100 thoughts on “Dealing With Anger // Christian Sermon by Troy Black

  1. You helped me see what I am doing. And I'm trying to overcome my anger. Thankyou from the Netherlands

  2. I am so glad and thankful that I have been led to your channel! Thank you so much for this video. I needed this. Anger is a really big issue in my life and something that brings me a lot of shame and guilt. This video has helped me so much. Even though I condemn myself for my anger, Jesus doesn't and He doesn't want me to condemn myself either. He forgives me and He wants to set me free from the anger! Anyone who reads this please know that it is the same with you too 🙂 His grace and love and forgiveness is amazing! I love you Jesus! I could feel Him during the prayer and I am so happy. I'm so glad that the Holy Spirit led you to pray! God bless you and continue to work through you 🙂

  3. This message has really helped me to know GOD 's love for me . Let His expectations come in my life and also let that forgiving attitude come in my life just like How my Father forgave me.

  4. I love you Troy my sweet brother in Christ, you are doing mighty work for the Lord keep it up, you are freeing the captives. What a awesome warrior I see in you. I'm hear standing with you brother, I will share more with you on this same topic on which God has blessed me greatly too.Bless you and keep you. Amen rejoice

  5. Thank you 💖 such a beautiful sermon and I did pray along with you. I am letting go of my past,my childhood which holds much anger. From now on I will respond in love 🙂 and forgiveness as Jesus did when I become angry! God bless you!

  6. Thank you so much for putting this video on Youtube. I really needed it, my friend sent me a link to this video and I'm so glad she did. I'm struggling with anger and annoyance to where I almost lost a friendship. she might read this and if so, thank you. <3

  7. I grew up an angry child. Then I stopped going to church. Once the raping stopped my life got a whole lot better.

  8. This helps a lot.
    I lost my only friend because of anger. I ended up yelling and swearing at her for something she did not do. She always said I forgave just about anything she or anyone else did but I don't think that's true anymore now she has a choice to forgive me or not. This is the first time in my life since I have needed someone else to forgive me. I have tried to email her through Gmail telling her that their is a lot going on in my life and asking for forgiveness. I know she never checks her email and considering my phone does not work anymore; I've had to live life without a phone for two weeks now and I still cant get hold of her not only to tell her that I am sorry but to confess that I did something wrong. When I picked up my phone I heard a voice I did not know what it was but at that second I started yelling at the voice, then the voice said " I am not just a voice I am God",
    I freaked out because I realised that I got mad at him. I found my self asking for forgiveness in tears and he said " I have forgiven you" and my phone turned on after all that waiting for 2 weeks just because a walk through a storm that was completely poring down rain.
    When I saw my phone turned on I called her and she said that she would not forgive me and would never be my friend again. I had no clue what to do because I lived 3 years without friends or anyone that cared for me infill I met her this year. On that night I messaged her I got a text message back and my phone crashed it would not turn back on. Then I started really yelling at God I started swearing at him asking why he would do this and saying all this other stuff, nothing seemed to change. I still do not know why today , even though this was yesterday. I started to worry so much I ended up making my self sick and vomiting. On that day I ended up punching some random stranger as well. I could not help my self I was already stressed enough considering I joined a local chapel band to try keep my mind of it (I play three different instruments and sing) I kept on reminding me that I don't deserve to be in it got so sick that day when I had to preform I ended up vomiting. I did not think I deserved any of it because I ended up so sick I was unable to sing as lead because I lost my voice. They ended up switching me with one of the guitar players I ran of stage in tears like a 2 year old. When I got home from that day God said to me " I have chosen you, go help those in need for you are chosen",
    I was shocked when he said this to me because honestly I didn't think I was good enough, but the truth is no one is good enough for God. At this moment I had no clue what to do so I asked him "what do you want me to do and I will do it",
    He said to me "I want you to help those who are in need of you. Those who have needed help and encouragement through the ruff times of their life. All old and young." So I listened to God and started helping others in need of help, for he said that I was chosen so I believed that because he told me.

    She still is not my friend now and I am still dealing with loneliness and anger right now. I just wish their could be something I could do for her because being stuck in loneliness for 3 years and having to come back to it was really difficult for me.

    If anyone else is reading this and going through the same things as me I want you to know that God does this all for his glory that's what he told me. If you are asking the same questions like Why is this happening to me? Why do I feel like this? Why would God do this? or if your asking Why does everyone hate me? Or something like that I encourage you to ask the lord ,God, for guidance and he will guide you through whatever your going through right now.

    Anyone who is reading this you can comment down below and I will help you. I promise. I will help you because we are all one family you are all my brothers and sisters.

    Troy I just want to say thank you for posting these videos I believe God has a great plan for you. Please keep the great work up.

    God bless you Troy and everyone else.
    My problems are not fixed yet but I believe that this is happening for a reason.

