’s a lot of interaction here for folks that are already here and
they’re awesome so if you want to be a part of that it’s
super easy and I remember guys to always be biggest be the biggest and the best
you could possibly be do something every day do it tomorrow do it tomorrow you
wake up find a way to make somebody else’s day great see you guys

16 thoughts on “Depression and Anxiety – seek help – You are NOT Alone – Mental Health Awareness

  1. If you are catching the replay of this stream I want to let you know that if you're struggling with depression or anxiety you are NOT alone! It's okay to reach out and get help! I know it's hard, it was SOOOOO hard for me, but the benefits of getting the help from a counselor or otherwise is so worth it! Guess what?! YOU ARE WORTH IT TOO! #BeBiggest

  2. Cinnamontographers: Folks who document the growing, harvesting, production and baking with Cinnamon! πŸ˜πŸ€“πŸ˜‰

  3. Proud of you! Recognizing you have an issue for which help exists, and then ASKING for that help takes courage!
    Courage is seeing the obstacles or fear and going forward anyway, we can all do that.

  4. Hey bud. Sorry I missed it live. I struggle with depression too. I was diagnosed first with post partum after my youngest kid. But I started feeling better and quit taking my meds. Eventually I started struggling again. So I talked to my Dr. again. I started on meds. It took a while to find the right one. I've never went to counseling. But I've learned over time to trust the Lord more. I have chemical and emotional depression. My Mom and brother were abusive. But I learned after Mom passed she was abused. But we were ok toward the end. I was bullied all through school. Some in-laws were bullies. But I've learned (finally lol) that God has my back. Isaiah 54:17. I heard a Christian lady on the radio years ago. She struggled with depression too. She first thought a Christian shouldn't be depressed. But she learned it was ok to get help. We're all human and have different experiences. God gave Mankind the knowledge and wisdom and ability to help others. This here what you're doing is a good example. So thank you Ray. Praying for you. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸΏ Sorry so long. I'm still a ball bag at times, but not as bad as I used to be. I used to get very distraught over things. Any way we can be there for each other.

  5. Ray, you have no idea how timely this video is. This has been an extremely difficult and painful year and a few months ago I had to reach out to a counselor because I needed a sounding board. I have been a crisis counselor and knew that now it was time for me to reach out. It has made a big difference. I have found that I need to let the tears flow and not hold them. back. Also getting outdoors and getting some sort of exercise…raking leaves, walking, etc really helps. Making sure I don’t watch television and it’s violence. Also, I have noticed that too much sugar influences my energy, mood, and perspective as well.
    You are so right about creativity going down the tubes when feeling low. But sometimes just making the effort helps.
    Most of all faith and prayer helps.
    Always appreciate your videos and how open and real you attempt to be.

  6. I have a prayer journal with you(other YouTubers), your family, your pets, and your friends in it. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I went to a counselor for an extended period of time, and it was the best decision I ever made. It was excruciatingly hard for me because I'm the person that is always positive, always making people laugh, and always talking about how God helps me. So admitting that I had dark days was a shock to a lot of my family and friends. It's great that you cried, and showed your emotions to little Dawn Dawn. Being honest with her about how you feel will make her a more empathetic and sympathetic adult. You seem to have Post Traumatic Stress from your job as an E.M.T. which is 100% understandable. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress as well. I'm so proud of you for posting this video. Like you said, if your testimony helps even one person then it's worth it!! I don't have Facebook or any other social media outlets, so I wrote this message out here. Sorry it's so long!! Haha!! Keep us updated, and have a blessed week.

  7. thank you for sharing, & helping to spread the message that people are not alone. & yep videos can be a type of therapy, reaching out to connect in any positive manner is therapeutic.society raised us to be this way not parents,well not all parents. everyone has things they are dealing with & many are dealing with it in unhealthy ways, therapy can help with that, i hope people realize that those who take meds are not doing something wrong some of us literally have damaged brains & the meds help. but i do agree with others ptsd yep & that you recognized it & have reached out ,its a long journey but its a good one. your right we judge ourselves badly & its hard to reach out.

  8. RayRay I agree. I have fought with depression from childhood. Seeing people like you helping other animals and people (I hope sweetie pie is doing good) helps me. And my art (sorry I could not be here for the live stream.

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