We all have our own problems. Hello world and welcome to the right side:) In our life we all are coming thru some difficulties. Either we had a bad day at work or we had a quarrel with our friend or we’re going from some other personal issues. But you shouldn’t let these problems get into your relationships. You shouldn’t turn on each other unless you are having some issues between you two. And you think that your partner is the one to blame for these issues But even at this point you shouldn’t turn on each other. See on the most precious things in the relationships is that now you have another person who actually cares about you and about your life. So you’ve earned a supporter in the face of your partner right now. When you feel that everything goes wrong and this world is against you your home should be the safe place where you can get in and hide from any problems of the world which is outside of your apartment. And it should stay like this. See it’s easier for people to understand what you want when you don’t scream at them when you don’t try to make them guessing what is going on in your head and what you want. lot of time, tons of nerves and good relationships with person There are three possible scenarios of how things could go when you are coming back home in a bad mood. 1st scenario is when you are closing from your partner, sitting there grimier than the storm cloud and not saying anything . So basically you’re letting your other problems, your personal issues to ruin the environment in your home Doesn’t sound very nice huh? 2nd scenario is when you’re taking this out on your partner like they are the one who blame for your problems. And you are just getting into another quarrel and ruin another relationships with another person who
doesn’t have anything to do with this. What are you actually doing is instead of talking to your partner explaining what’s going on with you, what’s happened and what’s wrong and earning the support in his face. You are being mean, you are being sarcastic and you are actually making another part of your life not so enjoyable for yourself. But there is a 3rd scenario which can lead to a nice ending. When u’re actually deciding to talk to your partner and explain that you had the rough day or you have some problems and just sit there and talk with him. How this could help you? Well first of all it can help you to calm down, obviously Second of all your partner can give you some advises which can help you to resolve this problem and about which you probably didn’t think of. And 3rd and the most important thing it can actually help you to feel better my mom My mum always says to my dad that whenever he is coming back home from work he should leave all the problems behind the
apartment doors. And I agree with her None of us likes when other people are trying to make us unhappy because they are not happy at this moment. In your life you will be going through a lot of difficult, controversial hard situations. And you need to learn to abstract from them when you are coming back to your home. Otherwise it can ruin your relationships. Caz this person who is waiting for you out there is not the one to blame for the problems that you are having with other people. But he is the one who can help you to feel better. He is the one who can help you to resolve the problems. He is the one who actually cares about you. And who is your supporter not your enemy. And if you decide to take this off on him You are making his life miserable And none of us wants to be unhappy in the relationships So you should think about this twice and learn how to abstract from the problems that you are going through. Not to let these problems ruin the relationships with the person who actually cares about you and who actually loves u. Well thank you guys for sharing with me this awesome awesome day! I hope that you like this video! I hope that it was interesting and helpful and I hope that you are not making this mistakes in your relationships If you do or if you are learning how to abstract from the problems not to let them to get into your relationships or if you just wake up today in a great mood and if you like me Please show it to me but give this video a
big thumbs up! Push that subscribe button Leave your comments and tell me how are you dealing with the problems that you are having with other people? Does that affect your relationships or not? And how you manage to deal with this stuff? Links on my other social media you can as usual find in the description below! We’re seeing each other Every Monday and Thursday! So see ya!bye!


  1. Thank you all amazing human beings for watching! Tell me does your person problems affect your relationships? And if not how you manage to do that?

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