    Lillian Gilchrist

  9. Thank you Troy! May our dear Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and your family 🙂 Thank you for helping me 🙂 God bless you more 🙂

  10. I am extremely impulsive…verbally and physically(especially in sports), and I havn't always been…but I think that at some point I just got angry at the world for everything I was going through. I realised not so long ago how my disease/disability had affected me as a child and how everything I have been through in my childhood affects me now. There's no running from it. Sometimes I am thankfull, because it made me who I am, an open person who loves and understands others. But sometimes, i just SOOOO angry that I can't have a normal life. I envy others. People who can walk normally, run, who don,t have pain after standing for 10min, etc. Than I realise that I can't proove anything is possible…and it is. But sometimes i just don't understand, and i'm just so angry and i don't know, why me? Even though I know there is a purpose, that God chose me for a reason and there is something he wants me to do, but I don't know what, and there are SOOOOO many things I want to do, dreams, projects…but I don't know where i have to go, what I have to do….and dealing with anxiety daily makes it even harder cause i have to dicern My thoughs / my anxiety/ God / dark thoughts, etc….Im continually, every minute shifting from night to day in my thoughts that I can't control

  11. A huge thanks Troy! I Thanks God for using you as an instruments to share his words. God bless you always! Blessed Happy new year to all!

  12. Its only when we are truly converted like you had Troy that we will overcome God say if we spend time at the cross everyday on Isaiah 53 and meditate on 1 Corinthian 13 that we will be able to love and forgive like Jesus did…

  13. Thank you for sharing and praying for me, as well as many others. I have been working on this for awhile. But I think mostly doing it on my own! Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and through Him I can do this!! Thank you again and God bless you for helping so many!!

  14. I can’t agree more! Declaring that we need Him gets us out of our own willpower reliance and makes us lean on God and trust in Him.

    I pray this prayer I wrote when I felt super-weak

    "Lord, I need you!" 7/23/17

    Lord, I need you every hour, every moment of every day.
    I need your guidance, your mercy, hold on to me tight.
    I need you to never let go of me as I pray.
    I need you to lead me, to renew me, to help me stay humble & kind.

    Every morning I start with my list of gratitude, God.
    Every day I realize my weakness and your strength in it.
    Every moment I reach out for you because I never forgot,
    That I need you… without you I've already reached my limit.

  15. I don't like background music…it usually sounds weirdly melancholy…not from God. Still I am subed…good words brother…God is great!!!

  16. When u began to tear up about Jeuss hanging on the cross, i just wanted to tear up about it. Just getting deep in Christ and explaing his waysmakes we want to cry. I see Christ through u my bro when u speak. I also want to say i love u!❤

  17. You are a man of God. I'm so glad that I found your YouTube channel. Spiritual warfare is so real but it let's us know that YESHUA is so real. He is speaking through you brother and it is speaking to me so loudly. The Holy Spirit is here and we just shared it. To feel the intercessors arm around us on judgement day will be priceless. I was so close to ending it all but I will fight the good fight!

  18. A well-balanced handling of this topic. Thank you for this. Anger is much like pain; it tells us something is wrong or out of place. It is for us to rule over and use as a tool for correcting what is wrong, to use it well; rather than having it rule us. And the only way I have ever been able to overcome anything is to, as you say, seek to remain in God's love. It is his love that changes everything. That keeps anger bridled and even pushes sin out of my life. This kind of gives a whole new insight into Paul's saying that it is "I but yet not I, but Christ living in me." Again, thank you for this.

  19. Troy I want it to thank you so much because for the past 3 days I been watching your videos and you make so much sense to me is like a understand everything and I want to thank Jesus because lately I been looking for Jesus and I think that he put you on my path is for a reason cause I understand now and thank u again for helping with that in the name of Jesus Christ amen 🙏

  20. Thank you so much. You're really a blessing!!! You really made me realize where i was wrong. Thank you again!!! 🙂

  21. Thank you for every video which makes us feel protected and keeps us connected through the words of God.
    I am really thankful to you for this video which inspired me a lot.
    Thanks for your prayers I believe in lord Jesus Christ who will take all my anger away from me and I believe that God will make me a good person in my life with all the blessings.

  22. I've dealt with anger very much!
    You are the sweetest man I've ever watched a video of!!! The purity of Jesus is flowing from you the victory of Jesus! Abundant Life! Real life with Jesus!

  23. I needed this today, I thank God for this video, because I have and had anger issues, towards people, when you prayed that prayer I prayed as well to allow God to work through me to release me of all this anger, because it don't make me happy, but more and more depress.

  24. Thank you for this video. It's amazing how one video can have a direct hit on a period of your life and heal your wounds. God bless.

