Dealing With Aggression – Professional Caregiver Training

dr. Baron please report to station to dr. Baron please report to station – what Oh what are they saying what do they want you fake why are you making so much noise when it’s true we’ve all seen our residents exhibit challenging behaviors not handled properly they can jeopardize the safety of the residents and others nearby these behaviors can upset family members and intimidate and endanger staff if they’re not trained to deal with it leading to poor morale and high turnover introducing dealing with aggression interactive video training hello and welcome this course series was designed to Train professional caregivers who may come into contact with residents with aggressive behaviors full-motion interactive video that trains your nurse assistants and how to prevent aggressive behaviors from occurring use diversion techniques to de-escalate aggressive behaviors if they do occur and as a last resort to use special techniques to safely deal with dangerous behavior developed and clinically evaluated with a grant from the National Institutes of Health the training program from the Oregon center for applied science features broadcast quality professionally active videos modeling the behaviors that your nurse assistants will immediately relate to because it’s what they experience every day the complete dealing with aggression program contains 21 individual courses each about 15 minutes in length and unlike most other training all have live action video to keep the learners interested and engaged the first six are about fundamental skills and knowledge and how to employ the proven AI D care strategy the next 9 video courses feature physical skills such as responding to hits and releasing from grabs I want to show that to you in real time then I’m going to break it down for you let’s see we’re at a good distance right now I want you to whap me in the head with that cane ready go the final six video courses are about team skills such as what you should do if you expect aggressive behavior or if a staff member is in danger so that the CNA can now step up and out of harm’s way and there’s an administrators video module to explain the cost benefits of effective training how to effect changes in a facility culture how to use an LMS and how to track staff usage progress and completion easy to use the interactive video courses are compelling and proven to keep the learner attentive and involved short quizzes after each course ensure the material is learned and each learner is trained individually so there’s no need to hire replacements for the floor while the shift is in training administration is easy too you could automatically track each learners progress and Orcas provides a certificate of completion for each course section the program meets state and federal training requirements and is surprisingly affordable the CDC National Survey of nursing homes found that over half of all CNAs incurred a significant job injury over the past year and that many of those injuries were caused by aggressive behavior on the part of residents dealing with aggression interactive video training will help prevent these kinds of injuries your staff will be less stressed turnover will be reduced and your residents will get better care need to know the plan and you won’t Oh Robert is having another flashback I read about this in his care plan I’m gonna try what it suggested no no yeah girl Franklin birth my orders I need the orders for my men good morning sir I have your orders may I give them to you sir yes your men need to eat before the mission please report to the dining hall sir yeah it’s this way very but please come with me sir dealing with aggression cinematic compelling clinically-proven it’s the next generation in caregiver training

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