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Alright, how do I look? Oh,
my beard isn’t big enough. Can someone get me a
hairdryer? I need more volume. Do I have to wear this suit? Hey, where’s my flannel? I’m
nothing without my flannel. Okay, here we go. Wait,
how’s my beard look? (rock music) Hey guys, I’m WWE
superstar Daniel Bryan. And this is the
story of how I went from being an unknown,
to a true WWE champion. Yes! Yes! Yes! When I started, I was just an
underdog nobody believed in. Well, not nobody. I
believed in myself. Even in my first WWE NXT match. [Announcer] Fired up against
the world heavyweight champion. [Narrator] Hey! Soon after, WWE gave me a shot. [Announcer] Whoa! But I got fired. Then I got hired back again. And on July 11th, 2011
I won the smackdown money-in-the-bank Ladder Match for a chance at the world
championship at any time. Whoa, forgot how high these are. [Announcer] Can you get
it? You got it! Takedown! [Announcer] You’ve
gotta be kidding me! Then I cashed in on the big show for a world heavyweight
championship. [Narrator] Hey! [Announcer] Oh look at this.
(audience) One, two, three. Unfortunately, I lost the
title a little while later. But at Wrestlemania
30, I overcame all the authorities’ obstacles
and won the WWE world heavyweight
championship again. [Announcer] You’ve
gotta be kidding me! [Announcer] The impossible
dream has become reality! I was at the top once
more, but then it all came crashing down when I got
injured and had to retire. It was one of the hardest
things I ever had to do. (audience cheers) So if I could just get
one last “Yes Champ” I would really appreciate it. (audience cheers) But two years later,
doctors said I was cleared to return to the ring, and
I did, at Wrestlemania 34. [Announcer] Daniel Bryan
is legal in this match. [Announcer] Daniel
Bryan, Oh ho ho, yeah. Well, that’s my story.
I guess the point is, no one around here
deserves anything. You have to be
patient, and earn it. [Narrator] Hey Daniel,
you done yet? You’re up. Anyway, I gotta get going. Since I became a
general manager, I have a lot of
wardrobe changes.

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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! We love Daniel Bryan's "Yes" movement and the positivity it brings to the community! What other WWE movements do you guys enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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