  25. I have seen multiple messages on dealing with anger that didn't move my heart about the way I'm dealing with it. I realised I'm not yet deeply rooted in His love while listening to this. I realised that I needed to be more humble and I'm finding it hard to remain humble and I realised that I should let God work in me to make me to remain humble below the hand of God. The Word that comes out of humble heart's experience is truly what comes from God's work inside us and this is something that pleases God to change many lives. Thankyou for humbling yourself before God and letting Him work through you. God bless you brother much more beyond measure. Never ever let anything stop you for speaking God's Word in Love. Remain like John the Baptist remained until his last breath..make way for Him through many hearts that are in wilderness. I pray over you that His anointing flows through mightily to bring many as captives to His love. I'm amazed by this illustration of heart God gave you. Pray for me to remain in love . Thankyou

  26. "God knows we are not gonna be perfect, but He wants to set us free. He wants to begin a change in our heart, attitude and life. It's not change that comes by you trying to be better, it's the change that comes through His love and enters your heart through Holyspirit".

    Wonderful wonderful message! I deal with anger always. Thank you Troy! Remain blessed.

  27. So glad I stumbled across this video… I definitely needed to receive what you had to say… The prayer even helped me too… I operate in deliverance ministry myself… But sometimes it's hard to pray over myself… Thank you… And thank you Jesus. Blessings to you Troy!

  28. Wow… You really are making my day. When I was younger, when my dad was with my mom, he was an angry man, a person full of problems. My mom was the one who who suffered his anger. After they got divorced, when I was 4, I visited him 3 times a year. It wasn't that good. I suffered his anger too, until it come to a point where, now, I don't want to be with him anymore. Another person, from who I think the sin of anger got to me, was from my mom. Because of what had happened when she was with my dad, she also became an angry person. All my life I wanted to blame them, because of who I am, and in some way, yes, because of how the sin of anger got to me. This is something that I've realized recently. Two days ago, I felt that I needed to change. To change into the person God wants me to be. And one of the big things that have developed this year, is my anger issues. Somehow, I protected myself from others by making a strong shield of anger. I didn't want to admit it, but I lost things because of this. Watching your videos is something that is helping me, with what I'm dealing in my life. So when I saw this video, I knew God wanted me to deal with my anger. And I do, too. So I have to say, thank you for helping.

  29. thankyou i also have this issue.but by gods grace il pull through because anger can really hurt you and all your relationships.god bless you troy black and all who is watching and to the whole world

  30. I have dealt with anger in my youth because of my expectations for them and that robbed me of my love for them that came from my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for this video and I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me through the words you said. Thank you, Troy! God Bless you, brother!

  31. Thank you Lord for this video. . My heart is healed by your power .. This video is so heartfelt ..thank you Troy🙏❤
    I love you God..

  32. I've been angry all my life since my childhood. It has ruined all my relationships with family and friends. And now, because of it, I may end up getting divorced and losing custody of my kids. I feel so lonely. I pray to Lord Jesus to help me remove this anger; but I'm not sure I can be changed

  33. I need to learn dealing with anger. It's so difficult loving the enemies. Sometimes is impossible don't have anger of some people .

  34. My only disagreement as I watch your video today ( I watched some of your videos already) is that next time if you are praying for people around you while they're watching your video, it is more believable that you will just pray without you in the picture. Is it not the Lord said: When you pray, go to your room, closed the door so that no one knows you're praying but only the Lord. It is more solemn to pray alone with the Lord instead of showing your face here at the video. That's my opinion. Pardon me if maybe all people reading this are against me. It is the Lord who will judge me not the people. Anyway, I like all what I watched some of your videos today except this one.

  35. god bless u. Troy continue hold fast onto that which is good blessed is the man that endureth temptation knowing that tribulations worketh patient may brethren count it all joy when ye fall into driver temptations knowing this that the trying of ur faith worketh patient

  36. Thank you Troy for praying for us. I really want to meet you , I need to meet more brothers and sisters in Christ, so that they can strengthen my faith. 🙂

  37. God bless you and your family in a mighty way! Just came across your messages and they are awesome! Stay Encourage! 😇

  38. thanks for sharing .as of i am dealing with my anger ,i was just going through yours videos and I got one of this.thank you once again God bless you.

  39. I am very easily offended and hurt by people's words and so I either accumulate the anger or rant on people. This is so hard to change. I really tried hard not to be easily offended nor get angry at people but it doesn't work. This video reminded me that only God could help me with this anger. Thank you for giving me hope, by saying that you have also suffered it and thoight thay you could mever get out of it, because that is how I have been feeling.. that I can't change.. But thank you for praying at the end. Oh God please help me not to be an angry person, which I am now. It is killing me and people around me who I love. I want to stop this so much. I know that I have so much anger in me. I need you God please help me. I pray, and You listen. Help me. In Jesus' name.. Amen..

  40. I only started watching your videos last november 2018. And I want to thank you for being the instrument for me to connect with Jesus and to build our relationship even more stronger. Please continue to create more inspiring videos. 😇❤🙏

  41. I think the bit I needed to hear the most was the part where I need to give it to God and not try to do it by myself. I need to stop doubting God's power. ❤ I pray on this comments section that the chains of anger would be broken on anyone suffering from it in Jesus name. Amen.

  42. I am ashamed. I feel very angry. I dont know how to forgive my neighbors who only want to cause my .family me grief. I am so trying to control myself. My neighbors say they are Christians. I dont want to be like that. Pray for me.

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